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Your work
is to discover your work
and then,
with all your heart,
to give yourself to it.

........ Buddha

Associated Reflexologists of Colorado (ARC) held their first State
Conference in 1993. MIR Vice President Richard Long (right)
helped oversee this inspiring reflexologic event.

The jewel of M.I.R.’s reflexology training is the Home Study Correspondence Course. Students have come from as far away as Greece, Kuwait, Canada, Tahiti, Jamaica, England, Israel, Aruba, Columbia, and Hawaii to obtain tutoring and the coveted M.I.R. Home Study certificate. And the international roster continues to grow. Hisham Aljassir came from Kuwait not only for his 350 hour certificate, but to seek a Franchise of M.I.R. Because he was so highly qualified; he returned home with the desired Franchise for the Middle East.

Ijaz Yamin Ansari enrolled with the Home Study Program in Wazirabad, Pakistan. "I am working miracles with the DRUMmer and the help of Allah," said Ijaz. SUCCESS STORY>>>

The HSCC certificate is issued from a Colorado state approved and regulated school which offers a vocational/occupational reflexologist training course rated at 350 hours. After graduation the student is encouraged to record another 150 hours of practice in order to obtain the 500 Hour Professional Practitioner level certificate. This state approved two-phase program can be stretched out over a period of several years or completed in less than six months. M.I.R.’s program is targeted toward busy people who don’t have the time to attend a structured classroom setting. Fred Hardwick of Dunlap, IL, was so busy treating patients it took him 4 years to earn his certificate; but he is making a fair living today both teaching and in daily practice.

The Home Study is ideal for shut-ins or the handicapped. "As long as they have one good hand and can sit upright; then they can learn to do reflexology and help others and make money too," stated M.I.R. President Zachary Brinkerhoff who is himself a paraplegic in a wheelchair. Kerry Tolbert had Spina Bifida, but it didn't keep him from playing in a band using both crutches and a wheelchair. "I quit the road and took up reflexology. It has worked out really nice for me ... it is like I have a ministry to help people in what really matters ... feeling good and being in tune with Jesus," exclaimed Terry.

Student Connie Eddington comes alive under
impact of the Percus-O-Matic Jackhammer.

Nurse Mary Marshall, RN, (Denver) graduated in '98 and is ready to open her first clinic. "I've had enough of this traditional nursing," she said. "I'm ready to open a reflexology clinic with the 'Foot Fairy' and get on with what I learned at M.I.R. We've already worked out the details." The 'Foot Fairy' is a retired UAL employee who actually gave reflexology-aid to injured workers right on the job site while enrolled in M.I.R.'s Home Study Course. These two will make a dynamite team. "Zachary kept me in the study program following my two brain hemorrhages. I told him to get me well or to hell with it all. Hey, reflexology works. I finally graduated in '98 (after 5 years of treatment & tutoring at M.I.R. Campus). Look at me today. I am a normal person again. I owe it all to Zachary, the M.I.R. Team and God," related 'Foot Fairy' Kathy Graham of Denver.

Healing Work's Reflexology Clinic appears annually at People's Fair in
Denver, CO under the authority of MIR Graduate Wendi Humphries.

Stephanie Fimrite (married, mother of 3 toddlers) opened a clinic after completion of the HSCC in Thief River Falls, MN. Two years after graduation she was clearing $2,000 a month and happy: “I want to thank you Zachary for sharing your wisdom with me and helping to fulfill a dream of having my own business.” There is obviously no immediate need for Stephanie to press for advanced credentialling in her present setting. However, as she accumulates her hours in clinical practice, she is automatically building for a future experiential credential if the desire or need for it should arise.

Graduate Marina Thorsen reported her success working with Autistic children to Zachary during MIR visit.

Join the ranks of successful reflexologists like Stephanie, Mary, Clifford, Terry, the Foot Fairy, Marlyn Marval, Connie, Wendi, Marina and 100's of others who have taken M.I.R.'s Home Study program. Fulfill your dream too. Bring your pie-in-the-sky down to earth and help us make a difference in the world. Join the M.I.R. Team today.

Everything that is worthwhile
in life is scary.
Choosing a school, choosing a career, getting married, having kids--
all those things are scary.
If it is not fearful,
it is not worthwhile.

........... Paul Tornier

Let the JOURNEY begin!!!

May Your DREAM come True!!!

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Dr. Alfred Bird Bear Obes, MD, receives his graduation certificate from Dr. Brinkerhoff in April of 2004. "Dr. Obes was making contributions to our reflexology program as a student. So, we made him a member of the MIR Advisory Board after getting his Home Study Certificate. He originally developed his intuitive ability as an ER surgeon and anesthesiologist."
"I want to thank the Modern Institute of Reflexology for making the Home Study Reflexology Course accessible in every nation of the world. Thank you for putting this comprehensive program within my reach here in Saudi Arabia," stated Shahrazad T. Lukanic after a year of study with the Institute's Full Spectrum Reflexology Method.

Fred Hardwick, Peoria, IL: "I took M.I.R.'s Home Study because it is the most progressive reflexology school in
the USA."
Marlyn L. Marval came from Aruba to meet
TCC at Miami Airport
for two days Tutoring.
It was a family affair. She now has a reflexology practice in Okanjestad, Aruba.
Birmingham, AL: Graduate Kerry Tolbert has a nice practice at his little in-home clinic.
Clifford Spurlin & wife came from Florence,
TX, for some tutoring and his graduation at M.I.R. Campus.
Mary Marshall, RN:
As a student she helped at Denver General Hospital Nurse's Week. Nurse Marshall and the "Foot Fairy" have opened a clinic together in Denver, CO.

Stephanie Fimrite,
Thief River Falls, MN,
shown receiving 15 nonstop hours of Tutoring on the TCC.

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