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Beryle Crane is presented with a photo of William
FitzGerald, MD by Zachary Brinkerhoff @ 2008
RAA Conference. Beryle is Chairman of the
for the International Council of
Reflexology and speaks highly of
FitzGerald in her many
reflexologic writings.

Praise those of your critics
for whom nothing
is up to standard.
dag hammarskjold, 1957


The conflict of Modern Institute of Reflexology with the ARCB Board of Directors over use of mechanical percussion machines for reflex activation during a professional treatment has come to an end with the release of a letter signed by Lucy Scarbrough, Secretary of the ARCB Board of Directors on February 19, 2008.

To: Arizona Reflexology Board (AZRA)

Attention: Deb Kortyna

Dear Deb:

The ARCB just met for our annual retreat, and we discussed the use of mechanical devices in reflexology sessions, and the ARCB-approved continuing education providers who teach the use of devices. We agreed to change #24 in the ARCB Professional Business Standards and Conduct to read: "The use of tools and/or mechanical devices not approved by the FDA for use in reflexology is discouraged because of legal liability and falls outside of the scope of ARCB Certification." Our conclusion was that ARCB will not prohibit nor encourage its certificants from using tools, but does caution that the practitioner may be more open to liability if tools are used. No ARCB certificant will be de-certified for using tools and/or mechanical devices in their reflexology practice, and ARCB-approved continuing education providers who teach the use of tools are still acceptable.

Thank you for bringing the issue for clarification, and for your support of ARCB. Please let me know if I can answer any other ARCB-related questions.


Lucy Scarbrough, Secretary
ARCB Board of Directors
Registered Certified Reflexologist (ARB, IIR)

"What you're not up on
you're down on."

---Teresa Shuster, RN

The American Reflexology Certification Board (which has prohibited the use of mechanical percussion machines since its inception in 1991) has now shown a neutral position regarding Instrument Assisted Reflexology (IAR). The IAR segment of the reflexology profession applauds this more mature decision to at least allow IAR applications. Our forefathers and mothers likewise applaud this new face of ARCB.

Zachary's Mobile Zone Therapy Clinic
Fountain of Youth Mineral Spa
Niland, CA

Zachary is alive & well
so give Him a call.

Zone Therapist Zachary Brinkerhoff
was trained by Eunice Ingham in
August 1967. His first year of
IAR practice was at FOYMS
in the winter 1968-69.
(per picture above)

1969 model Niagara Cyclo-massage probe
(sold by Eunice) is wielded by Zachary
the L-5 vertebra reflex of recipient.

Niagara did great job on all the toes.

The Percuss-O-Matic Machine was approved
by Dr. FitzGerald's Group in 1917
for reflex point applications.

By 1913 Dr. Fitzgerald's group of medical doctors had fully embraced Zone Therapy which incorporated the use of metal probes and electrical shock. By the 1920's they began advocating the application of photon energy lamps in conjunction with Zone Therapy (MIR has returned the use of infrared ray lamps to the reflexology profession).

Zone Therapist William Hope FitzGerald, MD
Photo posted: 05/12/07

MIR email: to Pamela FitzGerald Demms Anderegg
Dr. FitzGerald's Granddaughter.


Dear Pamela:

I am deeply indebted to your Mother's Father --- William H. FitzGerald, MD. Thank you so much for the spelling correction and your request to: "use a capital 'G' in his last name."

Pamela, no body in our profession has been able to locate a picture of Dr. FitzGerald. No one knows what the appearance of our Founding Father was? Could you fill this blank spot in our Zone Therapy -- Reflexology -- ReflexoCure history with a photo? (I am working with Zone Therapist Ignacio Sanchez on a project to display the History, Science and Service of Zone Therapy/Reflexology at the Smithsonian Institute which is scheduled to occur as part of a renovation project).

Any other information that you could supply would be helpful to other members of our profession --- getting to know him as a Father or Grandfather through your testimony would be fantastic.

Dr. FitzGerald has been partially quoted by some persons in order to fit his name to their school curriculum/agenda, but the Modern Institute of Reflexology has held strongly to his clearly stated principals and techniques in our curriculum and Website presentation. Some have even ridiculed his use of various instruments, but MIR has defended him vigorously and will continue to uphold his philosophy of practice.

