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So You Think You Want a Treatment?

First, the INSTITUTE Staff wants to give you a word of encouragement and clarification as to the simplicity of foot reflexology; as practiced at MIR Research & Development Clinic; and taught to MIR Students around the world. This word of clarification was received from Indian Kamal kumar Agrawal of Raipur, India. In an Email he identifies the bioelectrical factor of barefoot reflex stimulus (Garden of Eden reflex stimulus)... exactly as taught here at the INSTITUTE. Whether we use the DRUMmer or Nicole's REFLEXY or walk barefoot on the surface of the earth to get our bioelectric stimulus ... the result is the same:

April 14, 2002

Dear Dr. Brinkerhoff:

When we walk BAREFOOT we develop Back-Pressure which generates Electricity in the sole of our feet. This Electricity charges our internal organs & endocrine glands in order to keep them active & efficient. This Back-Pressure also helps to raise the blood from the feet against gravity and back to the heart (by action of the Venous-foot-pump).

FOOTWEAR diffuses the intensity of Back-Pressure (observe & compare area of contact & angle of sole to the surface: while walking with FOOTWEAR verses BAREFOOT walking). My observation: FOOTWEAR decreases the performance level of internal organs & endocrine glands. My opinion: FOOTWEAR is a contributing factor to the present existence of human-beings (part of which is killing of animals to make shoes).





Second, all reflexology treatments given at MIR Clinic contribute more statistics to our effectiveness-against-disease research. You will be asked to read and sign a Reflexology Treatment Disclosure/Consent form. This document reveals some of the side effects and possible repercussions from our dynamic Full Spectrum Reflexology Treatment. Those who exhibit contraindications for any specific technique will be excluded from that part of a treatment. Each applicant should be able to make an informed decision after prayerful study and consideration of the following:

Reflexology Treatment Consent & Release

I acknowledge that the practice of Reflexology aka ReflexoCure is not yet an exact science and therefore no specific guaranties can or have been made to me concerning any desired result or outcome. I clearly understand that some clients/recipients will experience more change and improvements than others. I've been told that a series of reflexologic treatments are usually required for the desired symptom improvements to evolve into reality (which may also require daily self-treatment between sessions).

I also realize that the following risks, hazards, and/or side-effects may occur in connection with any particular method of treatment - including but not limited to: unexpected reaction, worsening of symptoms, psychological discomfort, rash on skin, muscle soreness, nerve damage, hairline bone fractures, bruises, blisters, dislodging of blood clots, and/or headache. Even though precautions will be taken in my treatment (which will be modulated by my feedback & directive), I understand that not all risks can be known and avoided in advance.

Considering the above statement, I understand that response to reflexologic treatment varies on an individual basis and that specific results are not guaranteed. I also agree to hold harmless and release from liability my practitioner ____________ as well as any officers, directors, or employees of the facility known as _____________ for any condition or result, known or unknown, that may arise as a result of any reflexologic treatment that I have chosen to receive.

I believe that I have been fully informed as to possible treatment complications and do apply my signature in good faith and of my own free will.

Client Signature __________________

Print Name _____________________

Date ____________

(This consent form is approved by Axis Insurance Company.)


Third, this myriad of possible side-effects is an indicator of the potential for healing and recovery; according to QuackBuster Barrett's Website. Stephen Barrett clearly states: "Any treatment that has 'no side-effects' will not be an effective treatment for anything!" I guess the INSTITUTE doesn't qualify as a "quack" on the basis of "no side-effects" ... we have plenty. And we have plenty of good results too. The QuackBusters were right that time!!! Thank you Brother Barrett.


Fourth, Out-of-towner volunteers who come for treatment can lodge at a motel just across the street from the INSTITUTE during their stay. Treatments will vary in length from 15 to 180 minutes ($15.00 to $150.00) and vary in frequency; depending on state of Heart Rate Variation of equilibrium/disequilibrium. The type of reflex photo-bioelectric technique will be chosen according to need/response of patient. Recipient will be required to submit to 3 treatments and then agree to continue daily self-treatment at home; in order to maintain the momentum of the photo-bioelectric equilibrium/disequilibrium cycle activated by the professional treatment. You will be asked to maintain daily records on the length and type of self treatment; along with symptom fluctuations. (Health recovery for some can be a process which exhibits fluctuating states of disequilibrium/equilibrium.)

The staff, graduates and students of the INSTITUTE look forward to your visit and pray that we may successfully administer our combination of ancient and modern reflexology techniques in your behalf. We look forward to serving you under the shadow of the Almighty.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." Thomas Alvin Edison, Sc.D.


At the INSTITUTE we have a motto that Dr. Brinkerhoff strives to implement in his everyday life as an example to others:

"We Teach What We Practice."

Jesus was also challenged by others during His earthly pilgrimage:

"Physician, Heal Yourself."

On left is the Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer III-3 and the MIR Emitter to right. Zachary was
confined to this bed for 7 months.

