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The 500 Hour Professional Diploma requirements are quite different than those for the Freelancer Experiential Certificate. While the Freelancer requires 500 hours of experience; the MIR Graduate is only required to have an additional 150 practicum hours. The 250 academic hours from the home study are credited toward the Professional Diploma. Hence the 100 hours of practicum of the HSCC plus an additional 150 hours will meet the 500 hour requirement for the Professional Diploma.

The MIR Home Study Graduate will be expected to provide additional requirements for Professional Level Certificate:

1) Verified 150 additional hours reflex experience recorded in MIR Reflexologist Log Book;

2) Six letters of reference: (one doctor, two nurses, three patients);

3) Five case histories;

4) Theoretical explanation of a reflexology mechanism of action, i.e., how and why it works from your own experience.

5) Your own personal Reflexology/ReflexoCurist Creed or update of previous Creed.

After attainment of this professional credential the MIR recipient is qualifed to receive the two (2) advanced ReflexoCure probe tips for the DRUMmer aka Dr. Riley's Ultra (Reflexology) Massager (both the 1/4" brass and the 3/8" stainless steel probes are demonstrated on the DRUMmer training video).

MIR Home Study Inventory - ready for pack 'n ship.

"When you encounter difficulties
and contradictions,
do not try to break them,
but bend them with gentleness and time."

– St. Francis De Sales

Payment of $500 should be made with submission of application packet. If requirements are satisfactorily met the Diploma will be issued. If submitted documents fail to meet the MIR criteria, only $350 of initial payment will be refunded; the balance will be applied to pay the expenses incurred in researching the validity of the information packet. The MIR Graduate may choose to resubmit his corrected postgraduate packet, but the full payment of $500 will again be required.

Richard Long, DC (retired), DR, presents Nurse Su
Ching Yeh, RN, with her professional reflexology
diploma here at the Institute.

Join Su Ching Yeh, the "Foot Fairy" Kathy Graham, Glenn Britton, nurse Nancy Barkdoll and hundreds of others by becoming a Professional Reflexologist/ReflexoCurist through the Home Study Program or the Freelancer qualification process.

A Part Time Job Can Be Yours!

A Great Career is Waiting for You!

Let the JOURNEY begin!




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Su Ching Yeh wrote her Master Thesis in Nursing on Reflexology in 1994. She ended up enrolling with MIR and attained her Professional Status
before returning to Taiwan to continue her nursing career as a Nursing Reflexologist.
Nancy Barkdoll, RN, went on to obtain her Professional Diploma from MIR which allowed her to obtain her massage therapy license. (The Institute's credentials carry weight where it counts.) She is now an MIR Tutor in the State of Wisconsin.
Glenn Britton worked diligently to earn an additional 150 hours of reflex work; and was able to attain the 500 hour professional diploma. Here working booth @ job fair for St. Vrain School District in State of Colorado.
'Foot Fairy' Kathy Graham (Denver) has attained her 500 Hour Professional Diploma and is well on her way to the Master of Reflexology. Kathy built her clientele base from fellow employees at UAL before her retirement. Now she is a full-time reflexologist.

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