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A new Postulate which springs from a combination of philosophy and logic has been proposed by Zachary Brinkerhoff, DR, which relates to the learning process employed by the Modern Institute of Reflexology. His emerging concept demonstrates how opposites work together to produce true knowledge, i.e., in the opposing forces of disequilibrium and equilibrium are found the conditions which encourage life and maintain it at a high level of efficiency. Also taken into consideration were the opposing forces of positive and negative; light and darkness; ying and yang; hot and cold; good and bad; all of which reflect this working hypothesis conceived by Dr. Brinkerhoff that he has described as INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM.

These two separate and distinct terms are classified in multiple dictionaries as opposed to one another:

1. INTUITION means a looking after. It is described as a direct apprehension or immediate cognition, as in perception or consciousness; such as a quick or ready insight. These thoughts are identified as "instinctive knowing" (without the use of rational processes of the primary brain); which is interpreted as an impression that something might be the case; “he had an intuition that something had gone wrong” [synonym: {hunch}, {suspicion}]. This protective aspect of intuition is related to the root of the word tueri: protection, guarding, watch, protect. It is closely connected to the word Tuition or Tutor: Superintending care over a young person; the particular watch and care of a tutor or guardian over his pupil or ward; guardianship.

2. EXPERIENTIALISM is a THEOREM which simply states: nothing is learned except through experience. It is the doctrine that experience, either that of ourselves or of others, is the test or criterion of general knowledge --- opposed to intuitionalism. G. C. Robertson states that experientialism is a logical theory, not a philosophical one.

What Brinkerhoff has done by combining these two extremes of INTUITIONALISM and EXPERIENTIALISM is to recognize the necessity of these two opposites working together in order to obtain optimum outcome in the learning process. It is not a matter of either intuition or experience as a stand alone doctrine; but rather a willingness to cautiously take action on the basis of intuitive thought; and then to objectively assess the experiential outcome. This should lead to future intuitive confidence that has been based on a proper interpretation of what was perceived to be a directive thought of intuition.

The new student needs to understand (when interpreting outcomes in reflexology applications) that the aftereffect of treatment cannot always be immediately interpreted as either good or bad. Why? Because cleansing reactions (which are often a necessary part of getting better) could be a stepping stone to improved health; or a death sentence if the recipient is unable to handle the anatomical purge of mucoid debris; loosed by the photo-bio electrical energy discharged by reflex stimulus.

"Use what talents you possess:
the woods would be very silent
if no birds sang there
except those that sang best."

– Henry Van Dyke

An understanding of the Enteric Nervous System (ENS aka the Second Brain); the THEOREM of the Red Blood Cells (TRBC's); and/or the personal gift of the Eternal's Spirit; might help in determining the origin of these intuitive thoughts and create deeper understanding of the reality of their origin. A better working knowledge of the intuitive source could help facilitate the willingness of a novice reflexologist to more unhesitatingly exercise intuition with a progressively greater level of confidence.

That these mysterious thoughts of knowledge could come from the ENS aka the Second Brain (which is made up of an integrated chain of nearly a billion neurons that weaves it’s way through the walls of the digestive tract); or the ability of the over three trillion RBC's (which communicate and store information through a minuscule beam of laser light among themselves); or the gift of the Holy Spirit (spoken of by Jesus hundreds of years ago: "out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water") --- these Theorems and/or Truths help lay a foundation for understanding the continued intuitive growth and development of a student reflexologist. His professional ability will more quickly develop as he utilizes both the reflex charts of those who have gone before; and also learns to follow the intuitive thought in his attempt to interpret the why, the when and the how of results that arise from application of stimulus to the targeted reflex points of the recipient.

Dr. Michael Bernardin's Foot Chart

"I consider the feet as the fuse box for the body's energy system. When fatigue or stress affects a corresponding region a knot-like congestion forms at the reflex point on the foot. Manipulating the feet with our hands will allow us to read which region is the most congested and at the same time work out the congestive knot (using our thumb, fingers, probes or vibrators) so that the energy and circulatory system (both blood and lymph vessels) will improve, allowing the body to function more optimally," explained Dr. Bernardin (doctor of reflexology).


