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The MIR Graduate Testimonials are brief comments from graduates that are working either full or part time: Chiropractic Clinics; Heath Spas; Nail Salons; Mobile Service to homes; Dental offices; Small Entrepreneurial Offices; Dedicated Reflexology room at home; Mineral Spa's; and Medical Doctor’s offices. Greater detail on selected graduates is provided on the SUCCESS STORIES Page.

"I enjoyed your course. I once thought that reflexology was a waste of time and that it was not useful. I'm glad I had the opportunity to take your course. I have a lot of experience in acute and preventive health care, so I was able to check it all out scientifically. I am impressed!!!

"I am doing a lot of research and reflex sessions in this area of TN. Fortunately I have the tools, training and the ability to check, verify and prove the results."
Joe Harricharan, EMT Parrotsville, TN

"On this day, 13-February-05, I am honored to have been accredited with my Official Certification from the Modern Institute of Reflexology as a Reflexology Practitioner. True to the fact, my intelligence, in the yesteryear has progressively increased as I recognize my dedicated time to the comprehensive reflexology studies and one-on-one contact with my every growing clientele. I emphatically state my satisfaction and admiration to Dr. Zachary Brinkerhoff for his endless dedication and love for his Students-In-Training of the M.I.R. Thank you for your time and support."
Your fellow Reflexologist,
Erik Z. Whisker, Everett, PA

"I have traveled all over the world which gave me a chance to experience reflexology treatment in Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka. I have always collected charts and practiced reflexology on myself and loved ones. Reflexology became like a passion, so my husband encouraged me to seek even more knowledge in reflexology to help his bad back. So I enrolled in your Reflexology Home Study Course and am now able to relieve the pain in his lumbar area. I have been an instrument in many healings: prostate cancer, double brain stroke, MND (motor neuron disease), neck injury, jet lag, and insomnia. Zachary, I thank you again for making this reflexology course possible and easy to reach. May God Almighty give you strength to contribute even more."
Shahrazad T. Lukanic, Saudi Arabia.

"After receiving a series of reflexology treatments from MIR Student Richard Crows Heart ... I was impressed with Full Spectrum Reflexology. I enrolled with the Reflexology Home Study Program and liked its conciseness. My experience as an ER surgeon helped me to appreciate that reflexology is not invasive. My reflexology practice is going very well and I intend to accomplish my Master and Doctor of Reflexology certificates issued by the Institute. It has been an honor to participate with the MIR Advisory Board since my graduation. I am excited and pleased to make a contribution to my new reflexology profession."
Alfred Bird Bear Obes, MD, Newtown, ND.
Meet Dr. Obes

"The Home Study Reflexology Package has helped with my friends and family, so I’m glad I found your Website one day in March of 2004 and decided to become a reflexology practitioner. I will be sending in my application packet next week to confirm my qualification for the advanced professional reflexology certificate. I am so very pleased to have finally found what I am supposed to do."
Donna L. Bean, Lawrenceville, GA.

"After 5 years as a Ph.D. researcher in Cell & Developmental Biology: I quit. I was appalled with the waste of resources on projects that are of questionable value. I enrolled with MIR in '98 and went Wholistic. My life is more meaningful now through my employment at a Wild Oats Market and as a reflexology practitioner. I am now volunteering my former research training to help MIR firmly establish reflexology's mechanism of action and oversee the compilation of clinical data into proper scientific format."
Scott Olsen, Ph.D., South St. Paul, MN.

"I searched the Web for 2 months looking for a reflexology school. I chose MIR as my school after 2 weeks of studying their Website because it was the most generous. I liked the Full Spectrum Reflexology approach, so I paid the Home Study Course in full in order to get my free Reflex Beamer III. I was already fully self-supporting with my practice in East Aurora, but recently relocated to Oswego. I am a second generation reflexologist and love my work. Call me at (630) 835-9522."
Sara Hohmann, Millington, Illinois.