I have a profound respect and deep love for this brave pioneer who tread where others in his profession feared to go.Yes, his first book was published to inform family members how to relieve pain and cure disease among themselves. His interest was the cure of the patients malady, not the heft of his bank account.

I have updated the Dr. FitzGerald MIR Web page and will catch other scattered name corrections as I find them, however the Website index must be tended by my Webmaster.

Thank you again,

Zachary Kiskadden Brinkerhoff, III
MIR President & Director of Studies

FitzGerald's Granddaughter: Diana

"I can feel my numb toes again - its been 5-years,"
said Diana following treatment with DRUMmer.
She danced around the MIR Vender table
at the 2008 RAA Conference shouting,
"Hallelujah & thank you too, Zachary,
for upholding my grandfathers
methods & techniques."


Dr. Riley hammers the 7th cervical with original percussor in 1924 before Zone Therapy Treatment.

Joe Shelby Riley, MD and his wife Elizabeth Ann Riley were trained by Dr. FitzGerald during his demonstration lectures delivered at their Chiropractic School in Washington, DC (annually from 1917 to 1920) where he taught his technique to the Riley Chiropractic Students.

Dr. Riley began to utilize the original Foredom Percussor (now known as Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager) for concussion of the spinal vertebrae associated with the targeted dysfunction being treated with Zone Therapy Reflex Technique (adopted in the 1920's). Riley and his wife Elizabeth Ann always included spinal concussion with a Zone Reflex treatment.

The Riley's Physiotherapist, Eunice Ingham, who went out on the Zone Therapy teaching circuit with his blessing, also encouraged her student Dr. Clement T. Wittman, founder of the Modern Institute of Reflexology, to continue his use of the solenoid powered Percuss-O-Motor machine when she credentialed him back in 1952.


1912 photo of cable driven massager similar to Dr. Riley's original percussor shown above. Riley's was a cable powered percussion machine mounted on a pedestal rather than suspended on a chain from the ceiling. Above hand piece is identical to MIR's DRUMmer aka Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager. (Vibrational Medicine, 1912, M.L.H. Snow, MD. Photo courtesy: Meridian Institute)

This big screen reenactment of ancient
Chinese hammer percussion is
performed on the feet of the
above recipient in
Raise The Red Lantern.


Ingham Pencil Probe technique taught to students across USA.

Zachary Brinkerhoff was taught by Zone Therapist Eunice Ingham-Stopfel in 1967 to use a wooden pencil with an eraser to facilitate stimulation to the pituitary reflex in the great toe. "See? Isn't that much easier?" She is quoted as saying as she leaned over his shoulder to guide his hands; thus helping Zachary to hold the probe at the right angle with sufficient pressure. This led to his use of the Niagara Cyclo-massage vibrating probe machine to help in professional reflex applications.

Eunice Ingham taught Kendall Eckert, DR to use a pencil with
an eraser as shown above.

Zachary's old Niagara Cyclo-massage vibrator probe works Liver
Source Point.

As a pioneering researcher she was always seeking creative ways to get the job done. She passed this investigative spirit on to her enthusiastic student, Zachary Brinkerhoff, who continues to this day in the mode of the AUTHENTIC INGHAM-STOPFEL REFLEXOLOGY PHILOSOPHY. "I am continually looking for new tools or improved application of existing machines," he said. (Eunice's husband Fred Stopfel always accompanied her on her teaching missions.)

When Dr. Wittman turned the reigns of MIR over to Brinkerhoff in 1989 he inherited Wittman's Percuss-O-Flex machine (the offspring of the old Percuss-O-Motor used by Dr. Fitzgerald's Group and Dr. Riley as far back as 1917). Due to the overheating problems inherent with solenoid power systems, the POF machine fell into disuse and was replaced by Dr. Brinkerhoff's infamous air powered Percus-O-Matic jackhammer. Although it was rather noisy, it helped to produce seemingly miraculous results in the bodies of the suffering. After 12 years of use it was finally replaced with the new and improved DRUMmer aka Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager.

Ijaz Yamin Ansari, Wazirabad, Pakistan:
"The DRUMmer forces my homeopathic
patients to get well."