After Brinkerhoff had studied the research literature which suggests that both the Belly Brain (ENS) and the RBC's can receive, store and communicate information within their respective frameworks (both function independent of the primary brain); he has since POSTULATED that the successful development of intuition in reflexology applications largely depends on the learner's increasing willingness to obey (with a cautious response) his intuitive thought which can be coupled with the conscience and inner directives of the heart.

This choice to follow the urging of the intuitive thought is made by the primary brain's conscious function of the will. The intuitive ability is increasingly developed by knowledge gained through the exploratory process of experience. During the treatment procedure with a recipient, the practitioner will begin to feel more comfortable to flow with the intuitive thought; as he continues with practical application of the various reflexological techniques. The outcome of any experience (whether good or bad) will help to further develop this innate ability.

This tightrope between intuition and experience must be handled with objective honesty and great humility before the Sovereign Creator; and all decisions regarding intuition should be made in harmony with the teaching of His Beloved Son (given in the Sermon on the Mount) in whom He is well pleased. Proper intuitive development hinges on the exercise of spiritual honesty in all aspects of a practitioners privilege of free choice. An openness to the creative force of the Spirit of Truth will assure a good outcome in any decision. Herein the term: INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM identifies the ideal learning process.

This methodology of learning is similar to that of the disciples of Jesus; as they went forth two by two to learn how to minister. They would learn through the experience that lay before them ... guided by their intuition (they hadn't yet received the Holy Spirit) and previous observation of the Master in action. Their learning hinged on their failures as well as their success. So don’t be afraid of failure ... it can be a most powerful point for learning.

When the disciples had failed in the cure of an epileptic they came to Jesus in private and asked why they could not successfully cast the demon out? And Jesus said unto them, "Because of your unbelief ... however, this kind will not go out except by prayer and fasting." This was his solution for lack of ability to accomplish the task of healing. This ability was described as an act of FAITH; the source of which is the Sovereign Creator.

"The only tyrant I accept in this world
is the still voice within."

– Mahatma Gandhi

And what is the end of those who embrace INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM? Will such a student eventually be able to discern any objects or truths by direct cognition; especially, a first or primary truth? Might others someday look at our life and be able to say, as Hawthorne did of another: “Sagacity and a nameless something more, let us call it intuition.” Or even better; Might Jesus also be able to say to each of us: “Well done my good and faithful servant; enter into your rest.”

In all of our endeavors in this life ... we should labor to enter into that state of mental rest ... where we have ceased from our own conscious effort; and allow the Sovereign Creator to work within us; imparting both the desire and the ability to do of His good pleasure. "Your will be done" is the secret to true long term success.

“And Jesus went about doing the good pleasure of His Father and healing all those that were sick with different diseases.”

(Birthday of this Postulate: July 4, 2003)

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"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got."

----- David Steele


NOTES: by Zachary Brinkerhoff

Direct Cognition: I wish to relate an experience of Direct Cognition. This incident occurred when confronted with a new challenge for which I had no answer. As I looked at this 21 year young man who stood before me (with a severe condition of diesel fuel poisoning) I drew a blank. I was at a total loss as to what to do as I surveyed his weakened condition. Every joint in his body was enflamed and painful. A seemingly impossible situation.

As he helplessly stood before me ... having come at his Mother's recommendation ... I opened myself in a prayerful posture. "What can I do ... Oh Father?"

Suddenly, I received a Direct Cognition ... an understanding of what should be done for this victim of his work environment. Although I had an infrared sauna which had been in the clinic for 5 years; I had never used it as part of any treatment procedure during that time. It just sat in a back room gathering dust. In fact, I had no understanding of what Far Infrared Energy was all about. All I knew was it could make you sweat if you stayed in the closet long enough. But by Direct Cognition I knew he was to go into that sauna ... and that was all I knew for sure.

I gave him two towels ... told him to strip ... and to stay in there for as long as he could bear the heat: "Open the door so you don't get too hot ... it is the light energy that you are going for ... not the heat and the sweating." (Years later I became apprised of the benefits of thermal-bioelectricity in conjunction with profuse sweating.)

