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The First State Approved & Regulated Private Occupational School of Reflexology in the USA.


baby nachi

Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager

Yan Antonie works Kidney One Meridian Point:
Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager is simple & easy.

Welcome friend! Are you ...

MIR's Littlest Reflexologist

Children learn by observing their parents. Yan Antonie, from his day of birth, received reflexology treatments, then saw it performed to others, and eventually was able to help Grandpa put away his reflex instruments. He intently watched Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager (DRUMmer) be applied many times in Instrumental Assisted Reflexology (IAR) to supplement hand techniques.

baby-nachi jpg

One day in Grandpa Nachi's office his mother Sashi was getting a treatment. Suddenly, Yan decided to help. He picked up the DRUMmer and began to palpate the foot -- then started pressing the 3/8" probe tip of DRUMmer into the K1 Meridian point. Next he spent appropriate time working different reflex areas of the foot while Sashi was busy controlling the rheostat for appropriate speeds. Much to her surprise, Yan carried out a nearly full fledged reflexology session -- all this without an adult ever hinting that he give it a try!

drup tip ss
The DRUMmer Hand Piece is light weight and
easy to handle as demonstrated by little
Yan - grandson of Nachi Sanchez.
4,400 impacts per minute.
Save your thumb.


baby nachi b 140

We don't suggest that you allow anyone untrained to use percussion machines during reflexology without supervision, especially children. However, we are reporting this cute story so you can see that even a 2 year old child can observe and then easily perform Instrumental Assisted Reflexology (IAR).

The great pleasure in life
is doing what people say
you cannot do.

Walter Bagehot


whittman tom and bess
Dr. Clement Wittman's son and Mother
"Thanks, Zachary, for your response to my Email. I am sure
that my Grandma Bess is smiling down from heaven knowing
that you are carrying on her and my father's work, for it is
an endeavor that she fully and totally believed in,"

Tom Wittman (shown above with Bess).

"Nothing will ever be attempted
if all possible objections
must first be overcome."

---Samuel Johnson

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front 3 cars
The Institute's new location in Wheat Ridge exhibits beautifully kept lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers. By appointment only, so give us a call:


Email from an MIR Student

Hi Zackery,

I want to fax my enrollment sheet today about 4:00 AZ time. Thanks for the pep talk about Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager yesterday. I will probably follow your advice and keep it, but do think that I will also need the DRUMmer. The reason? I'm going to be very busy and need something that can go and go all day long.

dovid very close toe
Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager

For example: while talking to you on the phone yesterday, I was in the office of the head of the kitchens for the whole school district. I had scribbled some notes about Dr. Britton's advice to me about the Reflex-O-Massager - "press lightly, don't press too hard." I had left the desk to answer your call to me and the note was there just lying by the computer. Meanwhile the kitchen manager noticed it when she came in and sat down at that same computer.

After I finished talking with you, she said, "So we have to press very lightly on these new laptops, huh? Not press too hard on the keys??" I asked her what she was talking about; so she handed me the note that was beside her computer which I had just written about the foot massager. Well, I had a good laugh while I explained that I do foot reflexology and that I had just purchased a new foot reflex massager. "I have been trying to avoid telling too many people cause I am not set up yet."

But as soon as I said that I had to explain all about it and she wanted to schedule 3 treatments--one a week for 3 weeks when she gets paid on the 27th - so she is ready. I told her I had to get some stuff done first---and had to calm her down cause she is ready to tell the world. Did I mention she is also our Mayor?? and that she wants me to go to the senior citizen center and talk to the seniors about reflexology?? I might just do that as soon as I get my business license.

chart bernardin inset
Dr. Bernardin Foot Reflexology Chart

Whew! she asked me again before she left the office if she could talk to others here in Parker about it. I told her to wait just a bit. But I really need to get certified cause reflexology is going to explode around here; and I want to be the one doing the exploding. This new venture is so rewarding.

I am well known in the Parker School District - and you talk about people with sore feet? That is teachers for sure!! So, I will be studying diligently and finishing the Mini Home Study Package as soon as possible because I have so many people who are asking for reflexologic treatment along with others who are referring family and friends. Because of my previous experience - I am charging 25.00 per session. If this is not right, let me know. I want to do everything correctly.

I love your lessons and the way things are explained. I am sure the home study materials will continue to be a useful reference manual even after I graduate - everything is just so good.

Thanks so much for your time.

E. D. G.
MIR Student in Training

drum heel activator
PS:- E.D.G. ordered the DRUMmer a day later.
You can too by calling:


303-324-4955 (Zachary's Cell)

Email from an MIR Graduate

beam donna face pose
Donna M. Bean, PR

When Donna M. Bean of Gwinnett County, Georgia, decided to train with Modern Institute and become a Reflexologist ... she ran into governmental regulations that required a reflexologist become licensed as a Massage Therapist. Here is her story:

I was asked to write my story about overcoming ill conceived governmental reflexology regulations in order to inspire others to follow their heart when confronted with such barriers. I want to let people know that just because someone says something, or the government makes a law, that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. So, here’s my recent experience with such rules and regulations.

