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Praise those of your critics
for whom nothing
is up to standard.

---dag hammarskjold, 1957

Freelancer Experiential Professional Practitioner

A Freelance ReflexoCurist (as in Pedicurist) is a person who has learned ReflexoCure (reflexology) independently or may have been practicing for many years, but has reached a decision to become a credentialed reflex practitioner and enter the professional realm by choosing to qualify for the FREELANCER 500 Hour Professional ReflexoCure Certificate. This diploma qualifies a person to receive placement on MIR’s web site and entitles them to apply for professional Malpractice/Liability Insurance from MIR’s provider.

Charles D. Leath

Reflexology Freelancer Charles Leath was told by his referring doctors that he should obtain a reflexology credential. So he contacted MIR and applied for the Freelance Diploma with 8,000 hours of practicum. His application packet included all requirements listed below which indicated his more than ample qualification. Charles was issued his Professional Reflexology Diploma which has graced the wall of his treatment room since 2004.

The Division of Private Occupational Schools now requires all Freelancers to enroll with the MINI Home Study Package or submit a transcript of course completion that shows sufficient training in an equivalent bodywork category.

Experiential Certificate Requirements:

1. MINI Home Study Package and 250 hours Reflexology practicum recorded in MIR Reflexologist Log Book or transcript of course completion for equivalent training.
2. Five letters of reference (1 doctor, 2 nurses, 2 patients).
3. Submit five documented case history overviews.
4. Compose a Personal ReflexoCurist Creed.
5. Postulate of a reflexology mechanism of action (how and why it works from your own personal experience).


"When you get into a tight place
and it seems that you can't go on,
hold on — for that's just the place
and the time that the tide will turn."

– Harriet Beecher Stowe


Log Book contains 20 pages of data to help educate recipient when he reads disclosure and signs in.

An applicant can receive credit for academic hours that he accumulated from attending another recognized reflexology school. Others may want to order the Mini Home Study Package without the many instruments and start working toward attaining the Professional Freelancer Diploma.

MIR Freelancer Dawn Horn applies DRUMmer
to the reflexes on dorsum of left foot: "Patients
love the results of this percussive probe machine."

When an inquirer chooses to order the Mini Home Study Package (whereby he becomes an official Student in Training with MIR) he will be covered by MIR's Student Blanket Malpractice/Liability insurance policy. Such a Freelancer is no longer an independent learner, but has chosen to come under the auspices of MIR.

Filipino Castillanos receives Certificate
that reflects 20 years of practice.

A Freelance Learner's goal is to obtain 250 hours of ReflexoCurist practice in conjuction with the Mini Home Study Package. The five (5) requirements listed above must be met in order to qualify and then receive an Experiential ReflexoCure Professional Freelancer Certificate.


The above letter of reference was issued to Lin Li Xia
and is signed by a doctor, 2 nurses and 3 patients.

Ms. Lin Li Xia and her husband Ma Zhen Wei (working out of their clinic in Chicago shown above) submitted reference letters from a hospital certifying that they were practicing as reflexologists in outpatient, Chinese Medication Department for years before they left China. They were very experienced in many different kinds of sickness especially high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

News article shows Ma giving Foot Reflexology
in Chicago's Chinatown where he is very popular.

Lin and Ma are graduates of a famous beauty school operated by professionals in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. This school provides reflexology, massage, & cosmetology courses to both local and overseas students. Many other reflexology graduates of this training center who immigrated to the USA have likewise qualified for MIR's Professional Freelancer Diploma.

Freelancer Bill Lewis got a DRUMmer and later enrolled in Home Study.

If you use the Reflexologist Log Book, the hours may be randomly verified by telephone in order to make an evaluation of your proficiency from among your recipients of treatment.

In making your decision as to which reflexology package is right for you, the MIR Director of Studies recommends that you prayerfully take your time and follow your intuitive instinct. Allow your conscience to guide you in the right direction by listening to your innermost heart. If you already have accumulated 250 experiential hours and simply want to establish yourself as a professional ... the Mini Home Study Package may be right for you.

Jun Costillanos came to MIR Campus
to qualify for his Freelancer Professional
Certificate. "My hands are so strong that
I don't need to use any probe devices,"
he said. "But I really like the dynamic
of the DRUMmer machine."

Help clarify your thoughts and feelings with a review of the INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM postulate/theory put forth by Dr. Brinkerhoff. And then??? Make your decision!!!

Maturity: among other things,
the unclouded happiness
of the child at play,
who takes it for granted
that he is at one
with his playmates.

---dag hammarskjold, 1953

Make Your DREAM come True.

Let the JOURNEY begin!!!

Dear Dr. Zac,
It is my pleasure to know you. I feel excited knowing that I am not alone doing this wonderful natural healing service which is our avenue for bringing comfort to the needy who have an illness. I have returned to the USA after training nearly 200 foot doctor missionaries in the Philippines where I grew up.

I was born into a village without a modern doctor. To this day my village only has a foot doctor who does natural healing. I used to pick some herbs and run errands for him which allowed me to observe him doing the healing. I became the product of that foot doctor: that is why I am a true believer of natural healing (such as herbs and massage). But my focus was always on SPIRITUAL HEALING more than anything else.

By the year 1960 I began seriously learning through another foot doctor in our neighboring village by doing in-service training. It is inspiring to think that foot-work is what I have continued to do from my graduation until this very day. I always sought improvement in my foot doctor ministry by going to schools of reflexology and reading books.

Now I am preparing my application packet in order to present my qualification for the Doctor of Reflexology certificate issued by the Modern Institute of Reflexology.

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Warm Regards,

October 21, 2005

"If you do what you’ve always done,
you’ll get what you’ve always got."

--------David Steele


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Updated: 08/26/09

Freelancer Ed Fong purchased a DRUMmer shortly after City of Sacramento issued a city permit based on acceptance of his MIR Freelancer Credential. This license allowed his clinic to continue the practice of ReflexoCure.
Mao Shuang-Di was trained and practiced Reflex Foot Massage in China. She qualified to receive MIR's Freelancer Diploma which is based on her previous schooling & experience in her native land

Freelancer Dawn Horn applies Piezo Ceramic ReflexoCure Probe to the Liver Well Point on Great Toe of recipient Mark Lowrie.

Kim Kling was one of Dr. Wittman's freelance students who later earned her Freelancer Professional Certificate from the Institute's new offerings.

Maurice D'Arifat earned his FREELANCER reflexology certificate and practices on the island of Mauritius. He utilizes MIR's
Full Spectrum Method.
Here he uses the DRUMmer to reflex the feet of a client in his Relaxation Clinic.
Freelancer Don Hughs is qualified to perform moxibustion with over 2000 classroom hours of acupressure.
He obtained his Freelancer ReflexoCure Credential from MIR and again qualified for his Doctor of Reflexology.
Freelancers can have fun too with Dr. Riley's Massager when they get MIR FREELANCER Finishing Kit.
Lin Wei Quen & his wife Mao Shuang-Di both qualified for MIR's Professional Diploma by submitting all required documents. These were credited toward their USA Reflexology Credential.
Freelancer Nicole Schmitmeyer developed the REFLEXY Tool . She later enrolled in Home Study Course (Pictured onboard TCC for Tutoring with Zachary). She also attained the Professional Credential and has a part time practice in Ft. Loramie, Ohio.









































Jun applies DRUMmer to the Great Toe of Mark Lowrie at MIR Clinic. Jun is using the brass Texas Toe Nut reflex probe at 4,400 impacts/minute. Two weeks later Jun bought a DRUMmer.


















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