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The follow presentation is a historical overview of the issue of the Master of Reflexology Certificate by the Institute. Issue by the Institute was passed to MIRCCB in 2001. However, after seven years the MIRCCB has suspended issue due to relocation of Administrator Richard Morton from Hiawatha, Iowa to Cheney, Washington. Stay tuned for a new development: Dr. Eckert is soon opening Modern Institute of Reflexology - Kentucky Branch.

The experiential Master of Reflexology was an advanced level of recognition; sought after by professional reflexologists that desired to become teachers; who wanted to have some official under-girding in order to show teacher qualification.

An agent from LaSalle University called MIR about how they might startup a doctoral program for reflexologists? Dr. Brinkerhoff asked, "Who do you have to 'sit' in 'the chair' as the 'head' of the 'reflexology department'? Anyone that has any experience administering reflexology treatments professionally? He had no answer! ...I had no advice! If someone flashes a reflexology diploma from La LaSalle ... give them a wide berth.

The Modern Institute of Reflexology Credential Confirmation Board was run by professional reflexologists who had individually attained the 10,000 hour level of experience that is necessary to 'know' the field. A certificate of achievement, based on 5,000 hours of experience, was considered a fair level of attainment to qualify a practitioner of reflexology as a Master or Teacher. Hence, the Master of Reflexology Diploma.

If someone does not have the requisite experience; they really have no business putting themselves forth as a Master of anything. A weekend diploma and you are a master??? That can only come through experience. So be patient ... your Master level in reflexology comes closer with each person that you render service. The JOURNEY that leads you to your Master of Reflexology has begun.

Termination of the MIRCCB

The MIRCCB has terminated issue of the Master of Reflexology due to a change in location of Administrator Richard Morton from Hiawatha, Iowa to Cheney, Washington where such an issue is not permitted by Legislative Law..

An attempt was made by MIR President Zachary Brinkerhoff to return the issue to Colorado after seven years of granting by the MIRCCB in Iowa. However, legislative law continues to prohibit such an issue by a private occupational school due to concern that such an issue is akin to a diploma-mill.

Keep your eyes on this website for the reestablishment of the MIR Doctoral Board through the Modern Institute of Reflexology - Kentucky Campus. This new branch of the Institute is being orchestrated by MIR Advisory Board Member Dr. Kendall Eckert, DR. He has the green light to develop both a Reflexology Master and Doctoral Program. Stay tuned to this website for updates.




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Helen Whysong, Master Reflexologist, Phoenix, Arizona. She was scrutinized at MIR for her Master's. She has since opened the state approved Arizona Institute of Reflexology. Congratulations Master Whysong.
Master Reflexologist Tammy Weber received her Master of Reflexology Diploma from MIR She watches as her mother Mildred Carter tests Dr. Riley's Massager onboard the TCC. Gordon Weber operates Stirling Enterprises in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Master Reflexologist Dise Withers, MR
Is an MIR Tutor
demonstrating the Foot Joint Micro-alignment Reflex Technique Procedure for students on MIR Campus.
Doctor Reflexologist
Kendall Eckert, DR
Sits on the MIR Doctoral Board and has a practice in Hendersonville, TN


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