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The following presentation is a historical overview of the issue for the Doctor of Reflexology Certificate/Diploma originally issued by the Modern Institute of Reflexology. This issue was passed to MIRCCB in 2001. However, after seven years the MIRCCB temporarily suspended issue due to relocation of Administrator Richard Morton from Hiawatha, Iowa to Cheney, Washington. Upcoming information on our effort towards the future re-issue of the doctor of reflexology diploma will be reported on this webpage as events unfold.

May 12, 1995

Dear Zachary:

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the very impressive DOCTOR OF REFLEXOLOGY STATUS DOCUMENT. This is a very beautiful certificate, thank you from the bottom of my heart! My daughter Tammy and I will be revising my Foot Reflexology book this year, the editor may want to add DR after my name ... what do you think?

I was also pleasantly surprised to receive your letter and invitation to stop by and see you. I would have loved to attend the RAA meeting in St. Louis in April. However, I find myself staying closer to home these days. I keep busy writing, as well as teaching reflexology to small local groups. And as always, I love to research new methods of natural healing ... in hopes of helping the many people who write and come to me for help.

Are you the clever artist who drew the cute pictures on your stationary? I love it, thanks for sharing it with me.

The VOICE OF REFLEX MEDICINE is also very interesting. Keep up the good work.

Your curriculum is very impressive. I am so pleased to learn of all your accomplishments, and am very proud of you. Your desire to help others with reflexology is commendable. I am happy to know how successful you are in promoting renewed health and vitality to those in need.

This letter comes with my love and deepest appreciation. I sincerely hope that all is well with you, and that you are healthy and happy!


Mildred Carter


PS Thanks for the picture of you and me in Toronto.

(Note: Mildred Carter passed from this world on December 25, 2005. Her death left a great void in the life of her family, but her gift of Reflexological wisdom will continue to be a source of blessing to all who come to the fountain of Stirling Enterprises and learn to apply her hand, tool and prayer techniques.)

"And I heard a voice from heaven saying,
Write, Blessed the dead which die
in Yahweh from henceforth.
Yes, says the Spirit,
that they may rest from their labors;
for their works follow with them."

Ivan Panin, Numeric New Testament
Revelation 14:13



The experiential Doctor of Reflexology was a recognition of one's level of experience sought after by professional reflexologists. Issue of the Doctoral Board was suspended after five years - following a directive to do so by the District Attorney of Colorado. Issue was resumed a year later in Hiawatha, Iowa under the administration of Richard Morton, DR through the MIRCCB aka Modern Institute of Reflexology Credential Confirmation Board.

Alfred Reinhard Bird Bear Obes, MD, has earned both the Master & Doctor of Reflexology certificates. Here he shows a converted hunting seat filled with patient records and reflex tools in order to make house calls in Newtown, ND.

The reflexology profession had a legitimate experiential doctorate unto which to aspire since 1993 ... just like other developed professions. However, this was not a diploma-mill type of credential; such as bombarded me almost daily in my Email box. MIRCCB has less than 45 DR's in the world. Most of them were issued at no charge to leaders in the field of reflexology based on their experience and contribution to the profession: Mildred Carter, DR; Dwight Byers, DR; Jerry Budenz, DR; Ruby Bisson, DR; Richard Morton, DR; Larry Clemmons, DR, Inge Dougans, DR, Jack Roso, DR, Alfred Bird Bear Obes, MD, DR, Kendall B. Eckert, DR, and many others (of course a few academic types refused MIR's offer).

To qualify for the new issue under Dr. Richard Morton's administration could be at times an exacting task. All of your documents had to be properly compiled in an application submittal packet. You could not receive your DR unless your paperwork passed Morton's scrutinizing eyes. He helped raise the standard of quality since being seated on the MIR Advisory Board eight years ago. (Richard has made a major contribution to the data corrections and content of the MIR Home Study Program. He is a genuine combination of academics blended with the reality of experientialism.) Morton strongly believes that MIRCCB's academic/experiential requirements are a fair enough level of accomplishment to genuinely qualify a reflexologist as a Doctor of Reflexology.

The application guidelines for Doctor of Reflexology were mailed to the applicant, who then could begin assembling and formatting his/her own personalized qualification application packet.