The DRUMmer is the star of the show at the INSTITUTE due to its overall efficiency. It is portable (plugs into a 110 or 220 volt outlet), has 10 ReflexoCure probe attachments, and doesn't create the noise that the old "jackhammer" did. Now a new student can get professional results on his first attempt by working the Kidney One (K1) meridian point ... combined with the rays of the Reflex Beamer shined onto both feet for the recommended time. The new and improved DRUMmer aka Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager is able to provide a standardized reflex activation technique that can be applied scientifically for consistent statistical measurement of results. This will prove valuable in future controlled study tests conducted to evaluate reflex activation viability.

1912 photo of vibrator for home use: powered by
a solenoid like the Percuss-O-Motor and Dr.
Wittman's Percuss-O-Flex machines.
(Vibrational Medicine, ibid)

Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager

In 2004 Zachary introduced the new and improved Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager in order to provide a low-cost percussion machine for the Professional Starter Kit. It has proven to be a very durable machine and the recipients love the "feel" as evidenced in above photo.

Mildred Carter with Tammy & Gordon Weber. "I like this DRUMmer," said Mildred as she worked Gordon's hand.

Mildred Carter, who is reported to have sold more books on reflexology than any other person here in the USA, was also trained by Physiotherapist Ingham in the art of reflexology. In her books Carter describes the benefits of her wooden probe to both the practitioner and the patient (save your joints and strength and provide deeper stimulation to difficult and deeper reflex areas). Dr. Carter, who had recently retired from public practice and teaching, passed to her eternal reward on Christmas Day 2005. But she left her family and the Reflexology profession her great heritage.

Carter Wooden Probe

Meanwhile, Mildred's daughter Tammy Weber continues to market a new and improved wooden probe and other favorites of Mildred's through Sterling Enterprises. This unique probe comes with illustrative directions on its proper use. This specialty probe and her book `Body Reflexology' are an integral part of MIR's State Approved Occupational Reflexology Certification Training Program (Gordon & Tammy Weber will continue to refer prospective students to MIR for professional training. They have done so since Mildred discontinued her Reflexology Correspondence Course.)

"If you do not change direction,
you may end up
where you are heading."

– Lao-Tzu

Modern Institute of Reflexology


Those who continue to insist that the "American Standard" excludes the use of mechanical machines need only read a book authored by a highly recognized leader of the profession, Dr. Clement T. Wittman. Dr. Wittman primarily used a (handheld electric powered) Percuss-O-Flex machine to create reflex stimulus. He administered over 100,000 treatments with the Percuss-O-Motor and Percuss-O-Flex, rather than depend totally on his thumbs or fingers. Although his reflexocurist mother (trained by Eunice Ingham) likewise used the Percuss-O-Motor, she was also known as "the lady with the steel fingers". She administered a "healing therapy without drugs". Yes, Dr. Wittman knew the benefits of the finger technique well, but believed he had "found a better way".

Today 100's of USA citizens trained by the late Dr. Wittman continue to use percussion machines and other instruments to create reflex stimulus in both self-help and professional applications. Those who became professional under Wittman will now be able to obtain "certification" from the RCB, NTCB and now the ARCB because none of them have an instrument/machine prohibition clause. Graduates from the Modern Institute of Reflexology are pleased to be able to choose their certification from any one of the three Certification Boards.

Delaware State Board Massage Therapy granted to David Patterson the right to practice Reflexology as
a Massage Therapy Technician based on his MIR Credentials and intent. "I'm in," wrote Dave, "Thanks for all your help and prayers.

The public will no longer be denied a nationally certified ReflexoCurist who uses machines for reflex activation. Now those in need of this dynamic therapy will have a access to these beneficial alternatives, diversified state-of-the-art, proven-safe, effective, machine application for reflex activation. Potential students will no longer be discouraged from training with MIR and other progressive schools such as Lorraina Telepo's International Academy of Advanced Reflexology in Pennsylvania (which favors the DRUMmer as the mechanical device of choice).

At the 1994 National Conference of Reflexology held in Denver, debate erupted over the scope of practice. One lone voice warned that the base should be very broad, not narrow in vision. "When government regulators someday step in and set the limits of your practice, it will be based on what you say you do. That will be it! Look at the Podiatrists today! They can't go above the knee in treatment procedures."

