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24 Major Meridians:
12 primary meridians
are duplicated or
mirror-imaged on the
opposite side of the
Shown above is a
meridian running
down the front of
the body. It is
known as the
Conception Vessel















































A ball-bearing magnitized motor drives Dr. Riley's Ultra MASSAGER
aka DRUMmer












































MIR Graduate Donna Bean of Lawrenceville, GA gets regular requests from her Chocolate Lab for DRUMmer treatment on his paws.


"My 10 month old puppy begs for a turn after I work on my daughter. He even comes over to me now and then looks at the chair with this look on his face, like is it time for reflexology??
He really loves the DRUMmer on both his paws and ears."






Research at the INSTITUTE continues to focus upon the objective: to help motivate the body to eliminate the causative factors of disease by return of essential photo-bioelectric equilibrium (homeostasis) via reflex stimulus applications. These studies involve continual testing of new instruments and applications in order to provide the most effective and efficient treatment procedure.


New Clinical Studies

Joe Harricharan does EKG test on a recipient.

Contributed by:
Joe Harricharan, EMT-P
June 25, 2007

Hello Dr. Zachary Brinkerhoff:

Greetings from Tennessee. How are you doing? I hope that you and your associates are doing fine. As I mentioned to you earlier, I enjoyed your course. I once thought that reflexology was a waste of time and that it was not useful. I'm glad I had the opportunity to take your course. I have a lot of experience in acute and preventive health care, so I was able to check it all out scientifically. I am impressed!!!

I am doing a lot of research and reflex sessions in this area of TN. Fortunately I have the tools, training and the ability to check, verify and prove the results.

I have submitted all the paperwork that you required for my certification. I would like your to send the certification as soon as possible. It will help me to spread this research far and wide. I will recommend others to contact you for training. I checked some of the other schools out, but I like your style. You think like I do.

I must say, I've learned quite a bit!!! Putting together all my trainings with the reflex techniques has allowed me to go into unique areas of research!!!

I use an EKG machine, a microscope, a Pulse/BP device, Glucose check, PH check, iris analysis, and anything else I can use for researching health care prevention.

Closeup of Joe's EKG machine.

Last week I checked someone 47 years old to see condition of his heart. This person had Brady Cardia. His pulse was low and was having symptoms of dizziness, weakness, and had felt like he was dying a few times.

After an EKG and pulse reading I knew what to do. I proceeded with a reflexology treatment on his feet --- especially the heart zone. He came back for 3 more treatments and now his heart rate is back to normal (60 to 70) and he is feeling much much better.

This is a blood sample taken by Joe BEFORE Full Spectrum Reflexology treatment as described herein.

Brady Cardia is now history: EKG good, Blood work shows red blood cells looking very good and he sees real changes in his health. I have suggested that he use some supplements and herbs with his daily activities (I will send you some samples).

This is a blood sample taken AFTER a series of Full Spectrum Reflexology treatments which included herbs & enzymes as described by Joe.

Zachary, I want you to know that with these reflex concepts, I've been able to move mountains. Your research, time and labors in this field have helped me to go higher in health care research than any allopathic disease care that I've been exposed to in my field of acute care with fellow MD's that I have worked with.

Thanks. I will keep in touch always. I'm going to send you some pictures of what I'm doing in the next week or so. Please feel free to share ideas or research with me.

Sincerely with warm regards,

Joe Harricharan
Health Education Services
(32 Years of Experience)
892 Gunter Corner Road
Parrottsville, TN 37843



Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager
aka DRUMmer

Yester-years Treatment
Tomorrow's Technology
Todays Therapy


The DRUMmer Hammerhead.

The ability of Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager to help reestablish photo-bioelectric equilibrium in the human frame can be quickly demonstrated. How? Put the DRUMmer in a side by side comparison with the thumb or finger walk technique; a technique now popular in the USA. The DRUMmer can accomplish in 5 to 10 minutes what would take 30 to 60 minutes using these USA traditional hand techniques. How is this done??? By working only a single meridian point on the bottom of each foot; known in China as the Chinese Sleep Point: the Kidney One (K1) or the Solar Plexus point in the ReflexoCure Community.

