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“Earn as you Learn ... Pay as you Go.”

How to pay for the Home Study
and avoid Banker Debt.

The INSTITUTE does not recommend charging this reflexology course to your credit card; unless you are going to pay it off every month. If you utilize our 50% down and $100/month on the balance (with no interest) by utilizing your credit card on line; be sure to pay it off within a month or you will be paying the bankers horrendous interest on the balance.

Our recommendation? Go to 12 or 24 people you know and present your vision of a new vocation to them. An aspiration developed through studying this site and practicing on your self and family with MIR's STARTER KIT. When your confidence in reflexology is secure through self-treatment ... you will be able to state to your prospective investor:

“I need your help! I am asking you to be one of 12 (or 24) people to help ME pay for a course of study in reflexology by putting $100 toward MY down payment. I have an excellent loan repayment program that you will love. The INSTITUTE has suggested that I pay you back with reflexology treatments, so I plan to give you 4 treatments valued @ $25 each. That is really a great deal for the both of us because I need to accumulate 100 hours of reflexology practice really quick to graduate. This way I will get all the high tech equipment with the course and you will get a fantastic treatment the first time around. Isn't this exciting? I have found something I want to do the rest of my life ... helping people.”

"Let your hook be always cast;
in the pool where you least expect it,
there will be a fish."

– Ovid

Give them a chance to think about what you said and simply wait ....... wait for an answer. They may ask what reflexology is? So take their hand and begin to rub and massage it firmly with a squeezing motion; working it for 30 seconds. Then drop the hand and wait a moment. Give them a chance to feel the relaxation. If they hold out the other hand ... work on them some more. If they give an excuse ... continue.

How to pay for the Home Study
and avoid Banker Debt.

“This really means a lot to me. Let me tell you what I am willing to do to encourage you to help me get this $100 today: I am going to give you 2 extra treatments for FREE. That makes a total of 6 reflexology treatments altogether! I am ready to roll on this program and I really am all business today. I’ll tell you how far I would go! If you paid the whole $2500 (this gives me all the equipment to go into business) I would give you FREE treatments for the rest of your life! And that would be a long, long time since this therapy will help you live longer and enjoy life at the same time.”

The thought of $2500 makes the $100 sound like nothing! And who knows ... they might pay the whole amount with a deal like that. So whether you collect $100 or $50 or $500 from each person; this is going to spell success for your future business. Why? Because you have established a price ... a value on your reflexology treatments from day one. Now people will be looking for you to get another appointment for treatments that you owe to them, rather than you begging them to let you give them a free treatment.

You heard me right ... no begging to give free treatments. You are worth more than nothing, so follow the plan we have laid out and I guarantee that you will be successful. If you can’t round up the money in this way ... you will have more trouble trying to get people to pay you after you have worked on them free ... for nothing. Student Ed Green was flooded with work ... until he got his certificate and finally set a value on his work. "Hey, where did all the people go"?

This is a good plan. If you need courage and wisdom ... pray about it ... and your Heavenly Father will guide you in the most perfect way. Follow your heart; your intuition; and especially the dictates of your own conscience. Relax!!! There is no hurry to make the big decision yet. You could begin with the Reflexology Starter Kit for now. Big things come out of small beginnings. And remember:

You should let your DREAM come true!

It could happen to you!

If you believe; You shall receive!

Let the JOURNEY begin!

Where there is a vision the people Prosper!

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Lavonna Wingfield Preble, EMT-Basic, RN

Lavonna Preble was a winner in the health care field before she came to the Modern Institute of Reflexology to learn our advanced tool techniques used for reflex activation of the feet, hands, and ears.

Her career began as a Nurse Aid in Greensburg, Kansas in 1986 when she was first trained in "Skin and Foot Care". In 1987 she advanced through further study to become a Medication Aide and attained certification/registration as an Emergency Medical Technician in 1989. By 1993 she had become certified as an EMT-Basic and was registered by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians before moving to Glasgow, Montana.

The move to Glasgow, Montana gave her a shot at further study to become a Nursing Assistant in 1994. Her EMT-B qualification opened the door for her at the Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital and her superiors told the story as they saw Lavonna in action.

Frances Mahon
Deaconess Hospital

621 3rd St. South
Glasgow, MT 59230

September 4, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known & worked with Lavonna Preble as an EMT-D with our ground ambulance service, as the receiving RN in the Emergency Dept, as well as in the capacity of EMT-D with the air ambulance as the flight RN, for about 4 years. She is very compassionate and caring toward her patients and very committed to providing the best possible for her patients, both physically and emotionally.

