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The Domino Effect
The Domino Effect aka the Bio electrical Cascade of the direct current of regeneration was first experienced in its explosive potential by Dr. Brinkerhoff in 1987 through self-application of
his earliest Percus-O-Matic prototype.


Dr. Clement Wittman founder of the Modern Institute of Reflexology.

The origins of MIR Research and Development Clinic were laid by Clement Wittman in 1952 when he was certified by Eunice Ingham Stopfel and began his professional practice. The Percuss-O-Motor was held in high regard in the '50's, and Reflexologist Wittman purchased several units. He eventually developed a proficient foot reflex percussive technique that lasted about 10 minutes. After 25 years of heavy use his POM began to falter, but the McShirley Company had ceased production; there were no replacements available.

Dr. Eunice Ingham-Stopfel, Mother of USA reflexology.

McShirley's shutdown led to Clement's design and development of the Percuss-O-Flex machine (1800 IPM) which not only replaced his old Percuss-O-Motor, but it became an FDA approved over the counter item. He made it available to reflexologists for professional use as well as for lay people in self-treatment. During his 36 year career Clem gave over 100,000 percussive reflex treatments using the McShirley Company’s Percuss-O-Motor solenoid percussive massager and/or his own Percuss-O-Flex update as shown in picture to the right.

Drs. Wittman and Brinkerhoff never met face to face, but because their interests ran parallel when it came to machine percussion techniques; they discussed progressive development of percussion or reciprocal type stimulus via telephone on numerous occasions. When Brinkerhoff once told Wittman that he had raised his treatment level to 3600 impacts a minute, he replied, “I believe anything above 1800 IPM is vibration ... not percussion. However, I can’t argue with your good results!”

This Drummer knows how
to use those drumsticks. MIR'sVideo will teach
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the new and improved DRUMmer; and put a new
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Brinkerhoff eventually produced the Percus-O-Matic ‘jackhammer’ ... as it became known. The POM was capable of 8,000 impacts per minute; with a 3/8” stroke on the shaft; and a flat 1” diameter leather padded head on the tool or reflex tip. “I used to ‘jackhammer’ the bottom of people’s feet for up to 1 1/2 hours, but the outcome was very good. I got what appeared to be 'miraculous' results. One-treatment-type 'cures' ".

Although the production of the aluminum cast Percuss-O-Flex machine was terminated in 1995 due to the introduction of the Percus-O-Matic jackhammer, a new and improved model was finally introduced in October of 2004. This updated Percuss-O-Flex 2 is likewise a solenoid powered machine with a maximum 1800 impacts per minute as recommended by Dr. Wittman, but is lighter and easier to handle due to use of space age materials.

ROM action on K1 meridian point.

This percussive type reflex stimulus machine will be used primarily in both the Professional and the Avocational Lay Ministry Reflexology Starter Kits. It will serve as a stepping stone to Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager aka DRUMmer for those who aspire to enter the professional realm where the more heavy duty professional machines are needed to meet the demands of a busy office.

"Through our study and observation here at MIR Research & Development Clinic I eventually came to understand the three major mechanisms of action involved with reflex stimulus; all of which produced the same end result: elimination of the blood proteins and excessive water from the space between the cells; which block access of oxygen to the cells and thereby produce what was identified by Dr. Guyton as the anaerobic'death state'. Now I understand how so many people appeared to be cured in just one reflexology treatment,” stated Zachary.

A Tribute to Marcel Poiron, DR

Below we see four sarcoma cancers on the leg of an Amish patient of Marcel Poiron, DR. This was accomplished at the Canadian Institute of Modern Body Reflexotherapies through the hands of Dr. Poiron who administered a combination of Reflexology using the Percuss-O-Flex machine and Herbal Bitters. "It took 1 1/2 years for total healing of the Amish man's leg," he said to Zachary during one of his annual visits to MIR Clinic in Lakewood, CO.

Dr. Poiron took this photo of the four Sarcoma cancers that
afflicted the leg of his Amish patient on his first visit.

"I told Marcel that he needed to take an after-photograph of the leg as evidence of a true healing," said Zachary. "He took the 'after' picture 5 years from the date of the first treatment. You may study this profound healing very closely in the photo shown below."

Photo of left leg of Amish cancer patient
taken 5 years later shows complete
healing of the four sarcoma cancers.

Drs. Marcel Poiron & Zachary Brinkerhoff meet in 1991 at MIR Clinic in Lakewood.

Drs. Wittman and Poiron drew an agreement which created a sister school of the Modern Institute of Reflexology in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, under the direction of Dr. Poiron. The sister school agreement was continued under the new MIR leadership of Zachary Brinkerhoff following the death of Dr. Wittman in 1989. Marcel's death in early 2005 was a great loss to his wife Yvette and all his fellow Canadians. This cancer story is a tribute to his great work in the field of Reflexology. We miss you Marcel.

Modern Institute of Reflexology

certifies agreement with
Modern Institute of Reflexology

On the12 day of March in the year of 1983 in the City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba Canada; Dr. C. Wittman and Dr. M. Poiron recognized and agreed that both the Modern Institute of Reflexology in Canada and the Institute of Modern Reflexology in the United States would henceforth be covered under the same logo and seal.

Canada recognized the Institute of Modern Reflexology in the United States and both schools mutually agreed to work at the same goal: the improved health of man kind.

Upon the death of Dr. C. Wittman in 1989 it was again agreed between Dr. M. Poiron and the new Executive Director Z. Brinkerhoff to continue the "sister school" relationship referred herein.

In witness whereof we have herewith affixed our signatures on this 12th day of October 1991.

