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Dynamic Reflexology - Massive Stimulus/Massive Healing


Can Save Your Career

In 2003 Dr. Zachary Brinkerhoff determined, through his many years of clinical observation, that dynamic percussion stimulus (4,100 impacts/minute) to the K-1 meridian point did indeed induce a state of deep sedation. This state was identified by therapist Brian McConnell (in 1991) as "a full-body myofascil release" and was accomplished in less than 5-minutes. Brian was so impressed that he bought a DRUMmer to enhance his Massage Practice.

Zachary applied DRUMmer in reflexologic application to the feet
of all participants at the Rhode Island Reflexology Association
of America's National Conference held in spring of 2002

The DRUMmer was named in honor of Joe Shelby Riley, DO, DC, MD.
Above, Riley is shown using the original Foredom percussion
device to concuss the seventh cervical.
Zone Therapy was
always undergirded with concussion to the spine.


Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager
aka DRUMmer

The Foredom DRUMmer

To purchase or find out more about the revoutionary DRUMmer Ultra Massager, please click here.



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The DRUMmer hand piece is easily operated
by 2-year old
Yan Antonie.
He is targeting the K-1
meridian point which will
induce full-body myofascil
release. The K-1 is aka
the Chinese Sleep Point & creates intense relaxation from head to toe.

The foot and hand contain numerous reflex systems that help coordinate bodily functions. Massive stimulus created by the Foredom DRUMmer will quickly assist the Massage Therapist to attain their objective with ease and help prevent work-related injury to vulnerable hand joints.
In this photo the Foredom DRUMmer is applied to K-1 of both feet using intense pressure of the 1" wood mallet for 5 to 10 seconds - alternating from left to right. Sedation will manifest between one to ten minutes depending on the type of probe selected & the health variables of each client..
Wheelchair bound Kerry Tolbert hammers plantar aspect of the feet on a regular client using the 'apple' wooden probe on DRUMmer - here pictured at his home-clinic in Alabama

The DRUMmer is equipped with 8 various probes made from brass, stainless steel, wood and/or foam/sponge rubber bumpers. They vary in diameter from 1/4" to 21/4"











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