Alfred Bird Bear Obes, MD, DR
P.O. Box 640
New Town, ND 58763

July 3, 2006

Dr. Richard K. Morton, ND, DR
Modern Institute of Reflexology
Credential Confirmation Board
P.O. Box 295
Hiawatha, IA 52233

Dear Dr. Morton,

I am so very happy to receive the Doctor of Reflexology diploma. A lot of hard work went into it. I worked at it every day, even at odd hours, going to my clients' houses over bumpy country roads. I did not mention to anyone so far or anywhere, that I washed and oiled everyone's feet before treatment from the first documented case till now. It came so natural to me that I did not feel it would be of any interest. But, as I communicated with other reflexologists, I saw that I was pretty unique in this behalf. Yet, this humble service gave me deep satisfaction - to have done the right thing anyway.

Yes, I want to further this safe, effective healing discipline. I am going to help advance the cause of Reflexology with strength and courage and perseverance. We must push on, and together we are able to accomplish our objective.

On a more personal level, I have found absolutely fabulous friends in the community of Reflexologists. We all have a lot to offer. With a good focus, we should be able to achieve much not only for our ailing fellow man or creature but also for our profession.

Our profession is definitely uplifted through the achievements of Reflexology's Greats, the workings of the Institute, and the set-up of the Board. I see it as our obligation to continue and persist into the future. I am glad and honored to be affiliated with such open minded and highly motivated professionals as you.

Respectfully yours,

Alfred Bird Bear Obes, MD, DR

(Note: Dr. Obes notified Zachary Brinkerhoff that on March 3, 2008 he had attained 11,400 hours of practicum since first enrolling with his wife Iris in the Home Study Correspondence Course - Senior Program. As a medical physician he had been required to perform the minimum practicum of 2,500 hours and considered the attainment of the full 10,000 hours of experience required for traditional reflexologists as a mile stone.

On 9/14/09 Reinhard Obes was granted a special 'Certificate of Hours' when he accumulated 20,092 hours of hands-on practice. At last report he had attained to 27,245 hours; and will be again issued a 30,000 'Certificate of Hours' in the not too distant future if he continues at the same intensity of activity. Each case is documented in three different formats. His method of indepth analysis, personal and clinical observation, and individual treatment-protocol is performed as only a dedicated European Physician will do.)


Larry C. Clemmons
Registered Reflexologist
Pittsfield Bldg.- Suite 1445
55 East Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60602-2201
Telephone: (312) 368-0140

October 21, 2000

Modern Institute of Reflexology
4086 Youngfield
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Doctor of Reflexology Zachary Brinkerhoff, D.R. and the staff of the Modern Institute of Reflexology has honored me with a diploma recognizing my academic and experiential achievements in the practice and study of reflexology.

I am grateful to you for the work you are doing for reflexology and the individuals that have given so much to advance this profession. I will proudly display this award and continue to give my best to the good of the profession and the people that want and need the care and concern of sincere practitioners

I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Larry C. Clemmons, D.R.


What is a Doctor of Reflexology
What it is NOT.

by Richard K. Morton, DR
Cheney, WA

Richard K. Morton
MIR Advisory Board
MIRCCB Administrator

The MIRCCB is an organization of, by and for reflexologists; dedicated to the assessment of candidates’ reflexology education and experiences, and their relationship to the MIRCCB award criteria. The MIRCCB provides assessment and certification for highly qualified, experienced, professional reflexologists.
MIR, under the direction of founder Dr. Clement T. Wittman, and later Dr. Zachary K. Brinkerhoff III, has taught reflexology to many students since 1952.

The MIR Advisory Board awarded the first Doctor of Reflexology to Brinkerhoff on March 3, 1993. The MIR Doctoral Board was immediately formed and continued assessment and certification of this level of competency until 2001. At this juncture the MIRCCB was formed as an organization oriented specifically toward the development and administration of the MIR’s doctoral program. The MIRCCB Permanent Members are Zachary K. Brinkerhoff, III, DR and Robert Long, DC(ret), DR. Other specialists are recruited as adjunct advisory members to assess specialized areas of candidates’ submittals. The Program is administered by Richard K. Morton, ND, DR of Hiawatha, Iowa. Dr. Morton has agreed to maintain the interface between MIRCCB members, applicants, and to administer and coordinate the review process from his Hiawatha, Iowa location.