Well, as most of you know, I have been trying to get a business license in Gwinnett County for Reflexology. When I first called the county I was told I needed a certification, three letters of recommendation from registered voters in the county I live in, and I had to complete the application for the license. I thought, "NO PROBLEM!!"

After completion of my 350 hour reflexology training course I got the required letters and filled out the application ... then off to the business license department I went. When I got there I was told that I had to have a National Certification, so the clerk gave me the number to call in order to get that "certification".

"To accomplish great things,
we must not only act,
but also dream;
not only plan,
but also believe."

– Anatole France

OH BOY!! When I called I discovered that I had to complete a 500 hour course in Massage Therapy or bodywork, and then send them $250.00 just to be able to sit and take a test. The county was going to make me become Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy to get a license to practice as reflexologist.

At first I said okay, no problem. So I continued my reflexology studies and completed requirements for my 500 Professional Certification with Modern Institute of Reflexology (MIR), which is the 500 hour course that the National Certification Board required.

After reading the test center’s booklet and Website, it said that you have to have in-class hours. OH NO!! MIR's courses were home study. So I called the center, "Are you sure it’s in-class hours???" They said, "No, the certification from MIR would do".

Great!! I continued to talk with the gentleman asking questions. I asked, "How much of the test would be on Massage Therapy??" The answer was, about half. Another question was, "What would happen if I didn’t pass?". The answer? You can pay $250.00 to take it again, but you can only take the test three times ($250 each time). I thought to myself for a moment and told the gentleman okay, and hung up the phone.

Okay, I was going to have to do some major studying. This bothered me for a couple of weeks, but I could not quit thinking about my problem and ways around this law that my county had. So, I phoned the President of Modern Institute of Reflexology, Zachary K. Brinkerhoff, III, and he told me to hang tough and have faith and fight it. Then I spoke with family, friends and massage therapists who said, "that’s just crazy ... Reflexology and Massage are different."

"To see what is in front of one's nose--
needs a constant struggle."

– George Orwell

I asked myself if this was God’s way of testing me (to see if this is really what I wanted to do) or was I going to give-in or just give up and do something else. My answer to Him was "YES, this is what I am going to do!! It feels right." With all the pain I had been through with my legs (ankles and knees) ... I knew what it felt like to hurt. Now I know how to help other people. I felt like this was the reason that I was here ... reflexology is what I am supposed to do. I have always been told that if something is hard to get ... don't give up ... it will just make getting it feel so much better and worth it.

hell activator 2 140
New & Improved
Heel Activator ReflexoCure Probe tip.

I decided to call every government license agency for Georgia and found that I didn’t have to get a state license. So my question to myself was ... why should I have to get one from my county. There’s got to be another way. So I called the county and asked them what to do next. The clerk told me to send the application back in and the Board would deny it. Then they would send it back to me with the Appeal Process. That process would start when I sent a Letter of Appeal along with $500 dollars for the appeal.

So I said, "YOU’RE KIDDING". The guy I was speaking with (and had been speaking with since the beginning of the mess) said I could write a letter asking them to waive the fee and send it with the Letter of Appeal. The Board could either waive the fee or make me pay, but they would decide after reading the letters.

So, I wrote a nice little letter asking them to waive it, and of course they did. I also sent in a Letter of Appeal along with that letter. When I called to make sure they got the letter, they said they would set up the process and make an appointment for me to go before the members of the Gwinnett County Board to let me have my say.

I made up my mind, the County was in for a fight. I was not going to give up and I WASN’T going to pay anyone any money to take a test that I wasn’t qualified to pass. I was going to set a precedent for Gwinnett County. I was going to get my license for Reflexology and I didn’t care how many appeals I was going to have to go through. I was going to win.

bean ear 1 140
"My Chocolate Lab begs to have his ear reflex points worked with the DRUMmer," said Donna.

So, along with the Letter of Appeal and a request for waiver, I sent letters from everyone who had written recommendation letters to the reflexology school and the county ... along with letters from my Chiropractor and Nurses who are my patients. I also included a letter from my orthopedic doctor stating that I was not physically able to be a massage therapist. I also sent in the name and address of every association in the United States for reflexology and made sure to include their phone numbers. I didn’t stop there ... but also included the history of reflexology and how it has evolved over the years. This data showed how it can benefit individuals. Then I added information from a couple of Web sites that I had downloaded during my studies. I gave them so much data on reflexology they were probably choking on it.

"Life is what we make it.
Always has been, always will be."