"I began my life long study of Traditional Culture at age 21 with a vision to somehow help my people ... the United Tribes of Bismarck, ND. At 45 years of age my spiritual journey led me to MIR and reflexology. My long sought ministry became a reality. Now the demand is so great for my reflexology service that my treatment sessions are sometimes booked two weeks ahead. Already I have seen many miracles combining hand & tool technique with prayer."
Richard Crows Heart, Jr., Bismarck, ND

"I am thankful to the M.I.R. Team for curing me of my stroke so I could return to work at United Air Lines and finish the Reflexology Home Study Course. I was known at UAL as the "Foot Fairy" because I helped so many people with reflexology that were injured on the job. We lost 2 planes on 9/11 and UAL flew me around the country to give reflexology stress relief to employees. I took early retirement and now have an established reflexology clinic in a retirement home here in Aurora. The Home gave me my own reflexology treatment room where I can also receive customers from the outside."
Kathy Graham, Aurora, CO.
"I am so excited to be building my reflexology vocation and I know that all will go well as God plans for me. I am networking and am the only fully trained reflexology practitioner in the area ... I am at a ground floor opportunity. I am always glad to have taken the reflexology course through MIR and am thankful you are adamant in your stand. I was thrilled that the Delaware Board of Massage Therapy accepted my MIR Credentials and gave me a massage therapy technician license which allows me to continue my reflexology practice. The Governor recently appointed me to sit on the Board of Massage Therapy."
David Patterson, Rehoboth, DE.

“I want to thank you, Zachary, for coming into my life and making my dream of having my own business, and being able to help others through reflexology come true!! I feel your teachings have truly blessed and changed my life. I recently opened a little reflexology clinic here in town. Thank you and may God continue to bless you!!! Thanks for your time (on the TCC and telephone), and all the wisdom I have learned from you.”
Stephanie Fimrite, Thief River Falls, MN. SUCCESS STORY>>>

“I paid for my farm in 22 years by giving reflexology treatments. Modern Institute of Reflexology helped me save my thumbs with percussion tools. The Percus-O-Matic 'jackhammer' has saved my daughter from a crippling back injury sustained in an automobile accident. Now she is up and around and can take care of her family again. I keep trying to retire so I can get back to what I love ... farming, but folks just keep coming for another treatment."
Mennonite Noah Lee, Aberdeen, MS.


"Taking the MIR Reflexology Home Study Course simultaneously with my physical therapy training was wise choice that I made. Now, in the hospital where I work as a physical therapist, I also give reflexology treatments to patients for whom it is appropriate. Sometimes I will combine the two therapies since they are synergistic with each other. The patients love it too. Thank you for giving me a solid reflexology foundation."
JoAnn Klie, PT, St. Francis, KS.

"I enrolled with M.I.R. because they had the most comprehensive reflexology training program in the USA. They taught use of reflexology tools; which I had already utilized in my fledgling practice. I stay in touch with the INSTITUTE as they forge ahead in the development of innovative reflexology techniques. Now I am using the Beamers and DRUMmer as part of every reflexology treatment. I'm training a few of my own students too and hope to start a reflexology/acupressure school soon."
Fred Hardwick, E. Peoria, IL.

"I thank Dr. Zachary for being such a wonderful help to me in learning reflexology. I merged reflexology with my cosmetology business and have a nice office for them both in my home. I've been to M.I.R in Denver for hands-on reflexology tutoring and he has also visited me on the Transcontinental Classroom right at my home here in Grapevine. I love reflexology and I love Dr. Zachary too. He's the best."
Margaret Bragg, Grapevine, TX.

"I knew the SS probe was powerful when Dr. Zachary pressed a point in my ear. I came to Denver to obtain a franchise upon completion of his Home Study Reflexology Program. I returned home and opened an M.I.R. Branch in Kuwait. I chose the Institute because the techniques work better than the 'thumb walk' that I learned at another school. MIR of Kuwait is now training reflexology practitioners in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Morocco and soon in Iraq."
Hisham Al Jaser, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

"When I came to MIR's reflexology finishing school I brought my children along so that they could visit their cousins for a month. I helped run MIR Reflexology Research and Development Clinic and assisted Dr. Brinkehoff to upgrade the reflexology home study. I was surprised at his humility when he changed a misapplication of scripture I had pointed out in Lesson 5. As a Jehovah's witness I didn't expect a such favorable response. We all simply had a wonderful time during my month of sharing and learning."
LiLi Zarate, Joliet, IL.

"I promised my grandfather before he died that I would finish-up my reflexology home study course with MIR. As a massage therapist ... reflexology is a natural. As a mortician ... reflexology is another socially accepted way to comfort people in their grief. I also enjoyed having a Transcontinental Classroom visit here in Ohio which motivated me to buy the powerful Percus-O-Matic 'jackhammer' for use in reflexology applications. Great stuff."
Todd Cosart, Harrod, OH.