Percussive action of the DRUMmer is based on the ancient hammer/mallet ReflexoCure technique of the Chinese as
depicted in this 1990 scene from Raise the Red Lantern.

Dr. Riley's DRUMmer
is as smooth as the
"drummer boy" hammering
that Drum Set.
The DRUMmer sets up a
rhythm in the "skin" of
the sole ... for the soul.
Feel good again.

The difference in outcome can be observed in a comparison: the DRUMmer performs (reflex stimulus task) "free" of most pain; when accomplished by the appropriate tip for the targeted K1 aka Solar Plexus. This technique creates the necessary amount of reflex activation needed to create and drive the negative direct current of injury (through the perineural sheath of the sensory nerve) to the brain. This DC of injury signal triggers the release of the healing current aka the DC of regeneration. The same photo-bioelectric dynamic can be sparked with a probe or with Nicole's REFLEXY or by walking stocking footed on a gravel driveway or over small river rocks; but not without acute pain in the process.

Perineural Sheath acts
as a semiconductor of
DC electricity as well
as insulates sensory
and motor nerve fibers.

Thirty-six years in the field of reflexology has led Dr. Brinkerhoff to make the POSTULATE portrayed in the Bioelectric Cascade diagram shown above: When a continuous high intensity percussive action is applied to the K1 on the plantar aspect (bottom) of both feet by the DRUMmer or equivalent device; the resultant bioelectrical signal triggers an intense increase in the normal flow of photo-bioelectric energy through the meridians into a crescendo or cascade of photo-bioelectricity; identified by researchers as a negative direct current of electricity. This surge of energy is started with a discharge from the brain into the selected Kidney Meridian.


The Domino Effect is commonly understood throughout the world; where one phenomena can have a chain-reaction effect upon other objects within its proximity. Here we liken the Domino Effect to the Electrical Cascade that flows from the preceding meridian to the next; just as one domino topples another; each in turn, with a capability of millions and billions and trillions of sequential effects if not blocked.

This bioelectricity begins to flow from a signal that is delivered upon impact to the K1 by DRUMmer or equivalent device. This signal to the brain is called by researcher Becker and others: the DC (direct current) of injury. It traverses the perineural sheath (semiconductor) of the sensory nerve in order to signal "a more remote part of the brain."

The above cross section of the foot passes through the K1 which is depicted in pink (see needle penetration above). Depth of K1 varies from 1/2" to 1" depending on thickness of the musculature.

Hence the Kidney Meridian (kidney is a storage depot for Chi energy) is further charged with a super abundance of the DC of regeneration. This stored kidney Chi when released combines with the new charge of DC energy; which then overflows through the K22 point of exit. Here it passes via a secondary meridian to the P1 entry point of the Percardium Meridian (see diagram above right column). As the Percardium is photo-bioelectriclally recharged it begins to pass it's abundance on down the line in sequential order as shown above; the event continues with this photo-bioelectric cascade-effect throughout these 12 major meridians as each in turn is super-charged ... filled to overflowing; reaching out through all associated secondary meridians to every available cell in the body with new life.

Domino Day Competition:
3.4 million dominos hold
the international record.
The Domino Effect yields
a Bioelectric Cascade
that reaches out to every
available cell in the body.

This Qi or Chi or DC bioelectricity flows continuously from the output of one meridian to the input of the next; without variance as shown above. This Qi or Chi bioelectric energy has been identified by a practitioner in Malaysia as the shock of negative DC electricity delivered by an ELECTRIC EEL (the existence of the direct current electrical system in humans, fishes and animals was identified by researcher Robert O. Becker, MD; and published in his book: The Body Electric, 1985).

Robert O. Becker, MD

Our ELECTRIC EEL diagram (below) will help take some of the mystery out of a very viable photo-bioelectric therapy. Or do you prefer the mystery?

The Electric Eel: an 8' fish generating a 600-volt DC bioelectric
shock. One "jolt" will not kill a person, but
will get its prey. The
modified muscles of the rear 4/5th of the body are the DC
electricity-producing organs. Amperage
increases with age. <www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/fish/printouts>

Occurs in sequence just
like the DC bioelectricity
flows through meridians.

