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wendi home study kit

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Full Spectrum Reflexology Method

Modern Institute of Reflexology

signage nite
The Institute's sign has moved to 4086 Youngfield in Wheat Ridge, CO


MIR Lessons:
(12) MIR Lesson text: compiled, written and updated monthly by Dr. Brinkerhoff and contained in a 3-ring binder.

(12) MIR CD Audio Messages (1/2 Hr. each): directives and encouragement from Dr. Brinkerhoff.

(3) MIR DVD: Instructions by Dr. Brinkerhoff on Full Spectrum Reflexology & foot joint microalignment reflexology pressure technique.

Insurance: Six (6) months coverage on MIR's Student Blanket Malpractice/Liability Policy (Alaska & New Jersey excluded).

Tutoring: 2 Hours of Tutoring (Test grading/Email/Telephone/On Campus demonstrations ... additional Tutoring @ $50.00/hour).

Student in Training Certificate: Official document showing enrollment with MIR which legally allows student to practice (in all states of USA) on recipients of treatment and to accept donations of money to help pay for cost of Home Study Package, Course & Tutoring. Online renewal: $100.00.

Books, Charts and Videos:
---- Body Reflexology (One Touch Healing) by Dr. Carter.
---- New Reflexology Handbook by Dr. Wittman.
---- Mucusless Diet Healing System by Professor Ehret.
----Complete Guide to
Herbal Medicines by Dr. Avila. (NEW ITEM)
----Rational Fasting by Professor Arnold Ehret.
----Deadly Emotions by Don Colbert, MD. (NEW ITEM)

(1) MIR Full Color Ear Reflex Wall Chart (11" x 17").

(1) MIR custom designed log book for recording practicum.

(50) Anatomy & Pathology Book Charts in Full Color. (NEW ITEM)

(1) Dr. Dougans 12 Meridian Booklet. (2-color)

(2) ReflexoCure Charts: Hand & Foot by Dr. Carter. (4-color)

(1) Dr. Riley's 1924 Zone Therapy two-sided Wall Chart.

(1) Dr Bernardin Foot Reflexology Wall Chart. (4-color)

(1) Foot Reflexology hand-technique training DVD.

(1) Dr. Day's DVD: Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore.

Reflexology Massagers and Accessories:
(1) Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager (DRUMmer) made USA.
---- MIR. Instructional DVD for Massager.
---- MIR. Specialty Reflex Probe Tips (8) with sheathing support tube, 3/8" box wrench and Fold-up 8 key hex set.

reflexology baby nachi
MIR Reflexologist in Training w/DRUMmer.

Professional Reflexology Treatment Chair:
(1) Faulkner Standard Size Reflexology Chair:
---- 350 LB recipient capacity;
---- Collapsible, 16 LB carry weight;
---- 2 year manufacturer limited warranty.

"Opportunity is missed by most people
because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work."

– Thomas Edison

ReflexoCure Instruments:
---- Halogen Powered Bulb (1) @ 250w, 120v;
---- Tripod Mounted Compact Design.

---- Halogen Powered Bulb (1) @ 175watt, 120 volt;
---- Clamp Mounted; On/Off Switch. (NEW & IMPROVED)
(This Beamer is substituted with Jr. Home Study Package.)

(1) Dr. Ordorf's Hard-Rubber Acu-ReflexoCure Ball.

(1) Dr. Ordorff's Acu-ReflexoCure Roller w/Bronze bushings.

(1) Dr. Carter's Wooden ReflexoCure Probe.

(1) Nicole's ReflexyCure Probe (K1 & Well Point activator):
---- anodized aluminum; double-ended probe;
---- reflex wheel w/bronze bearing.

(1) Stainless Steel EAR ACUPRESSURE PROBE.

(1) Piezoceramic ReflexoCure Probe Device. (NEW ITEM)

su chen ye diploma
Su Chen Yeh, RN receives her Diploma from
Dr. Richard Long
on MIR Campus.

(Items not listed above are not part of the Home Study Package.)

Career Investment


Pay $1,400 down and $100 per month on balance
by automatic billing with a major credit card.
Diploma granted and DRUMmer shipped after study
requirements are met and/or balance due paid in full.

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Purchase the Home Study Package Jr.
The Jr. version of the MIR Home Study Package can be obtained for $1,650.00. This has been accomplished by substituting/exchanging three items: 1)Deleted: DRUMmer aka Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager;
2) Substitute Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer I-1b in place
of II-2b.