Former MIR Advisory Board Member Dr. Robert Timm, DPM, sounded the same warning: "Don't make the same mistake we Podiatrists did when we limited our own 'scope of practice'. Now government regulations dictate that we have to sleep in our own bed of limitations. We shortchanged ourselves in those early days out of fear. We gave up too much in our attempt to be recognized by modern medicine. So, don't follow our example. I say that you should lengthen the cords of your tent."

The Modern Institute of Reflexology, in order to protect our profession from Standard/Orthodox Medical 'takeover' here in the USA: 1) established the experiential Doctor of Reflexology; 2) has proven the value of modern instrumentation to produce safe reflex activation; 3) and became the first state approved private occupational/vocational reflexology school in the USA.

"Happiness is when what you think,
what you say, and what you do
are in harmony."

– Mohandas Gandhi

MIR vigorously sought to broaden our scope of practice in spite of the past opposition from a few self-appointed leaders with a narrow concept of what reflexology is both historically and as it is practiced worldwide. MIR students who chose to use the new and improved Reflexology light and percussion machines will now be able to obtain national certification through all three certification boards which now allow practitioners to use machine techniques.

Christine Issel has spoken favorably of laser light energy in reflex applications; similar to infrared rays advocated by the Founding Fathers in 1920. She calls it Quantum Reflexology.

The newly clarified position on machines by the ARCB is founded on Christine Issel's past position delineated in her book published in February of 1990: "... Let us not limit ourselves ... let us not fall into the trap of narrow thinking that other professions have. Furthermore, as reflexology develops professionally it is critical that reflexologists put aside their own individual prejudices, and expand their horizons by objectively considering these concepts and others which will be developed around the world and put forth in the coming years.

"To excite the activity of a response different stimuli or a combination of stimuli may be utilized. For example, heat can be applied in conjunction with the use of electricity through a heating pad, or chemically with a mustard plaster or products like Ben-Gay, or with light and/or color as in the use of a heat lamp. Pressure too can be applied in different ways. It can be applied only with the hands, combined with implements, or vibration via a vibrator, or chemically with lotions, creams or oils. Any or all of these stimuli may be applied to specific reflex points or areas located on or below the skin to create a response." (New Frontier Publishing, Reflexology: Art, Science & History, pages 168-170, February 1990.)

Drs. Bisson & Brinkerhoff at 1989 Piqua, OH leadership conference. Ruby was cured of arthritis by a brutal stick-probe applied to her feet weekly for a year. "Although I don't use tools myself, I would never speak against their use by a professional."

Janet Stetser and others who had been issuing reflexology credentials in the State of Maine discovered that they were in violation of State Vocational Laws by such activity. All but one of these schools has ceased operation of their respective 'school'. However, the Modern Institute of Reflexology led the way in 1993 by compliance with such laws in Colorado. "We jumped through all the hoops and became the first vocational/occupational school of reflexology to be approved and regulated by the state of its incorporation," stated Zachary.

Lorraina Telepo's school was the second in the USA to attain such approval in her State of Pennsylvania. "Dr. Brinkerhoff, you led the way and set an example for other reflexology schools. Your action motivated me to get my school approved in Pennsylvania. I am thankful for your leadership in this matter and pray that other schools will follow suit," stated Dr. Telepo during a 2003 telephone conversation. Lorraina was granted a Doctor of Reflexology Credential by the Modern Institute of Reflexology Credential Confirmation Board (MIRCCB) in recognition of her great contributions to her beloved field of Reflexology.

Dr. Inge Dougans' VacuFlex Machine creates another problem for ARCB.

MIR's summons to leaders here in the USA is to emulate the example of cooperation and respect exhibited between the different reflexology schools in South Africa through the formation of the South African Reflexology Society (SARS). The four South African schools pulled together under the leadership of Dr. Inge Dougans, DR; and produced a unified syllabus which still allowed the individual personality and theories of each school to remain intact. Dr. Dougans said, "We will stay four different schools so people will have a choice!" The world is watching this Website and many inquirers apparently like MIR's openness to diversity of technique and philosophy of reflexology practice. Orders for MIR's Correspondence Course/Home Study Package are increasing from foreign countries as well as across the USA. MIR now has a branch in Kuwait under Dr. Hisham Al Jaser, DR which encompasses Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

"I do believe it is possible to create,
even without ever writing a word
or painting a picture,
by simply molding one's inner life.
And that too is a deed."