This discharge in humans of the negative direct current is released by the cells "in a more remote part of the brain" (Ibid., Becker) through dynamic ReflexoCure stimulus. It impels the stagnated circuitry into a free flowing cascade of photo-bioelectricity; which courses through the anatomical body. Initially it produces a gross disequilibrium which is a precursor to reestablishment of photo-bioelectric equilibrium at the cellular level. This dynamic disequilibrium/equilibrium technique has been consistently reproduced in volunteers at MIR Research and Development Clinic. Thousands of these volunteers have willingly submitted to said investigative treatments with the various percussion type massagers since 1987.

Dr. Riley's DRUMmer action
on the body's "foot-drum"
gives photo-bioelectric harmony through a process of disequilibrium/equilibrium.

This bioelectric-effect has been identified as producing a "dynamic elevation in the Chi by patients schooled in acupuncture and acupressure. Acupressurist Don Hughs said in the midst of his first treatment, "This Percus-O-Matic device is going to make acupuncture obsolete!!!" Don purchased the 'jackhammer' at that time. (He later became credentialed through MIR as a Freelancer ReflexoCurist in order to minister in Englewood, CO where he has a successful practice.)

25 Meridians

MIR has chosen to work within the framework of both the Meridian and Zone Systems because they have each been time tested. Over half of the meridian points have been demonstrated by scientific observation to exist; and by practical outcome to be viable for reestablishing photo-bioelectric equilibrium. Modern researchers in USA, Germany, Italy, France and Russia have uncovered anatomical bioelectricity pathways that we identify as: (1) the body's semiconductor system of the perineural sheath which insulates the nerve fibers of the central nervous system: (2) the closed loop circuit of the blood plasma and walls of the vascular system and; (3) the myofascial interconnect that runs from head to toe.

"Disease is not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patients body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body."

But when energy drops back into the single photon state it needs no anatomical pathways; because the single photons "have no mass". Hence a believing prayer or a simple positive thought of faith can come into play:

"Only SPEAK the word and my servant shall be healed.... Jesus SENT his word and healed them.... As a man THINKS in his heart, so is he ."

Here we see the creation of substance in the material world from a massless photon of light; carried to fruition by a spoken word or focused thought.

In the beginning the One SAID..."Let there be light."

If and when your conscience happens to give an indication to further pursue reflexology; you can then say with confidence:

I see the LIGHT.

I can make my DREAM come true!

Let the JOURNEY begin!

Click here to enroll now!

"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got."

----- David Steele

Reflexology Postulate

By: Ignacio E. Sanchez
P.O. Box 3256
Hallandale, FL 33008
July 26, 2007

Fr. Josef Eugster teaches Ignacio Sanchez.

Unknown to science without scientific speculation are the origins of the Universe. Unknown to a reflexologist without practical speculation is the concept of the how it works. The universe exists, and that is without a doubt. It is a complex and ever-changing universe, with proven concepts that prescribe and describe its laws and effects.

New concepts will be discovered, and new laws will come in effect: The same can be said with reflexology.

A variation of pressures on the reflexes combined with other modalities related to the field of energy and integrated electro mechanical zones of the body, allows the many systems of the body to re-energize and conform to its original design. Light, energy and pressure on the reflexes are the bases for activation of what are relays, transformers and switches that are hidden within the body. Activation of the same produces changes in internal function. It is proven by the law of practice that reflexology works on a remote control format and/or on the bases of the fiber optical signal which is sent to the glands, organs and all other parts of the body.

New concepts will be discovered, new laws will come in play because the universe and its laws are ever being uncovered. Reflexology and its positive reactions on the body are being uncovered and re-discovered with the use of new methods, a combination of the basic (or old methods) with new, as well as implementation of combining methods that promote the fundamental objective which is total systemic healing! Human observations of the universe are similar to the amazing bodily responses observed by those who practice in the world of reflexology!

Nachi & Dr. Byers, IIR

Ignacio "Nachi" Sanchez
Certified Reflexologist & Perpetual Student
(Ignacio is a graduate of the International Institute of Reflexology &
a Professional Freelancer with the Modern Institute of Reflexology.)