Zachary Brinkerhoff
USA Director of Studies

Marcel Poiron
Canada Director of Studies
(Original document on file.)


"Laughter is the closest distance
between two people."

– Victor Borge


The normal flow of the CHI aka direct current of photo-bio electrical energy throughout the human body occurs in a continuous stream moving through the 12 major meridians in the invariable sequence shown in the diagram above. The pronounced state of sedation that resulted from the surging photo-bio electrical cascade following "shock-type" percussion by Zachary on the K1 Well/Chinese Sleep Point (aka Bubbling Spring or Solar Plexus point) using the newly developed Percus-O-Matic "jackhammer" gave evidence on it's effectiveness. M.I.R.'s continued research has clearly confirmed Dr. Fitzgerald's postulate on "shock" as the therapeutic source of healing rather than just "stimulation" of a reflex point.


M.I.R. Research and Development Clinic has developed the new and improved "jackhammer" known in reflexology circles as Dr. Riley’s Ultra Massager aka the DRUMmer. This machine, like it's predecessors, has proven it's capability to produce the DOMINO EFFECT as illustrated in both the stair-step model at top of page and photo to the left. It is wholly manufactured in the USA and will last a lifetime with proper maintenance: parts availability is the key ... hence it’s reparability.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." Thomas Alvin Edison, Sc.D.

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Physicist Graduates from MIR
"The gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open."

To: MIR review committees

I would like to introduce myself and allow the review committee the opportunity to see how I plan to use my reflexology certification in the future. I am currently a physicist at Carnegie Mellon University. My research experience is extensive. My objective is to use my experience in research in conjunction with my love of reflexology I realize that some people enter my chair with healthy skepticism. I want to provide validation to those seeking scientific proof.

In December, I applied to the Exercise Physiology Master's program at the University of Pittsburg. In January, I was admitted to their program and given an advisor. My advisor, Dr. Duquin, has received grants, since 1996, to study the physiological benefits of massage. Hopefully, I will be able to learn how to evaluate and analyze the human body and prove the physiological benefits of reflexology.

The master's and Ph.D. clinical programs require separate applications. I plan on completing the master's work in two years. After proving my proficiency, I will continue as a doctoral candidate, another three years of education.

I have resigned from my instructional position at Carnegie Mellon University to pursue my education as a full time student. My goal is to work as a reflexologist and earn enough money to cover the cost of my living expenses. Currently, I have contract with the Carnegie Mellon University Health Center. My next step is to find a place of my own where I can work on people who are not associated with the university.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying under your program. I am excited by the future and cannot wait to see what unfolds. Thank you for taking the time to review my clinical studies, letters of recommendation, and signing my logbook after validation of my hours.


Stacey Benson

March 7, 2005

Carnegie Mellon University
Student Health Services
1060 Morewood Avenue
Pittsburg, PA 15213-3890

(412) 268-2157
Fax (412) 268-6357

The Future is Now!!!

Let the JOURNEY begin!!!

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"If you do what you've always done;
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----- David Steele



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Shown in his Lakewood, CO, "Home Clinic" in 1987. Here Zachary hammers his K1 meridian point @ 3600 impacts/second with an early prototype of the notorious "jackhammer". Diverse sensations began to consume his paralyzed legs at the one (1) year mark.

The original McShirley
machine was highly recommended by Dr. William Fitzgerald for use in the busy professional clinic for faster reflex stimulus. This was Dr. Clement Wittman's "tool of choice" throughout his long Chicago career.

Here Dr. Wittman applies his beloved Percuss-O-Flex to the kidney meridian (on his own foot) in the area known to affect the lower back.

Kim Kling of Daytona, FL was trained by Dr. Wittman in the POF machine technique. Kim has a full-time practice in her new home where she still employs the Percuss-O-Flex as her main tool of treatment.


Dr. Wittman's
Reflex-O- Massager


The Bio electric flow of DC energy courses through the semiconductor medium (perineural sheath) that surrounds both the motor and sensory nerves. The proof of this semiconductor phenomena was documented by
R. O. Becker, MD, who further hypothecated that the perineural sheath could well be the bio electrical medium for acupuncture in his book: The Body Electric, 1985.

Robert O. Becker, MD
His research to discover why sometimes broken bones didn't heal led to the discovery of the DC Current of Injury and the resultant release of the DC of Regeneration from a "more remote part of the brain." This electrical discharge was a response to raise the voltage of the injured area which created the necessary environment for healing: -50 millivolts. Normal adult voltage is -20 to -25 mV. A sick or injured cell will fall to a minus 15 to minus10 mV; hence healing cannot occur till there is a dynamic increase in voltage.

n addition to creating the DC of Regenration, DRUMmer also creates a cascade of piezo electricity by distortion of the crystalline structure in the skin, muscle and bone cells. This voltage courses through the myofacial interconnect from the feet to the top of the brain: raising the voltage in deficient cell groups of the body electric. See Beckers book: The Body Electric, 1985.

1996 the notorious Percus-O-Matic ‘"jackhammer" is applied to the Kidney One meridian point by Master Reflexologist Alice Akers.

Michael Bernardin, DR hollers as his colleague Brinkerhoff bears down with the POM "jackhammer". Zachary wanted to make Michael's first experience ‘unforgettable'.

Marcel Poiron, DR
Marcel in action with Percuss-O-Flex which he utilized in ReflexoCure of Amish.

Dr. Richard Long
does final assembly
on the old original Percus-O-Matic "jackhammer".

Student Robert Gooley of Kansas City displays the new & improved DRUMmer & the old Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer V-5.






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