Eleven years ago 58 year-old paraplegic Zachary Brinkerhoff had his sacrum fractured during a traction procedure on an Osteopathic McMannus Table during a free treatment in Phoenix. "My Chiropractor took me beyond my range of anatomical integrity. When the sacrum fractured and then dislocated (from the pelvis) the following day (post X-ray) my real suffering began. However, there were no lawsuits and no hard feelings. Mishaps occur. I should never have asked for the treatment. But today I am simply filled with gratitude for the spiritual lessons learned and truly blessed to be alive through that seven year ordeal," explained Zachary with a big smile.

On his return from Phoenix to Denver the recommended orthopedic surgeon (Courtney Brown) refused to perform surgery: "Zachary, nothing we might do for your Charcot-Sacrum-Pelvic-Spinal-Joint will hold due to your bone weakness. I refuse to do a surgery that won't work. This procedure has never been attempted and you are not a candidate. Let's just leave it alone and see how you do. You might develop a Charcot Joint that you can live with."

Drs. Brinkerhoff & Brown 18 months post surgery during a check on the screws & rods. Brown stated, "Zachary is holding solid. We are going to coauthor a publication for this surgical miracle in Spine magazine."

Six years later Courtney Brown performed an emergency surgery. "We have to go in and do something. This 'mess' could break loose anytime! If it does ... you're down the tubes. If the surgery doesn't work ... you're down the tubes! Looks like you'll get your surgery!" grunted the surgeon apprehensively.

After 10 screws; 2 rods; 2 bone grafts; a microamp-stimulator implant on upper graft; Bone Morphogenic Protein on lower bone graft; 8 1/2 hours of surgery; prayer groups interceding; and it was over. "I've done my part ... now its up to you to do the rest," emphasized Courtney. "If this doesn't hold; you're down the tube... there is absolutely nothing else I can do to help you.

Lumbar 3, 4 and 5 each received two screws which secured them
to the two "rods". Each "rod" was screwed to pelvis with a 4 inch screw. The 5th lumbar was again anchored to
the pelvis with two more 5" screws as shown above. Note battery & wires releasing
DC electricity into the bone graft for the extra healing effect.

Daily doses of light energy were the standard protocol for Zachary' recovery.

Immediately after surgery Zachary continued to praise his Maker and apply the Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer V-5. "What's that for?" snapped Courtney during his hospital rounds. "You are going to burn yourself." He was referring to what looked like a physical therapy radiant heat lamp.

Zachary just smiled and kept the old Photoluminescent Reflex BEAMER radiating his body; which was helping to clear the edema caused by the surgical trauma. "I am activating the lymphatic system with thermal and photo-bioelectricity," he explained. "This helps reestablish photo-bioelectric equilibrium so the body can begin to heal." Dr. Brown just shook his head in disbelief.

Rachel cuts some locks for Zachary her husband.

But heal it did ... slowly ... over the next 7 months. "I didn't use the DRUMmer because I thought the vibration might unscrew my 10 screws ... so I decided to fully utilize the Lamps and Lasers. I have applied every model we sell. Sometimes 4 BEAMERS at a time in order to create the MASSIVE STIMULUS my body needed to make the recovery for which I and my friends prayed. I even ran our little Ceramic MIR Emitter around-the-clock for several weeks ... right on my two feet. This 'overdose' obviously helped to facilitate the dramatic healing of my long standing foot ulcer -- along with speeding overall recovery.

"The things I've done consistently day-by-day are: (1) drink cod liver oil; (2) eat sea vegetables (sea weed); (3) administer 2 to 6 hours of photoluminescense; (4) apply six essential oils over the spine; and (5) offer a continual prayer of gratitude for this learning experience (which my wife still can't understand)," said Zachary with another big smile.

After 7 months of observing these healing and regeneration processes, Dr. Brown the skeptic exclaimed: "Zachary, your step-by-step recovery from this uncertain pioneering surgical procedure has been amazing, miraculous and extraordinary. I must say that I don't understand your Photon Beamers ... but you are a good man." He is no longer a skeptic regarding Zachary's Wholistic practice anymore.

Zachary is back from his run to the store. "I survived because my work on earth is not finished."

"This has been a spiritual pilgrimage that I wouldn't trade for anything," said Zachary. "I have come to fully embrace the need to actually live the Teachings of Jesus in my everyday life. I more clearly understand the purpose of obedience to his sayings; which were given for our own spiritual, mental and physical health.

"If we don't quickly learn to love our enemies; we are going to suffer deeply from negative emotional attitudes and die prematurely. Most of us will encounter troublous times at some point in our life; and I suggest that tribulation is our opportunity to discover the real 'us' and to learn more perfectly the Way of our Sovereign Creator."

On June 8, 2007 a CT-Scan was performed on Zachary's sacrum area to evaluate his present condition using the above machine at Advanced Medical Imagining in Golden, CO.