USA STATISTIC: The PUBLIC CITIZENS RESEARCH GROUP reports that 95% of prescription drugs on the market today are not effective for the conditions they are prescribed according to the governments own standards. However, recent Chinese clinical studies have confirmed that Reflexology is 95% effective (based on 3 categories: very effective, effective, ineffective) in treating a broad spectrum of diseases. MIR advocates using Full Spectrum Reflexology as a PREVENTIVE ... not as a LAST RESORT to cure a chronic disease.


This Page Updated: 07/30/10







This orbital sander makes an excellent tool for activating the reflexes in the hands according to Joe Harricharan. The Institute endorses such creativity in finding new applications for standard type tools.


Here Joe induces controlled electrical reflex activation through a specialty foot machine he found on the open market. Joe practices Full Spectrum Reflexology in TN.


Infrared Reflex Beamers are an integral part of Joe's treatment procedure.


Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager is a favorite of Joe's --- and his little recipients too.


The DRUMmer
At 4,500 hits/minute the DRUMmer can keep in pace with the best of drummers. It pounds a beat on the "skin" of the feet that create rhythm enough to make all the recipient's cells sing.


Meridian Entry Points
L1 - Lung Meridian
Li4 - Large Intestine
S1 - Stomach
Sp3 - Spleen
H1 - Heart
Si1 - Small Intestine
B1 - Bladder
P1 - Percardium
T1 - Triple Warmer
G1 - Gallbladder
Liv4 - Liver

Dr. Brinkerhoff's postulate on the bioelectric cascade created by stimulation of the K1 Meridian point is explained throughout this Website.


They tumble in sequence just like the meridians are charged
in sequence as the
photo-bioelectric energy flows through a secondary meridian to the next meridian. Within seconds the bioelectric currents have penetrated throughout the body in order to energize every
available cell.

Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager (DRUMmer) comes with 10 reflex probe tips & a rheostat foot control.

Work K1 w/DRUMmer for 20 seconds; move slowly down targeted foot to the cuboid bone and return to K1 for repeat cycle. DRUMmer helps produce Domino Effect & Bioelectric Cascade.


Hospital Visit 1987 Converted reciprocal saw 'prototype' percussor drums away on "sick" cousin-Billy's Spleen meridian. The nurses on 2nd floor were wondering about cousin-Zachary's "wild" and noisey ReflexoCure treatment.

DRUMmer Prototype: Zachary hammers his K1 with saber saw 'prototype' everyday in 1987. After a year he began to get return of agitative sensations in both paralyzed legs.
Caisson Drill Rig
Hydraulic line produced drummer-action on left foot of operator; prevented any left-sided photo-bioelectric disorders. Driller was told to put right foot on hydraulic line also. On-the-job self treatment eliminated need to seek further professional ReflexoCure treatment.
DRUMmer Factory Zachary stops by manufacturer to check on production of Dr. Riley's Ultra MASSAGER.
Children Learn Quickly:
They simply watch Mom and then begin to learn by trial and error. Watch us on video and you
can learn to run the DRUMmer too.
Photo-Bioelectricity breaks the congealed blood proteins mixed with other debris from the interstitial space (between the cells) and helps flush the disbanded particles of
the fermented mucoid mixture through the lymphatic vessels.
Don't let your line get clogged up ... OR???
Accupressurist Don Hughs shows M.I.R. Students an ancient technique: the application of heat from a smoldering moxa puck to a Conception Vessel meridian point. The INSTITUTE produces the thermal electric effect with infrared heat lamps. (Don has attended over 2,000 classroom hours in acupressure.)
Stomach Meridian:
To supplement the
K1 stimulation MIR recommends working two points: S1 on 2nd toe or SOURCE Point
on dorsum (top) of foot. Each primary meridian has these two points.

tumbles through the semiconductor of the Perineural Sheath
which surrounds the fiber of the Motor and Sensory Nerves; both to & from a "more remote part of the brain". This is initiated as a DC of injury that is a result of "injury" shock-type stimulus.


This 1/8" silica crystal was extracted from the thumb of Dr. Wall and is typical of crystalline debris suspected of interfering with the DC electrical system. See Eunice Ingham





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