MIRCCB awards two distinct credentials: the initial award of Master of Reflexology, requiring 5000 hours of verifiable related experience and education, and the supreme credential, the Doctor of Reflexology, requiring 10,000 hours of verifiable related experience. Both credentials also require the development of an extensive original research work to demonstrate the advanced level of proficiency to set apart the expert reflexologist from the general reflexology practitioner.

Let’s first discuss the Master of Reflexology credential!

Many highly qualified reflexologists have studied, worked on many, many pairs of feet and hands, and have continued their education in healthcare, learning yet more and more venues for the application of reflexology. The Master of Reflexology credential is tailor-made for these people. Following certification as a reflexologist, the practitioner who also has considerable other healthcare education and experience may elect to attain the advanced credential of Master of Reflexology. 5000 hours of verifiable experience related to healthcare in general and reflexology specifically are required.

For consideration as a Master of Reflexology, the candidate would assemble a package containing certified true copies of the reflexology training/examination documentation, a narrative synopsis of the candidate’s experience, documentation of the hours of experience, and finally, a 2500 word (minimum) original research thesis which demonstrates the candidate’s advanced grasp of reflexology and its importance to the Advanced Healthcare Paradigm.

Of course, the Master of Reflexology should not be in any way compared to the Master degree awarded by universities. In many cases, they require nowhere near the evidence of advanced proficiency that is necessary to attain the Master of Reflexology from the MIR Credential Confirmation Board. A more fitting comparison would be that of a martial arts Master. This is a person who has already attained a practitioner qualification, having demonstrated a reasonable knowledge of the art. The Master has keenly honed these skills, building on them to a point where they are instinctive, having an influence on everything the Master does. The Master always seeks opportunities to apply the philosophies of the Art to his/her everyday interactions, to make a better, more fully rounded person. The Master also teaches apprentices, imparting the knowledge which has helped so much in improving the quality of the Master’s life, and his/her interactions with others. The Master is a highly skilled professional authority in the Art, recognized as such not only by the public at large, but by the other authorities in the Art. The Master is not sitting still, however! Master-level experts continue their education and training, not needing the regimentation of a school to recognize, personalize and implement the salient techniques and philosophical enhancements. Rather, the Master charts his/her own course of progression, developing the needed skills as they become necessary.

The Master is progressing, reaching out towards the Doctor of Reflexology qualification. While some Masters are content to practice at their level, not necessarily projecting an easily recognizable Path to the Doctor qualification, they nevertheless are continuing to assimilate more advanced techniques in their repertoire! Eventually, when the time is right for them, they attain the Doctor qualification. No doubt, some Masters are already at that level, but have just not yet chosen to formally apply for the credential. When the time is appropriate, we are confident they will. By virtue of being a Master, this expert cannot help but progress toward that level, whether credentialed or not! We all benefit from that progression, and encourage the Master to continue!

The primary MIRCCB award is the Doctor of Reflexology, or D.R. The D.R. is not in any way to be construed as an academic college or university degree, but rather, a non-academic, experiential, occupational credential pertaining to teaching, as the root of the word Doctor is the Latin "docere", or teacher. Holders of the Doctor of Reflexology award are NOT medical doctors or any other kind of physicians, unless they also hold independent, concurrent qualifications in that field. Reflexologists, whether of the student, entry level, practicing, or doctoral level, are required by law to conduct their practice in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, including licensing, where applicable.

Highly experienced reflexologists with documented, verifiable education and experience in excess of 5,000 hours for the Master level or 10,000 for the Doctoral level hours are eligible to apply. The M.R./D.R. credential is awarded following approval of candidate documentation submittal, a doctoral dissertation, and oral exams.