– Etty Hillesum

2004 RAA Presenter Peter Lund Frandsen of Denmark with Laura Aho Jodry, President of RAA. Peter prefers the hand-only techniques.

Laura Aho Jodry lifted RAA into the realm of inclusion for all techniques. "Even in our own reflexology community there have been battle lines drawn and no quarter given to new visionaries or to new theories or to new schools of thought. This shows that we must also use this time and our energy to work through and beyond the four CAM stages of acceptance within our own community.

"We should ask ourselves, what is it we are jockeying for? If it is in fact acceptance into mainstream thought and health care, then shouldn't we first embrace and work toward the acceptance of new visions and new ideas within our community?

Shimon Rochkind, MD, Sorasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.
He didn't understand the DRUMmer and reflexology, but was impressed with the immediate outcome in his patient. MORE>>>

"If we consider the acceptance of a new idea within our field, we can be aware that new ideas and visions do not necessarily violate the Laws of Reflexology. We should remember that even within our field we might not always realize genius as it's introduced, and we may become skeptical of unique or young visions. We will do well to realize that all ideas are important and that their time will surely come. What may seem crazy, insignificant or best ignored at this time may in fact become reflexology "textbook" material in the future.

"May we always keep our minds focused and our hearts open to new ideas within our community and without. May we remember that time is the essence of acceptance. May the Reflexology visions within our community that were once thought crazy, insignificant, or best ignored be rediscovered and embraced. Let us be the acceptance we seek." (Quote on 6/09/04 @ www.reflexology-usa.org/standard.htm.)

Christine Issel gets probe pressure by Josephine Tan of Singapore for the uterus reflex on Kidney Meridian. Laura Norman and Barbara Mosier watch.

Now that the three reflexology certification boards have validated and recognized the use of Instrument Assisted Reflexology, Brinkerhoff sees a new international standard for "harmony in diversity" emerging among the freethinking and progressive members of the Reflexology profession. "I have rejoiced in South Africa's example and now rejoice that my pray for similar harmony to emerge here in the USA has occurred with ARCB's change of Business Ethic #24," he said. "The two new certification boards certainly helped to remove the man-made schism over IAR."

It has been a 17-year long battle to bring about this new ARCB change in policy toward IAR. In spite of President Laura Aho Jodry's optimism, the 2004 Board of Directors attempted to steer the Reflexology Association of America in the direction of hands-only techniques. On the RAA Website dated 6/9/04 we read: "To adequately define reflexology, parameters must be set as to where on the client's anatomy the reflexologist can work. Tradition aside; the definition of reflexology states that 'there are zones and reflex areas ... etc.' With the operative word being 'zones.' While these zones exist throughout the body, they are most accessible within the feet and hands. To practice reflexology on areas other than the hands, feet and referral areas, would constitute an infringement on the territory of other healthcare practitioners.

Tom Marcellus helps out in MIR Reflexology Tent at
Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, CO.

"Reflexology is hands-on practice. Client safety as well as efficacy of application can best be served by the use of the practitioner's hands, fingers, and thumbs. Tactile sensory feedback is one of the major principles governing the practitioner's awareness of subtle changes that may indicate areas to be investigated. Tools interfere with this feedback, and improperly or carelessly used, pose a safety risk to the client.

"The use of oils, lotions, and creams before or during the application of reflexology is strongly discouraged as its use only serves to blur the lines between reflexology and massage as well as interfering with sensory feedback." (May 2004 statement @ <www.reflexology-usa.org/standard.htm>)

2004 RAA Conference. Zachary demonstrates the DRUMmer on lung reflex of the hand. He also drummed the K1 with great response.