"I come from Mexico with much knowledge of herbs. Reflexology has given me a foundation to build my new business upon. I have had much trouble getting professional license from city of Phoenix, but MIR certificate proved good. They blocked me because they thought I was a prostitute. But Dr. Zachary and the Institute stood behind me and I was finally issued a license. I am so happy to now run my business out of a special addition on my home. I now help people with herbs, essential oils, counseling, prayer and reflexology. Muchas gracias Dr. Zacharias."
Elena Trujillo, Phoenix, AZ.

"Zachary’s ‘notes’ are better than any course I took at Chiropractic School. The Reflexology Home Study Course is concise, entertaining, pertinent, and his information is ‘off the beaten path’. His reflexology course has helped open my spiritual eyes and given me a new vision for my life. I have learned that I don’t need to fit into a man made institutional mold!!! I can be my own creative self (like a snowflake, a finger print or a grain of sand) under the directive of our Creator."
Jay Kaufman, DC, Greeley, PA.

"My husband and I took the Reflexology Home Study Course together. We tried to open a reflexology business prematurely and it failed, so we just worked out of our home and at Journey Book Store. A recent move to Reno has opened new opportunity where a spa has put us to work doing reflexology. My dream is finally being fulfilled. I thank Drs. Long and Brinkerhoff for all their help over the years." (Gail passed away last year and MIR has offered our condolences to her husband Steve.)
Gail Sharp, Reno, NV.

"After graduating from MIR"s reflexology program, I was accepted at Acupuncture School. I finally retired this year as Electrical Inspector for Arapahoe County and have started working with my wife Gail. After my moving West I became credentialed as a Massage Therapist and registered as an agent with MIR for the State of Nevada. I am already busy helping new students that need tutoring and I'm really having fun!"
Steve Sharp, Reno, NV.

"I am working reflexology miracles with the DRUMmer on many patient problems: kidney, liver, stomach, headache, foot pain and many other diseases here in Wazirabad, Pakistan. My focus of reflexology treatment is the foot, ear and back bone points which are proving up to 90% effective. The credit for so many good results comes only with the help of ALLAH and His heavenly blessing ... DRUMmer. I again thank Allah for the Reflexology Home Study Course which has enabled me to learn Full Spectrum Reflexology at such a great distance. DRUMmer type reflexology forces my homeopathic patients to get well."
Dr. Ijaz Yamin Ansari, Wazirabad, Pakistan.

"As a waitress in a casino I loved to help everyone with a neck-rub, so reflexology came naturally. I gave reflexology to employees during my studies and made money too; but a bad ownership change drove me back to town and I do reflexology here in Aurora now. I love to do reflexology on the ears and paws of my doggie. Now I've developed a reflexology ministry to animals too. Reflexology will always be a part of who I am."
Marina Thorsen, Aurora, CO.

"My adaptation of MIR's modern reflexology techniques has caused the reputation of my Relaxation Clinic here on the Island of Mauritius to spread by word of mouth and make me famous. The DRUMmer is great and working reflexology MIRACLES. All of my clients receive a full treatment of reflexology and have expressed their satisfaction with the dramatic improvement in overall results with the instrumental reflexology techniques."
Maurice D'Arifat, Mauritius.

"In MEMORIAM: Our respect unto an MIR Graduate; a dedicated reflexology practitioner; a real trooper in her battle against ovarian cancer; a battle which she lost. However, her spiritual polishing and insight gained in that struggle will endure the grave through resurrection by her faith in Jesus; and I am sure that any heavenly reward will bring the response: It was worth it all."
Karen Rogers, Denver, CO.

"Taking Dr. Brinkerhoff's course in reflexology changed my life for the good. While studying lesson five ... I started reading my Bible again. His second visit on the Transcontinental Classroom was the boost I needed to get going after my leg surgery. I asked him to pray with me and it was so meaningful. I am so blessed to be able to help people through reflexology in their body, soul and spirit."
Kerry Tolbert, Birmingham, AL.