Our most recent venture has been to set up and run a Foot Care Clinic at the hospital here. Lavonna has been excellent to work with. She is a very caring & competent employee, and truly a joy to work with. She has as real talent for putting the patients at ease and becoming a real friend to them. She is very committed to providing the service for the clients in the most accessible manner for the client.


Connie Brunelle, RN
Outpatient Nursing Manager


Lavonna didn't go unnoticed by those in authority at the Glasgow hospital. Michael J. Fay, M.D. wrote of Lavonna in a letter of recommendation:

"It is with great pleasure that we give our highest recommendation to Ms. Lavonna Preble as a Podiatric or Footcare Specialist Assistant.

Ms. Preble has performed in this capacity in this hospital for the past two years. Ms. Preble has proved to be a very quick study, has a very caring nature and has exceptional rapport with those patients who are under her charge.

We feel Ms. Preble will exceed all expectations in this capacity. Should you have any questions regarding her or her performance, please do not hesitate to call our office."

Shere Conway, M.D. also wrote in a letter of recommendation: "I have seen Lavonna work on some very difficult nail problems, of which she has done an excellent job. She goes out of her way to make house visits for shut-in people for foot care, as well as seeing patients in the hospital for outpatient visits, as well as inpatients. She is very enthusiastic and personable and I will miss her good care here in Glasgow, but hope she will be of benefit to you in South Dakota."

Lavonna Preble performing Reflexology in SD.

Lavonna shared her vision of the ideal healthcare system with the Institute: "I feel the best healthcare system would be to combine Reflexology, Massage, Chiropractors and Medical Physicians in the clinical setting. It is important for these divisions of healthcare to begin working together because I believe each specialty can make a vital contribution to a person's recovery and health maintenance. I think integration of these modalities would be fantastic.

"I have personally seen integrative medicine in action. On many occasions I have helped the physicians detect problem areas which then led to an accurate diagnosis of our patient. Even though I don't make any medical diagnosis of a patient, it is exciting to find the problem area through reflexology, thus enabling the medical doctor to help the patient much quicker.

"Reflexology is one of God's miracles and I am so fortunate that God chose me to be one of his miracle workers," exclaimed Reflexologist Lavonna Preble, EMT-B

Lavonna is so busy in her Reflex Therapy practice that she recently call the Institute with an order: "Zachary, I want you to send me another Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager. I use it so much on my patients that I need a backup so I don't overwork the one I am using in daily reflex applications."

Laser Pointer Plus

During her conversation with Dr. Brinkerhoff she was told all about the new Laser Pointer Plus reflex stimulator. Zachary had just received his first sample of the electronic instrument and was excited to introduce it to all graduates of the Institute. He explained to Lavonna how the unique device combines both laser light and micro amp current to produce the ultimate in reflex activation. After asking Zachary for the cost of the new addition to MIR's arsenal, Lavonna (without hesitation) said, "Send me a Laser Pointer Plus in the shipment with my new ROM."

The Institute salutes ReflexoCurist Lavonna Preble and her all encompassing ministry of healing she so generously gives to all who cross her life pathway.

Big Things Come Out of
Small Beginnings.

(This report will be continued)

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"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got."

----- David Steele



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Lavonna W. Preble, RN
is an EMT-B who enrolled with the Institute to advance her Reflexology Practice. She desired to adopt MIR's modern tool techniques used in reflex activation.
Madison, SD

(See her story at bottom of this page)
I contracted with 24 of my alteration customers who paid $100 in advance for treatments. This paid for the Home Study Course. Zachary was right. It worked wonderfully. Now I have a new part-time career & building for the future.
Bonnie Fairbairn,
Harbor Springs, MI.



"I have never borrowed money from a bank. I own my farm and all equipment. I am happy and secure. I suggest you can be too; if you remain debt free."

Dr. Z met this couple off the beaten path in Ohio.
"The borrower is slave to the lender." Let your sole debt be to give reflexology treatments filled with genuine care and love for the lender.

"Owe no man anything, but to love one another."

Jay Kaufman, DC, with Rachel outside TCC in Milford, PA.
Dr. Kaufman took the time payment plan & graduated with honors from the INSTITUTE.

On TCC in Iowa, Brothers Green & Brinkerhoff reminisce. He didn't accept money as a student; and wondered where all of his subjects went when he got his diploma
and set a nominal fee.
Fr. Josef demonstrates his notorious 'knuckle' deep-cream-rub method.


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