– Grandma Moses

A week later they left two messages on my cell phone asking me to call them. I was expecting they wanted to make an appointment time for my appeal to the Board. So I called them back. Since I had sent them all that information, the gentleman said they had decided to do some further checking on reflexology. After doing their research the Board had decided that I was right. Reflexology and Massage Therapy are not the same. I was informed that they were going to separate Reflexology from Massage Therapy and put it in a separate classification. That meant I didn’t have to go in front of the board members to fight my case.

So, today I went to pick up my business license REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE SOLE!!!!!

I want to thank everyone who was there by my side and those who stood with me in spirit!! I got my answer ... this is what God wants me to do.

Thanks and God Bless!

Donna M. Bean
Certified Professional Reflexologist
November 5, 2004

(Note: Donna had to change her number and email due to the large number of inquiries about her experience with the county and MIR.)

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When you help dig another out
of their troubles,
you find a place to bury your own.


neurolaser 3 250
This $25,000 laser therapy machine was loaned to
MIR Research Clinic for evaluation in reflex
applications. Above K1 (Solar Plexus) of
Dr. Obes is irradiated at 1400 milliwatts.


"Never let life's hardships disturb you…
no one can avoid problems,
not even saints or sages."

– Nichiren Daishonin


rebb k1 zachary
Rebb Dovid Wheeler came to MIR from Israel to get Tutoring.
Zachary hammers his K1 reflex with DRUMmer machine.
cancer outcome (large photo) in background.

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Selected Pages On Website Updated:

meridian kidney red
Kidney One
Meridian Point
Dynamic stimulus of the K1 point (solar plexus reflex area) simplifies the beginners approach to Reflexology treatment and assures a positive outcome/result.

laser 4 diodes
High Power LaserReflex instrument finds a new home at MIR Clinic

This laser instrument has found great popularity at the new MIR Clinic in Wheat Ridge, CO. You will find it featured throughout this site in multiple Instrument Assisted
Reflex-o-Cure applications.


High Power Laser Therapy
Reflexology Taxonomy Code issued 01/01/08.
Kendall B
. Eckert, DR
and his wife Juanita applied to the AMA's National Uniform Code Committee (NUCC) in June of 2007 for issue of a Taxonomy Code for Reflexology. This is an administrative code set for identifying the provider type and area of specialization for Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapy providers. This code was officially issued 01/01/08 and may pave the way for a licensed Reflexology Practitioner to obtain a National Practitioner Identification (NPI) number which is required under HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Assurance Act of 1996). The Taxonomy Code will officially separated Reflexology from Massage Therapy and will facilitate working with Medicare and primary care doctors.
On 02/05/08 Kendall was granted his NPI number and was given recognition as a Specialist Doctor of Reflexology due to his high level of experience and professionalism.
(Dr. Eckert is a former member of the
MIR Advisory Board.)

fitzgerald cir close

Dr Wm FitzGerald, MD
Father of USA Zone Therapy (Reflexology)
"It is certain that control-centers in the medulla are stimulated by Zone Therapy, as has been suggested, but I believe that it is 'shock' more often than stimulation."

clem wittman picture
Clement T. Wittman, DN
Founder of the Modern Institute of Reflexology.
zachary pose susie pose

Zachary Brinkerhoff
MIR Director of Studies

adamak pose 140

"Hello Zachary: I am so grateful for the advice you are sharing. I must tell you that I am very excited to work with your program and thank the Lord daily for it, as it was just the course I was looking for. I feel that it was tailored just for ME!"
God bless you always, Pamela Adamak
Belize, Central America

mildred zachary pose
Doctor of Reflexology
Mildred Carter, DR
And her colleague Zachary Brinkerhoff
met in 2001 on-board the Transcontinental Classroom
in Sacramento. They renewed their old friendship & discussed reflexology trends.
Dr. Carter had referred many prospective students to the Modern Institute before her 'passing' December 25, 2005.


don face pose
"Your cancer is cured," said my doctor at Veteran's Administration Hospital in Denver.
elijah smile

Elijah Huff of Denver is smiling about something?

elijah drummer feet

It's DRUMmer making Elijah smile as Zachary Brinkerhoff does ReflexoCure on his Great Toe.

elijah drummer laugh
8-year old Elijah is shown getting ReflexoCure/reflexology for his Asthma from Zachary his god-father.
gabby hands drummer
Hands of 16 year old Gabriella Martinez directing DRUMmer upon the K1 meridian.
gabby large drummer 140

Gabriella at age 16 handles Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager like a reflexology graduate.

lala tv 140

Gabriella studies MIR Video #3 on Foot Joint Micro-alignment ReflexoCure Pressure Technique. Note foot bone model in her hands and Dr. Hiss' book on the table.
Micro alignment Kit


right testimonty
"Thank you for your excellent web site
and your excellent research." -----

Lawrence Wilson, MD
Prescott, AZ


picture clemmons logbook
Doctor of Reflexology
Larry Clemmens, DR, examines the INSTITUTE's Student Logbook while aboard the Transcontinental Classroom in Chicago; a good starting point for aspiring ReflexoCurist's?

more gif




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