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Understand --- through the stillness,
Act --- out of the stillness,
Conquer --- in the stillness.
"In order for the eye to perceive color,
it must divest itself of all colors."

Dag Hammarskjold, 1956

Quack Buster headed for Big Bust?

Two of Reflexology's arch skeptics challenged the Modern Institute of Reflexology on a syndicated SHOWTIME TV program called Penn & Teller: Bullshit. MIR President Zachary Brinkerhoff, who represented Reflexologists on the show, has been asked to respond to the 13 questions raised by both Quack Buster Stephen Barrett, MD, and Comedian Penn Jillette who both appeared on the nationwide TV program in order to humorously (Penn laughingly succeeded) bash ReflexoCure aka reflexology. Here are Zachary's answers:

Official Quack Buster
Web Emblem.

Dr. Barrett steers the Quack Watch flagship and appeared on the TV show as an "expert witness". Their mascot is a Duck shown to the left (similar to his brother duck to the right) holding a magnifying glass, wearing a detective's hat and a stethoscope hanging around it's neck. Doesn't it seem strange that the Quack Busters would choose a Duck as their emblem? Is something quacky going on with these Quack Busters? Maybe the team at Quack Watch is seeing their own image reflected from the surface of the magnifying glass (Quack Glass?) through which they examine and judge others? Will the real Quack ... I mean Duck ... please stand up?

Penn and Teller is a Las Vegas comedy team hired by SHOWTIME to humorously "expose" the quackery of "alternative medicine" They covered the gambit with a series of tongue-in-cheek half hour programs that proved very popular with a segment of the USA population. Numerous reruns and a set of DVD's for the market followed.

Maybe some candid answers from Dr. Brinkerhoff will help settle some of the hostile controversy generated by the show where uninformed remarks against ReflexoCurist's aka reflexologists were liberally poured out. "Since humor was the under girding of Penn & Teller's approach, let's try to continue in that vein. Humor ... with a twist of love," suggested Zachary.

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1. Quack Buster Barrett says your reflexology theorem is not scientifically accepted?

2. Quack Buster Barrett says your research is not exposed to review by other scientists?

3. Barrett says reflexologists are guilty of giving false hope to people when death is inevitable?

4. Would Quack Buster Barrett classify your site as "Quacky"?

5. Did Quack Buster Barrett call reflexology's immune system benefit Quackery?

6. Did Quack Buster Barrett ridicule stress relief as a benefit of reflexology?

7. What did Barrett mean by 'no side effects' of treatment means no "benefits"?

8. Does reflexology's likelihood of benefit "far exceed the probable harm"?

9. Did Barrett claim you use faulty scientific studies to support reflexology?

10. Did Barrett say reflexologists harm people by diverting them from proven treatment?

11. Quack Buster Barrett says you have no genuine answers for disease? True?

12. What's with these experimental devices mentioned in the Full Disclosure Statement?

13. Did Barrett say you take advantage of sick peoples desperation?

14. Barrett says you keep people coming for treatments they don't need? True?

1. Dr. Barrett's 'Quack Watch' says "Quackery entails the use of methods that are not scientifically accepted". Are your theorem and reflex techniques scientifically accepted?

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The Profession of Reflexology (ReflexoCure) has a hypotheses that is grounded in a long history of positive therapeutic results. Therapeutic heat lamps, percussion machines and probes advocated by MIR have been utilized with great success by the pioneers of our profession since the early 1900's. In the USA there is a procedure for 'grand fathering' health procedures or devices that have been commonly accepted; which protects them from new legislation that would impose unnecessary medical regulation. Aspirin and Infrared Lamps (still used by physical therapists) and percussive massager machines are three out of hundreds of items that are now public domain. Since our Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer's fall within the very broad spectrum of INFRARED light energy; and Dr. Riley's Percussion Machine was reclassified by the FDA to an over-the-counter massager; these instruments have also been deemed safe for use by the general public (as with aspirin) without a prescription. That doesn't mean, however, that the three are without dangers if improperly used.

I do declare that "scientifically accepted" medicines are killing people right now. Statistics released to the public on 6/1/03 list iatrogenic disease as the number three killer in the USA. This is a disease induced by misapplied prescription drugs. And it is physicians who have prescribed them. Over 200,000 a year die from drugs ... just in hospitals. Someday the FDA (who at one time said the 'science' behind the medical research was 'accepted') may have to pull more drugs from the 'shelf'; because the 'science' behind them will have been proven to be faulty. Evidently the 'Quack Watch' term "scientifically accepted" is not definitive. That claim can be misleading on both sides of the fence. It appears the so-called science of pharmaceutical companies is oft times deceitful. It seems we may have to begin to watch out for ourselves or die prematurely. Looks like it's going to 'boil down to' survival of the cautiously skeptical and those who pray.

As long as modern medicine fails to employ the scientific concept set forth by the International Lymphatic Society regarding the overload and resultant dysfunction of the lymphatic system as the primary causative factor of disease; their remedies and techniques will continue to fail because of a misdirected focus.