The professional/occupational/vocational application is a submittal package of documentation developed by the candidate, and submitted with the non-refundable review fee of $150 to MIRCCB for determination of qualification for recognition as an experiential Master Reflexologist/Master of Reflexology abbreviated as MR, or the Doctor Reflexologist (or Doctor of Reflexology), abbreviated as DR. The MR candidate has the burden of proof to document 5,000 hours of reflex work to the reflex microcosms of the feet, hands, ears and other selected energy points on the body (Naturopaths, Nurses, Massage and Physical Therapists and other Body Workers are allowed to have a minimum of 1250 hours in reflexology as a minimum portion of the required 5,000 hours of practice). The DR candidate has the burden of proof to document 10,000 hours of reflex work to the reflex microcosms of the feet, hands, ears and other selected energy points on the body (Naturopaths, Nurses, Massage and Physical Therapists and other Body Workers are allowed to have a minimum of 2,500 hours in reflexology as a minimum portion of the required 10,000 hours of practice).

In lieu of hands on experience an applicant may substitute up to 2500 hours for the M.R. or 5,000 hours for the D.R. of documented or verified academic pursuits (can include self-educational attainment evidence) which are related to the health care field.

Accompanying the packet must be an extensive original research work, the reflexologist’s Master Thesis (2500 words minimum for the M.R.) or Doctoral Dissertation (5000 words minimum for the D.R.), demonstrating the highly developed depth of reflexology knowledge and experience to which the candidate has attained.

Termination of the MIRCCB

The MIRCCB has terminated issue of the Master and Doctor of Reflexology due to a change in location of Administrator Richard Morton from Hiawatha, Iowa to Cheney, Washington; where legislative law prohibts the issue of experiential doctorates..

An attempt was made by MIR President Zachary Brinkerhoff to return the issue to Colorado after eight years of granting the certification by the MIRCCB in Iowa. However, legislative law continues to prohibit such an issue by a private occupational school due to concern that such an issue is akin to a diploma-mill.

Dr. Kendall Eckert, DR
MIR Advisory Board

However, Dr. Kendall Eckert, DR is pursuing the opening of a branch of the Modern Institute of Reflexology - Kentucky Campus. Once the school is approved - he then has the green light to proceed with the development of a doctoral program and the reestablishment of the MIR Doctoral Board.


Who Are the Quacks?
by A. W. Brinkerhoff, MD - 1880

“Not every man entitled M.D. is, or ever will be, a ‘doctor!’ Too many of them shoot at random, and they are the gentlemen who most cry ‘quack, quack!’ They are men of no genius, no common sense, no brain power, yet they are members of the Association ... ‘regular’.

“When a physician knows he is giving no value received for the money he receives, and confidence reposed in him, he should direct his suffering patient to where the cure can be secured, or, like an honest man, go himself and become possessed of the means to do what he knows other men can do, and end his quackery! Alas, the vast majority of physicians are governed by jealousy and egotism! Still, there are many honorable exceptions. However, when a stranger comes amongst them who can and does cure such maladies without even a failure, without any knowledge on their part of his practice, such, at once, cry, ‘Quack!’ Actually, they should have been well informed in relation thereto ... SHOULD HAVE BEEN TREATING CAUSES INSTEAD OF EFFECTS.

“Our best mechanics are often those who never learned a trade: our best statesmen not those with the most education; our best lawyers are men of sense! So in the Medical profession. Some of our mothers are better doctors than some ... yes, many graduates!”

Respectfully submitted,

A. W. Brinkerhoff, M.D.

After thought:
The genetic influence that under girds the hard driving personality of MIR President Zachary Brinkerhoff comes from his self-educated Great, great grandfather A.W. Brinkerhoff, MD, who obtained 29 US patents on his many inventions

In 2002 great, great grandson Zachary Brinkerhoff paid
his respects to his grandfather at the family plot
located near McCutcheonville, OH.

Alexander earned his experiential MD through the public's recognition of over 100,000 successful treatments of hemorrhoids using his patented rectal speculum; which opened the rectum to the light of day (this enabled him to inject the hemorrhoid with his patented herbal compounds listed in his book Diseases of the Rectum and Physicians Monitor.)

Dr. Brinkerhoff's Stainless Steel Rectal Speculum

Initially, The Medical Society of Ohio membership bound themselves by an oath to drive Brinkerhoff out of business, but the Society eventually embraced his technique for hemorrhoidal cure; which quickly spread among the medical profession in all 48 states of the union. He had finally found fortune in his later years through helping people as a physician; having previously suffered bankruptcy five times. Yes, a humble man (driven by his own need for a cure) with no formal training or education; who was eventually acknowledged as an experiential doctor by the powerful medical profession of his day that had previously shunned him as a Quack.