The RAA Board of Directors appeared to have become the final authority on all issues for the Association ... it appeared that "Reflexology Tradition and History" was being set aside. The Reflexology Definition again appeared to have been narrowed at RAA. The Board appeared to be against the inclusive of tools which was violating the philosophy of inclusion advocated by Jodry. This could have spelled another split in the profession ... the need to create another national association of reflexologists. Initially the Modern Institute of Reflexology supported such a movement because the growing polarization appeared to be forcing the formation of a second reflexology association made up of hands-plus practitioners who felt disenfranchised. However, MIR initiated the scrapping of the blueprint of the new AAR (American Association of Reflexology) -- with the belief that unity could be attained with prayer, patience and good works.

Drs. Josef Eugster & Zachary Brinkerhoff.

MIR is grateful for the call to unity in the profession sounded by Father Josef Eugster (as he traveled around the lower 48 states holding teaching clinics) which is still echoing throughout the USA. His primary technique contradicted the negative attitude against use of creams and knuckles in a professional treatment. His inclusion of wooden probes parallels the original teaching of Eunice Ingham given at her seminars. Dr. Eugster's smile of approval after experiencing Dr. Brinkerhoff's Percus-O-Matic jackhammer and the new Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager (DRUMmer) helped set the stage for a new era in the USA Reflexology Profession.

Yes, big changes were in the air for 2008 with the gathering of the RAA State Delegates on May 1, 2008. On the table for discussion: the recognition of mechanical devices for reflex applications in a professional treatment. The debate never occurred because the ARCB's change of position on Business Ethic #24 was announced prior to the Delegate Meeting.

Then there was the pre conference announcement of the 2008 RAA Presentation by Ignacio Sanchez - the exhibit Honoring the Pioneers of Reflexology. This exhibit - coupled with MIR's FitzGerald web page mailed to all RAA Members - helped bring reflexologists face to face with the important role of reflex instrumentation from 1913 to the present.

And when the establishment of that vital connection to Medicare for reflexologic reimbursement finally materializes due to the issue of our Reflexology Taxonomy Code on January 1, 2008, and the granting of NPI numbers -- it will put our profession on the medical map and provide a viable income source for licensed reflexologists.

This Report Generated by Zachary Brinkerhoff, DR. www.reflexologyinstitute.com

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Security is mostly a superstition.
It does not exist in nature,
nor do the children of men
as a whole experience it.
Avoiding danger
is no safer in the long run
than outright exposure.
Life is a daring adventure
or nothing at all.

Helen Keller

The INSTITUTE has had both Student Malpractice/Liability insurance and graduate policies which have covered the use of instruments since Zachary took the helm of the MODERN INSTITUTE of REFLEXOLOGY. MIR's insurance policy is now provided by Allied Health Association located in Lone Tree, CO.

"The insurance company which insures a practitioner is the public's assurance that they are protected from incompetence. It is the insurers responsibility to investigate the competency of the schools curriculum, personnel and historical record of safety; and then stand behind their endorsement with viable coverage," he said.

MIR has never had a claim against a student on active status. However, if they do face a claim? They will be covered for any reflexology activities approved by the INSTITUTE.

"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got."

----- David Steele

The new facility of the Modern Institute of Reflexology
where the Home Study is packaged, tutoring is
received for Instrument Assisted Reflexology
& Clinical Services are offered to the public.



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Tender Touch Reflexology Clinic, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado. Alice Akers opened her clinic after graduation from Modern Institute of Reflexology in 1996. Her booming practice in this rancher town of 900 citizens utilizes: Laser;
POM "jackhammer"; Riley's Ultra Massager aka DRUMmer; Photoluminescent Reflex BEAMER; Wooden Probes; Thumb Pressure; Foot Joint Reflex Alignment and of late - Reiki.
Alic+e has recently cut back her clinic work to 3-days a week: "I decided to take some time off to spend with my husband and travel a little. I still have to help him with the farm too," related Alice.

Alice Akers, DR
Doctor Reflexologist
Cheyenne Wells, CO

CHRISTINE ISSEL receives a service award at the 2004 RAA Conference in Nashville, TN. She has included low level laser light as integral to Quantum Reflexology.

Here a student's daughter gets tutoring at MIR along with her Mother. Kids love using DRUMmer.

MIR granted
Eunice Ingham-Stopfel, a posthumous reflexology doctorate
in 1994. The Diploma was granted for her pioneering effort to spread Zone Therapy aka reflexology throughout the USA.
Again, thank you
Dr. Eunice Ingham-Stopfel.