Dr. Terry Polevoy, MD

The MIR Hypotheses of ReflexoCure's (reflexology's) mechanism of action will be understood by Quack Busters like Barrett and his Canadian associate Terry Polevoy (who presently has a lawsuit against him by a chiropractor) when traditional allopathic researchers finally admit to the mechanism of reflex action. The response that occurs (negative direct current of injury/regeneration and piezo electricity) through physical reflex stimulus (Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager & Nicole's ReflexyCure probe) which electromagnetic energy so generated is capable of breaking the sodium-blood protein bond; and releases this identified congestive blood protein agent (commonly known as mucous) along with the polluted water; into the dilated lymphatic vessels for purification in the lymph nodes and return to the blood stream for recycling or elimination from the body --- the primary cause of disease has been removed. It is a scientific fact that the clearing of debris from the interstitium (space between the cells) will enable oxygen to again access the cells along with vital nutrients --- then their normal function can be restored. This returns the cellular Sodium/Potassium Pumps and the Mitochondria to normalcy, both of which produce electrical energy to run the cells of each respective part of the body; thus eliminating this particular causative factor of pain, disease and premature death. (See REFLEXOLOGY: Definition/Theory for illustrations.)

The National Council Against Health Fraud has not recorded a death in the USA directly due to a reflexocure aka reflexology treatment in the last 37 years. That's a good record. So after you've obtained a second medical opinion on your next big health challenge ... get a third opinion: 'ask a nurse' or 'ask a reflexologist' or simply ask your Sovereign Creator. Then follow your own conscience. You'll be glad you did.

I have communicated with Quack Buster Barrett since the Penn & Teller TV show about his many comments. He couldn't remember exactly what or when or in relation to whom he said anything during his interview with SHOWTIME. He fell into the "I think" defensive mode when responding to my many questions. Barrett is a semi-retired psychiatrist who has taken it upon himself to expose medical fraud.

Dr. Stephen Barrett, MD

"I think" Barrett's failure to nail a homeopathic manufacturer for false advertising in a California Court cost him some money and brought a rebuke from the ruling judge in the case. The judge evidently put the burden of proof against the manufacturers accused by Quack Watch, upon Barrett himself. He hadn't shown any scientific evidence in court to prove his accusation that homeopathic remedies are a fraud. However, he requires that same evidence of proof from others to validate their therapy. I think the judge made a good gesture in behalf of alternative medicine by throwing Barrett's case out of court. The burden of proof should be upon the accusers. Innocent until proven guilty, right?

LAWSUIT ALERT: Dr. Stephen J. Barrett, M.D., The National Council Against Health Fraud, Inc., and Quackwatch, Inc. was sued on June 29, 2010 by Doctors Data, Inc, a Nevada corporation in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division. The Plaintiff is asking Five Million in damages, and Fifteen Million in Punitive Damages, and a permanent Injuction barring Barrett from talking about Doctor's Data.

STATEMENT OF THE CASE: Doctor's Data, Plaintiff, is a CLIA-certified scientific and medical laboratory in St. Charles, Illinois, in the business of analyzing blood, tissue and other samples for health care practitioners. Plaintiff was the lab of choice for many physician until Dr. Stephen Barret and his minions began defaming Plaintiff on their websites, accusing the lab of intentionally providing false and fraudulent results by applying improper reference ranges to specimen analyses, and conspiring with the physicians from whom they receive the specimens, to committ fraud.

"They that live by the lawsuit will go down by the lawwsuit." I predicted this 'one' clear back in April of 2003. It was inevitable that Barrett would eventually reap what he was sowing. That is the Universal Law of Alaha (God).

Conclusion: I don't "think" Quack Buster Barrett is much concerned right now about the Modern Institute of Reflexology's new postulate of reflexocure (reflexology). I never had an opportunity to discuss it with him: and he certainly doesn't have the time right now - with the big lawsuit and the pressures that entails.

2. Does M.I.R. Research & Development Clinic expose their findings to review by other scientists? Quack Buster Barrett says you do not!

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Quack Buster Barrett spoke in general terms which lumped Reflexology under Alternative Medicine. He has not specifically investigated M.I.R., so he really doesn't know the facts as they relate to us. The truth is that I recently submitted an abstract on the PHOTO-SYSTEMIC-EFFECT to the educational board of the North American Association of Laser Therapy for inclusion into the 2003 Conference. It was rejected.

Dr. Juanita Anders, Ph.D., president of NAALT, explained the three reasons the board rejected it (I didn't use the word THEOREM; I employed the word MUCOUS; and recommended that believing prayer should be offered to all patients). These objections were considered, the paper corrected and the abstract resubmitted for final evaluation.

Dr. Anders in her critique also pointed out what she liked about our clinical observations; especially the "two markers" of the "sedation-effect"; as evidence of the moment of photon saturation; which is involved in creating and then observing the PHOTO-SYSTEMIC-EFFECT; using an artificial light source. Dr. Anders has volunteered her time to review all our clinical observations after compilation into a abstract. "In NAALT the clinicians and scientists need to learn to work together for the common good of the organization," she exclaimed over the phone in her conversation with me. And for the good of humanity? Thereupon I agreed.

