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All Pedicurists/Manicurists are creating reflex stimulation through the procedure of caring for the nails of the feet and hands. The cosmetology procedures of the hot foot bath, massage, nail buffing and cuticle work all tend to activate many obscure reflexes to a greater or lesser degree. The objective of this Website is to expand the scope of Pedicure/Manicure practice to include the intentional targeting of specific reflexes to meet the request of the client for a good reflexologic outcome. This ReflexoCure page will present graduates of the Modern Institute of Reflexology who were initially Pedicurists/Manicurists who blended ReflexoCure into their practice. ReflexoCure: Caring for the Reflexes in order to trigger the Healing Current.

A-All About Beauty Nails & Spa

This is the story of the Phyllis M. Stuart home based Day Spa business (microdermabrasion; nonsurgical face lifts; spa pedicures; body wraps; manicures & pedicures; haircuts; synergy cellulite body treatments; ion detox spa; facials; waxing; and of course Full Spectrum Reflexology) located in Golden, CO. She began her studies with the Institute in 1993 with the intention of enhancing her cosmetology practice. Phyllis was the second Cosmetologist to graduate from the Institute.

Here Phyllis applies Dr. Riley's Percussive Massager on a client's
feet. Dr. Ordorff's Reflex Roller and Ball are ready for action as they
wait on the table. A red hue is cast by the red/near infrared lamp
utilized for treatment of the face reflexes & sedation effect.

"I have been coming to Phyllis' professionally run Salon for 8 years. I love the inviting and nurturing atmosphere she provides. The location is ideal - tucked back behind her house with an amazing yard that is a sight to enjoy. I love the privacy and warmth of her facility so much that I am now bringing my teenage daughters with me. I want them to enjoy some of the many services that I have been enjoying for years," wrote Jennifer in a written testimony..

Dr. Michael Bernardin's Foot Chart shows points on dorsum.

"Phyllis M. Stuart really helped me get back to my regular activity level after suffering for many months with plantar faciitis (heel pain). It took about 6 to 8 reflexology treatments - along with some needed rest - to finally get the relief I needed. Yes, I am now pain free, but return regularly for booster reflexology treatments along with my pediure/manicure, facials, and massages that I so much enjoy," testified Sherry of Golden, CO.

The Egyptian Reflexology Treatment includes the foot bath.

Phyllis has a busy little home-based business which is her pride and joy, so give her a visit. She is always updating and after a recent visit to MIR found some new directions and is taking a renewed approach to her Pedicure/ReflexoCure treatment procedure. "I need to come over here more often and pick your brain," said Phyllis during a conversation with Dr. Brinkerhoff. "Just get on your comuter and study our Website. You can do that from the comfort of your own home --- and all that information is free," he retorted.

Kathy Rendon is a licensed Cosmotologist who works part-time as Administrative Assistant to Dr. Brinkerhoff here at the Institute.

Phyllis walked out of the Institute that day with a box of goodies, a smile on her face and filled with new enthusiasm. Among the items was a book on functional foot disorders by an orthopedic surgeon who utilized bone-set technique in preference to surgery. Phyllis wants to speed up recovery of her clients that she treats for Plantar Faciitis. To help hone her skills in this area she has plans to learn the Institute's Dynamic World Class Foot Joint Micro Alignment ReflexoCure Pressure Techique which is based on the practice and research of John Martin Hiss: author of the "Book".

Her successes with reflexology have been testified to by many: "Phyllis performed Reflexology on both my feet and ears. The session I had with her was excellent. While I laid on the table with IR lamp beams shining on me, she used percussion tools to my feet. Her use of the wooden probes, rollers, and buzz balls made my entire body loosen up and feel wonderful. Phyllis' work is extremely professional. I found Reflexology to be one of the most relaxing experiences I have had done to me in a long time." Jann - November 20, 2007.

The MIR Ear Reflex Chart renewed Phyllis' interest in this new aspect
of ReflexoCure utilizing the new and improved Laser Pointer Plus.
Phyllis was so excited with the potential of her new program that
she drove over today and purchased a LPP (11/06/07).

Phyllis doesn't take men as clients: "Since my shop is part of my home here in Golden, I only take the ladies as clients. I just don't want to have any misunderstandings with men about my intentions."


Let the JOURNEY begin!!!

May Your DREAM come True!!!

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The Percus-O-Matic Jackhammer was Phyllis' first percussion instrument which has served her continually since 1993. The POM is a pneumatic driven device. In 2003 she added Dr. Riley's Massager aka DRUMmer to her arsenal of ReflexoCure tools. The DRUMmer has ten various reflex probe attachments.
The DRUMmer is a motor driven percussion device that is easy to handle and effective for reaching reflexes hidden deep in the soft tissue of the feet and hands.

It was a family affair. She now has a reflexology practice in Okanjestad, Aruba.
at his little in-home clinic.
and his graduation at M.I.R. Campus.
have opened a clinic together in Denver, CO.

15 nonstop hours of T
















Laser Pointer Plus
combines the best of two reflex activators: Low Level Laser & Microamp Direct Current. MIR recommends this device for treating reflexes of the auricula (outer ear) by Esteticians & ReflexoCurists..

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