Let the JOURNEY begin.


Filipino Foot Doctor

Dear Brother Zac,
It is my pleasure to know you. I feel excited knowing that I am not alone doing this wonderful natural healing service which is our avenue for bringing comfort to the needy who have an illness. I have returned to the USA after training nearly 200 foot doctor missionaries in the Philippines where I grew up.

I was born into a village without a modern doctor. To this day my village only has a foot doctor who does natural healing. I used to pick some herbs and run errands for him which allowed me to observe him doing the healing. I became the product of that foot doctor: that is why I am a true believer of natural healing (such as herbs and massage). But my focus was always on SPIRITUAL HEALING more than anything else.

By the year 1960 I began seriously learning through another foot doctor in our neighboring village by doing in-service training. It is inspiring to think that foot-work is what I have continued to do from my graduation until this very day. I always sought improvement in my foot doctor ministry by going to schools of reflexology and reading books.

Now I am preparing my application packet in order to present my qualification for the Doctor of Reflexology certificate issued by the Modern Institute of Reflexology Credential Confirmation Board (MIRCCB).

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Warm Regards,

October 21, 2005

"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got."

----- David Steele

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This Page Updated: 10/15/10

Mildred Carter met with Zachary onboard the Transcontinental Classroom six years after she graciously accepted the issue of her DR diploma from the INSTITUTE.

On the left is an image of an Experiential Certificate that was issued by authority of the MIR Doctoral Board in recognition of Dr. Mildred Carter's great contribution to the field of Reflexology.

Dr. Carter uses DRUMmer on Gordon Weber as her daughter Tammy observes.

Carter's Wooden Probe

Mildred Carter loved the DRUMmer action on her toes. "I really like the effect of Dr. Riley's machine," she told Zachary as she felt her energy level rising. She held Dr. Riley and his wife Elizabeth Ann in the highest regard as Zone Therapists.
Mildred & Zachary are shown visiting after the private speakers banquet held at the 1990 CNAR Conference in Toronto. Zachary had spoken on "Water the Conductor" which generated many questions on dehydration and its negative effect in reflex applications. He explained the importance of good water management of the human frame in order to obtain a good reflexologic outcome. Mildred subsequently added this important subject on careful body water maintenance to her new book on Body Reflexology: Healing at your finger tips.
INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE: Muslim Hisham S. Kh AlJaser qualified handily for his DR Diploma. He learned bodywork from his father; passed down from generations. He is an expert foot-joint adjuster and lauds Dr. Riley's Massager. He holds a 7th Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu with 30 Black belt's under him.
Dr. Inge Dougans
was granted a DR for her pioneering accomplishments in unifying the 4 major schools is S. Africa.
Dr. Jerry Budenz, DR, lectures Issel and Kunz on his philosophy of reflexology at gathering in Piqua, Ohio. Dr. Budenz utilized his diploma for insurance payment with some policemen in California. He believed his MIR Diploma carried weight and he used it successfully as a reflexologist. We miss you Dr. Budenz.

This is a copy of Dwight Byers DR Diploma issued and mailed to him in 1994 for his contributions and leadership in the field of reflexology. Dwight never acknowledged receipt of the above diploma sent in 1994, but in 2008 he told Ignacio Sanchez during a visit to IIR: "Yeah, Zachary sent me a Doctor of Reflexology Diploma for my contribution to the field of Reflexology."

Dwight Byers, President of the International Institute of Reflexology,
received a laser treatment from Zachary at the 2002 RAA Conference held in Rhode Island. Dwight has always sought after Instrument Assisted Reflexology from both Clement Wittman and Zachary at the conferences they both frequented.


Doctor of Reflexology LORRAINA TELEPO:
International School of Advanced Reflexology was recently awarded her MIRCCB Diploma.
"DRUMmer machine is the most versatile reflex stimulator I have ever used. My patients love it and so do I."

Doctor of Reflexology
Alfred Bird Bear Obes

"I want to express my deeply felt gratitude to all the staff of MIRCCB who so strongly believed in my potential and energy as Reflexologist. With this happy occasion of receiving my Doctor of Reflexology diploma, I pass back onto you my compliments and my trust."



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