"Dr. Long was been especially handy in helping me get up and running after graduation. He came to town and assisted me at a health fair to promote Healing Touch Reflexology Clinic. Our reflexology booth was a success and I am now well established after seven years in reflexology practice. I use laser, POM jackhammer, Dr. Riley's Massager, Photon BEAMER, spinal concussion, foot joint alignment reflex technique, Reiki, and finger pressure. Even the hospital sends me patients for reflexology."
Alice Akers, Cheyenne Wells, CO.

"I had no plans to become a reflexology practitioner when I came to the USA to make a new life, but my medical training and work with lepers feet in India prepared me to work in the reflexology field. It was Dr. Brinkerhoff's example and encouragement that inspired me to finish my reflexology training with the INSTITUTE and today I am close to attainment of my Doctor of Reflexology diploma."
Amarjit Ghuman, Detroit, MI.

"I traveled from Aruba to Miami, FL to obtain reflexology tutoring for completion of the MIR Home Study Course. I think the hands on oversight with a teacher (that the Institute required at that time) gave me the help I needed. It enabled me get through the reflexology training program a lot easier and gave me insights to get started in my new reflexology practice. I have since opened my little clinic next to my home where I minister health and healing to those who come."
Marlyn Marvel, Aruba.


Here Zachary Brinkerhoff shares one of the more exciting moments in his professional life. Here is the story of his DRUMmer reflexology demonstration given at the 2002 NAALT Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This afterglow reflexology party resulted in an invitation given by an Israeli physician to take a job in Israel. Here is where Zachary's vision of reflexology as an instrument of peace between Israel and the Palestinians - Ariel Sharon first working on the feet of Yasser Arafat (Obu Omar) with the DRUMmer and then Obu percussing the feet of Ariel. Alas, they both died before arrangments could be made. That part of the story had to be deleted. But read the latest updates at ...


MIR Graduate Speaks Up

MIR Graduate Dawn Horn stoped by the Institute for an update
and treatment at the hand of Zachary Brinkerhoff. Below is
her letter of thanks to the MIR Staff for assisting in
discovery of her purpose in this life.

May 23, 2008

Dear Zachary:

First, I am writing to thank you and your staff for all the support over the years, and the ability to answer any questions I have had. Second, I want to give you an update on where reflexology has taken me in a relatively short period of time. I am so grateful for all the exciting experiences and the wonderful people I have met by launching into this wide-open field of Reflexology. Thank you for sharing yourself in this way!

I started my quest to find a source for learning reflexology as a result of an illness which could not be resolved medically. I was unable to get any answers about how to heal myself. I became so impatient with the medical options in my area of Nebraska that I was beginning to think I might be in need of some mental health assistance. At that time I was in session with a therapist when she asked me what I planned to do with my life after my situation was resolved? I remember saying that I couldn't think beyond the pain in my feet, and that I would give big money to a reflexologist.

At that time there were few complementary and alternative therapies offered in my area. I remember the therapist saying, "Why don't you learn reflexology? You could then benefit from it and also offer it in this region of our State?" So learning reflexology through MIR's Home Study Package became my mission. And yes, I builded a successful practice in North Platte which was an outgrowth of earning my 100 hours of practicum required for graduation. This was a time of self-healing as well as treating and guiding others to discover a more natural way to better health.

Dawn performs deep reflex work that
can be painful when she finds a
sensitive reflex point.

After my husband's retirement from the railroad our family agreed unanimously to make a move to live in Vail valley, Colorado. What a blessed family adventure it has been. I just finished working through my third ski season, which has brought a wealth of friendships and wonderful travel experiences. My clients have sent me to help their relatives in Costa Rica, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Ohio, and Florida. Again, relatives have been brought to Vail for treatment by my hand. These sick and suffering have come from Ohio, New York, and Baltimore. It has been so rewarding to meet and help people from these many different places and walks of life. Zachary, let me repeat how truly grateful I am for your support and guidance.

What an inspirational career choice! Last September I attended a workshop in Washington State taught by Inge Dougans with the assistance of a staff member at the International School of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy. I plan to continue to learn all I can - next will be Korean Hand Reflex Therapy - and to keep on inspiring others to experience and to fully utilize reflexology to help gain and maintain excellence in health.

God Bless you and your work!

In gratitude,

Dawn Horn

Dawn tested a 9-point prototype probe on
a visit to MIR Clinic.

"If you do what you've always done,
You'll get what you've always got."

---------Henry Ford, Sr.

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