Only $1700.00
(includes shipping)
Pay $800.00 down and $100 per month on balance
by automatic billing on a major credit card.

"To see what is in front of one's nose
needs a constant struggle."

– George Orwell

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"The most difficult thing is
the decision to act,
the rest is merely tenacity."

- Amelia Earhart

dawn piezo
MIR Professional Graduate Dawn Horn
zaps Stomach Well Point with the new
Piezoceramic ReflexoCure Device.

Everything that is worthwhile
in life is scary.
Choosing a school, choosing a career,
getting married, having kids--
all those things are scary.
If it is not fearful,
it is not worthwhile.
Paul Tornier


The risk of a wrong decision
is preferable to
the terror of indecision.
Moses ben Maimon


Let the JOURNEY begin!

Develop Your Own Part Time Job!

Discover Your True Career!


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This Page Updated: 10/05/2015

Wendi Humphreyes: Helped run MIR's office as a graduate, but her new clinic in Englewood, CO got so busy she had to quit.

Chinese Hammers
These ancient mallets used to tap the bottom of the feet (60 to 120 impacts per minute) are the forerunner of the Institute's percussion machines.

Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager in action on the Solar Plexus aka Kidney-1
This versatile machine generates between 120 to 4400 impacts per minute to the soft tissues reflexes.


halogen red reflex

Photoluminescent Reflex
helps to create photo-bioelectric EQUILIBRIUM in the body with no special talent on your part.
The treatment is all AUTOMATIC.

probe carter display 140
Dr. Mildred Carter's: Wooden Reflex Probe can actually become a sensory extension of your hand aka a
Third Thumb.
Piezoceramic ReflexoCure Device
excellent for activating Well Points located on the fingers and toes.
This 5.5" electroprobe generates a galvanic signal which releases electrically-charged energy into the reflex/meridian point. The activation plunger is pressed to produce a mild energy pulse. Features two interchangeable tips: 0.1" and 0.3" dia. No batteries required.
dawn piezo 4
Dawn Horn discharges Piezoceramic electrical current into Liver Well Point on Great Toe.
chart ear mir new
Over 120 specific Reflexology Points. Work them with finger, pen laser, Bioelectric probe, stainless steel probe, or Photoluminescent Reflex Beamers. Used in conjuction with foot or hand reflex treatments. These ear reflex points can also be used as the sole basis of a treatment.


beamer 3b 140 feet
Old-Style Beamer III-3b shown with Tripod Mount as it radiates foot reflexes.The initial design was improved by adding a second halogen bulb that is mineral coated in order to support the original Red/Near-Infrared bulb with the Middle/Far-Infrared part of the Infrared bandwidth.


mildred book healing
Dr. Mildred Carter's
book aka One Touch Healing extends reflexology beyond feet and hands to include the ear reflexes and other selected energy points along the 10 Reflex Zones identified by Drs. Fitzgerald & Riley.


iris probe toe
Iris Bird Bear Obes
uses a native type wooden reflex probe that is typical of those used on this continent for thousands of years. She is a full-blood Hidatsa Native who enrolled with the INSTITUTE along with her husband Dr. Alfred R. Bird Bear Obes, MD.


arthur brown training
Doctor of Reflexology
Arthur Brown

is an MIR Graduate who went on to develop a successful clinic operation in Aurora, CO. Shown observing tutoring at MIR Campus in Lakewood, CO.


foot reflex micro
Bill Reinquist, LMT
demonstrates "foot loosening" procedure aka Foot Joint Micro Alignment Reflex Pressure Technique as taught by Dr. Brinkerhoff on video in the MIR Home Study Package.


fran pose closeFran Buchholz, LPN
I am totally recovered from four years of suffering with an injury to my neck received in an auto accident. Full Spectrum Reflexology and prayer gets the credit.


ijaz with drummer
Ijaz Yamin Ansari
"I am working miracles with DRUMmer. It forces my homeopathic patients to get well," said Ijaz. Dr. Ansari opened a clinic in Wazeribad, Pakistan after study with the INSTITUTE.


hisham ear ssprobe zach
Dr. Hisham Al Jaser
Hisham holds an MIR Franchise in Kuwait. Here he receives ear point activation with Stainless Steel ReflexoCure probe.


Nicole Schmitmeyer
watched her baby learn to run the DRUMmer on his own feet. Yes, a new toy with great health benefits. "Hey, Mom, look. This is easy & fun."





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