  • History: Charcot type sacral fracture. Evaluate hardware for loosening. Comparison with lumbar spine CT scan dated 11/30/2005.
  • Technique: Thin section transaxial images were obtained through the lower lumbar spine and sacrum from the superior L3 level through the inferior sacrum. Coronal and sagittal reformations were obtained w/o contrast.
  • Findings: Patient has undergone previous posterior spinal fusion from L3 through L5 with additional posterior fusion hardware traversing the bilateral iliac wings and the sacroiliac joints. The fusion appears complete and stable. No lucency is noted surrounding the screws to suggest the presence of failure. No definite orthopedic hardware fracture is seen. No movement of the hardware is identified. The appearance is stable when compared with 11/30/2005 prior examination.
  • Impression: There has been no significant interval change when compared with 11/30/2005 prior examination. Stable fusion is noted. There is no evidence of hardware failure or loosening.
  • Interpreted by: Brian L. Burke, M.D. (This document was electronically signed by Brian L. Burke, M.D. on 06-08-2007.)

"My wife was concerned about the condition of my lumbar spine hardware due to several mishaps transferring from my wheelchair to a carseat while on a trip to Mexico. I was pleased to share this report which showed her fears were unfounded --- though her concern was appreciated," said Zachary with a smile.

"All continues well as I treat my feet nightly with a ceramic emitter Reflex Beamer (all night long), continue eating well, and taking viable supplements."

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"If You Believe ... You Shall Receive."

Let Your DREAM come True!!!

It can HAPPEN to You!!!

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"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got."

----- David Steele


Update: 07/30/10

Zachary has long advocated walking bare foot in snow for health. Above we see the feet of Surgeon Alfred Bird Bear Obes, MD, standing in the snow which he has done since a child in the Black Forest and mountains of Germany.

MIR Graduate Alfred Bird Bear Obes walks bare foot in the snows of North Dakota. As a retired physician he recommends for all reflexologists & their patients to follow his example.

"I embarrassed my full blood Native American wife when I walked bare foot to the Post Office @ minus 25 degrees F." stated Alfred to Zachary in a letter dated 3/16/04.

Three students at MIR Tutoring Class help another who was bitten by a Black Widow. A real-life clinical experience at the INSTITUTE.

Graduate Margaret Bragg of Grapevine, TX, reminisced years later at her home about that Black Widow spider bite: "Those three girls were so kind to work on me during that horrible ordeal. The medical treatment hadn't done any good. They were a Godsend."

Steve Sharp gives Hisham Al Jaser a Jacuzzi foot bath during his visit from Kuwait. The hot foot bath helps create thermal bioelectricity;
which helps break the Sodium-BLOOD PROTEIN BOND
and clear the space between cells from this agent of pain, disease & death..

EGG WHITE (left after separating the yokes) is a sticky, slimey, glue-like protein called OVALBUMIN.
This egg protein is similar to the BLOOD PROTEINS when they congeal in the space between cells. This viscous mucoid slime blocks oxygen & micro nutrients; causing pain, disease & death to the tissue groups involved. Bioelectricity helps break the valence of
the congealed sodium BLOOD PROTEIN
bond; allowing the now separated blood proteins to move into the lymphatic vessels for purification and recycling or discharge from the body.

Scott Williams, Broomfield, CO, helps at Clinic using an acupressure probe to evoke a powerful negative DC bioelectric current to the brain through the perineural sheath of the sensory nervous system.

Surgeon Courtney Brown, MD.
"I am very pleased with the outcome of this pioneering surgery and intend to coauthor an article with Zachary for publication in Spine Magazine. It took both our expertise: myself as a Surgeon and Zachary as a Holistic Physician."
"I have been Zachary's CNA for 8 months. I watched these lights do extraordinary healing
of his incision, bone grafts, cavitated screws, and a sore on his foot. I've seen changes right before my eyes with his laser. Amazing. I now believe every bedridden person should have a Ceramic MIR Emitter
for pressure sores."

Ramonde Bornet, RN:
"I have been Zachary's charge nurse for 8 months. When I first saw this sore on his foot; I didn't think it could ever heal. It has, slowly, right before my eyes. These BEAMER's are incredible. They should be used straight across the board in home health care."
Now that Zach's back is healed; the foot ulcer has also healed again.
Zachary wheels aboard the wagon once again.
Behind the Wheel again after eight months in a hospital bed at home.
A trip to the store and then back to bed.
Slowly but surely.
Daily doses of light energy were standard protocol for Zachary during his recovery.
Zachary Brinkerhoff
June 17, 2003
"By the undeserved favor of Yahweh I am up and going again."
Zachary is back at work putting in 12 hour days running the Institute.
PERINEURAL SHEATH is a semiconductor of the Direct Current bioelectrical system
of the human frame.
(Robert O. Becker, The Body Electric, 1985.)

Robert O. Becker, MD
is a medical researcher who discovered why broken bones didn't heal and in so doing discovered the second nervous system of the body; the peri-neural system of glial cells, Schwann cells, etc. that surround the other nerves. It is an analog system = continuously variable strength of signal, direction of flow, and waves of strength. It controls growth, healing, and biological cycles. The peri-neural nervous system actually brings in electrons to change the voltage from operating voltage (-25mV) to healing voltage (-50mV).

When Richard Herman comes to help at Clinic he is self contained with his mobile reflex tool kit.
Richard Long receives a massive dose of Red/Near-Middle-Far Infrared light energy in reflex applications to feet, hands and ears with the new and improved Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer III-3b.

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