"Eunice sold me this Niagara cyclo-massage reflex vibrator and a recliner chair in 1962 when I attended her class. She taught a combination of hand and tool reflex stimulus," said Ella Lebsach of Lakewood, Colorado.
Eunice's Niagara cyclo-massage reflex vibrator applied to the solar plexus aka K1. Zachary used a Niagara machine (sold by Eunice) from his first day of professional practice. MORE>>>

PERCUSS-O-MOTOR was recommended by Dr. Fitzgerald's Group and used exclusively for foot reflex stimulus by Dr. Clement Wittman.

Clement Wittman, DN demonstrates self help using his improved Percuss-O-Flex point activator machine.

Dr. Riley's Ultra MASSAGER:
Applied exclusively to K1 produces desired results in 5 minutes.

Kidney 1 Meridian Origin is aka the Chinese Sleep Point; the Well Point; and the Bubbling Springs Point.

Dr. Mildred Carter, DR
and Zachary onboard Transcontinental Classroom in 2001. Mildred loved her DRUMmer/Beamer treatment.

Surgeon Alfred Reinhard Bird Bear Obes, MD, uses reflex probe on great toe. Dr. Obes graduated with MIR's Home Study and now sits on the MIR Advisory Board. "I like reflexology because it is noninvasive," he said. "Dr. Zachary's course is concise and pertinent."
Meet Dr. Obes

Dr. Lorraina Telepo, DR: "The DRUMmer is the best percussive instrument I have ever used and I recommend it to all my students. I instruct them to purchase it directly from Dr. Brinkerhoff."

Fr. Josef Eugster presents Zachary with a certificate of attendance at a seminar in Alna, Maine in 2001. Josef usually gets painful groans from his students with both his knuckle and stick method.

Dr. Dwight Byers, DR receives laser treatment from Dr. Brinkerhoff for his sore 2nd M/P joint during a break at 2002 RAA Conference in Rhode Island. While Dr. Riley's Massager worked @ 4,400 impacts/minute on his joint Dwight was heard saying, "Ooh that feels so goooood."

Hisham Al Jaser receives ear reflex stimulus from Zachary during a visit from Kuwait. Dr. Al Jaser opened a branch of MIR in Kuwait. He has an outreach to the Arabic countries of the Middle East. "I like MIR's tool techniques; they work." He trained with IIR, learning the thumb-walk method, but it didn't give the dynamic response which he discovered with the Full Spectrum Reflexology Method.

Fr. Josef demos his cream/knuckle method in Alna, Maine. Both Kunz & Kunz and the ARCB have opposed creams and knuckles in a professional treatment, but Josef is forging ahead with his teaching and stopping the mouth of most gainsayers. Josef told Zachary during a private session aboard the TCC that he would be referring all his handicap applicants in the USA to the INSTITUTE.

Father Josef teaches the use of this wooden probe in a professional treatment which was invented by one
of his students who was a concert pianist that didn't want to injure his fingers or get ugly calluses on his knuckles.
Zachary visits DRUMmer factory to inspect production line of the new and improved Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager.

Tom Marcellus tries out the Percus-O-Matic jackhammer at a Trade show. Tom is a hands-only practitioner, but at least he gave it a try under Zachary's watchful eye.

Chinese Mallets
Inside the hollow brass hammers are metal balls that create a rhythmic sound & yeild a subtle vibration as theyi slam against the inside of the hammer heads.

Maurice D'Arifat applies the descendant of the therapeutic radiant energy infrared ray lamp used by FitzGerald's Group in the 1920's. Maurice is radiating the feet of a patient in his clinic on the Island of Mauritius. The Rainbow Red Luminescent Reflex BEAMER V-5 even works in the torrid temps of the Indian Ocean."Now my old relaxation clinic is booming due to your BEAMER V-5 and the DRUMmer."


Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer III-3b. This broadband infrared ray lamp has revived the use of Dr. Fitzgerald's combination of Zone Therapy & Infrared rays.

The original American Reflexology Standard was established over 1000 years past by the indigenous natives whose traditions reveal the use of fingers, wooden probes and feathers in conjunction with sound, prayer, sweat lodge and sunlight.



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