An hour later he came out of the sauna room and into my reflexology chair for some DRUMmer action on the K1. Ten minutes later he was on his way home feeling a "little better".

Four days later his Mother called: "I want to come in and get a treatment just like my son received. At two days he was feeling much better and today? He is not sick anymore. It is like an unexpected miracle. When can I come in?"

This is what I call a Direct Cognition ... which I relate (in this case) to answered prayer. It was an intuitive thought that came right out of the "gut" into my consciousness with no prompting of the primary brain. It was information that was beyond my past experience and present conscious thought or knowledge. The positive outcome of this experience as reported to me 4 days later by the patients Mother further strengthened my intuitive aptitude ... the ability to listen and hear and obey the intuitive thought which emanate from the Enteric Nervous System aka intuitive voice.

This is a prime example of what I have come to identify as the outcome of INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM. This is the learning process by which we all as humans will be enabled to grow and develop in all aspects of our life. The assurance that our thoughts can be properly guided is described in the Bible by a man of deep experience ... the Apostle Paul:

"My conscience,
in union with the Holy Spirit,
assures me of the Truth."

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Dr. Alfred Bird Bear Obes, MD, works his wife's great toe with a cedar-wood probe under the glow of a Reflex Beamer III-3b: "Dr. Zachary's postulate on Intuitive Experientialism is perfectly defined. As an Emergency Room physician I developed a highly accurate intuitive ability by which I was able to save patients that other doctors had given up to die. This ability has continued to serve me well in my practice of reflexology. I love reflexology because it is noninvasive."
Meet Dr. Obes
Dr. Med. Lutz Wilden,
would never have received this WALT award for "best presentation" on Laser treatment of inner ear diseases; if he had not been willing to take the risk of failure. It is through failure that we sometimes learn our greatest truths.
Pretidev Ramdawon, MD, had to endure ridicule and scorn for his claim to cure Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus at the NAALT conference in 1999. But his intuitive fortitude brought him a scientifically verifiable cure on 5th August, 2003. "I ascertained that a first case of Diabetes Mellitus Type I has been completely cured in an Italian child of 18 months in my laser medical center in Mauritius."
Senior Optical Engineer
FDA Division of Devices &. Radiological Health.
Ronald Waynant, Ph.D.
It was Dr. Waynant who encouraged Zachary to make further scientific investigation of his original BEAMER; which the Sovereign originally dictated. Likewise, the INSTITUTE is here to encourage you in your investigation of the REFLEXOLOGY EXPERIENCE.
In June of 2003 Zachary Brinkerhoff posted his postulate that dynamic stimulus to the K1 evokes an Electrical Cascade of Negative DC photo-bioelectricity aka the DOMINO EFFECT which explains the irrefutable results of his clinical studies. He has been sustained by intuition in the face of ridicule and scorn toward the use of dynamic percussion foot reflex stimulus for the last 17 years. It was the confirmation of positive experiential results that confirmed his intuitive voice.
1989 prototype was applied on feet of Dr. Michael Berlin, DPM

"Wow, my feet feel really lite & nice," said Mike as he and Zachary walked to his car following treatment.
"I am going to send some of my difficult patients to you for treatment,"
he said.
When Dr. Brinkerhoff grasped the truth of the perineural sheath and it's role as a semiconductor of the negative Direct Current of photo-bioelectricity in the animal body in 1992; he knew intuitively that he was on the right track for discovery of understanding the "how" and "why" of a reflexology mechanism of action.
Ceramic MIR Emitter Following a complete cycle of radiation from the Ceramic MIR Emitter; a practitioner is able to make a more accurate judgment regarding future exposure for both himself and his clients; based on the information gathered from that experience in both the primary and 2nd brain. The function of intuition is at least partially reliant on input of good information.



A Direct Cognition
that was the result of conscious prayer turned Zachary in an instant; from a single focus on laser light to a new direction in utilization of non coherent red/near infrared light as pictured above. Here we see the old style infrared heat lamp to which he was directed by the thought/voice of Direct Cognition aka Heavenly inspiration. The value of this switch has been confirmed in clinical applications which has further developed and strengthened Zachary's intuitive abilities.


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