3. Quack Buster Barrett's 'Quack Watch' says the cruelest form of quackery is false hope given to the seriously ill when death is inevitable. Are reflexologists guilty?

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The average reflexocurist (reflexologist) is not going to try to save someone in a hospice that has gone there to die. Most will administer their gift to help the dying come to grips with the reality of meeting their Maker and getting their affairs in order. The general consensus indicates that patients in the agony of a bad death experience finds that reflexology (reflexocure) soothes and relaxes them; reduces severity of pain; and occasionally will help restore the dying to life.

I myself, however, will not turn anyone away from reflexocure treatment that has a desire to get better; regardless of their condition. Every time I was tempted to refuse someone because of their degenerate state; I later was glad that I hadn't turned them away; when they repaired. I have had people with cancer die; yet I have seen others pronounced healed by their doctors; when no trace of the existing cancer could be found. I've seen degenerated vertebrae problems in retired citizens recover 95%; after only six months of daily self-help and a few professional treatments. I have seen cataracts regress that were scheduled for surgery; to the joy of the patient. Yes, the list is endless. But not every person gets a recovery. Why?

Not every person will experience recovery from their problem because there are many variable factors involved; which in some cases require a change of lifestyle. Laws of health have many times been broken. Even Jesus told people he had healed to "go and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you." Many people will get a reflexology (reflexocure) treatment and begin to feel 'human' again; but if they don't eliminate the CAUSE OF THEIR DISEASE; their progress will dwindle to a trickle; and they will soon become discouraged.

People must be willing to clear their conscience and get right with their Creator. They must forgive others and ask forgiveness from those they have wronged. They must begin to pray for those who have despitefully used them or they will never get well; much less be ready for the death experience.

As a reflexocurist I remind the patient: The Creator heals; I help.

In 1959 a surgeon named Dr. Lipscomb, MD, likewise told me after exploratory spinal surgery; for attempted correction of a lesion which caused my paralysis: "Son, I have done all that I can do, God will have to do the rest." (Zachary's response: Hey bud, what does this god have to do with my surgery? You are supposed to fix me!!! You are a medical doctor. You have failed to do your job!)

We would all do well to realized that there is a law of 'sowing and reaping'; the consequences of which cannot always be reversed. And yes, there is a Sovereign Creator to whom we are accountable. Doctors, reflexocurist's, and any of us in the health professions are limited; by our own shortcomings and the patients inability to obey their own conscience.

4. Would Stephen Barrett, MD, of 'Quack Buster' fame classify your web site as "Quacky"?

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Dr. Robert Baratz, MD National Council Against Health Fraud
Baratz has Barrett help maintain his Website.

Quack Buster Stephen Barrett is the web master of the National Council Against Health Fraud of which I am a former member. The creator of NCAHF, William Jarvis, Ph.D., was told to get it off campus at Loma Linda University where he is a professor; so Robert Baratz and Stephen Barrett took over the reins.

Barrett says a 'quacky' web site would promote things that are "nontoxic" - "natural" - "holistic" or "miraculous treatments." I agree with him that there is a lot of quackery in the Holistic field, but we have it on both sides of the fence. But the problem with Quack Buster's Baratz and Barrett is that their numerous lawsuits against cutting-edge Holistic health care practitioners are many times unfounded. Their numerous failures to get a conviction with their "expert witness" testimony says a lot. Maybe Barrett's Quack Glass is warped a little?

Let me clarify that the MIR Website doesn't promote 'nontoxic' items, but it is a good idea to generally avoid toxic substances when you have a choice; whether it is a natural herb or pharmaceutical drug. We believe a person should follow their 'natural' instincts and obey the Creators natural and spiritual laws according to their conscience.


We occasionally use the word 'Wholistic' in the context of dealing with the whole person: Spirit, Soul and Body. And we don't refer to the results of reflexocure (reflexology) as being 'miraculous' unless a miracle does occur as a result of treatment that included believing prayer. We define the normal results of reflexology (reflexocure) as a SPONTANEOUS HEALING which is under girded with a scientific, anatomical, physiological process clearly defined in our Home Study Course. SPONTANEOUS REMISSION is another term we use to describe the end result of reflexology's (reflexocure's) mechanism of action advocated by Dr. Samuel West of Orem, Utah.

5. Stephen Barrett, MD, of 'Quack Watch' defamed you on Penn and Teller: Bullshit. He said your reference to 'building the immune system' was not a valid support of reflexology and called you a 'Quack'.

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Lymphatic System?
Tied to Immunity?
Reflexology creates bioelectricity?

Eighteen years ago Mayo Clinic Newsletter published an article by Jarvis: "10 Ways to Identify a Quack." The first thing on his list was "a claim to build the immune system." That may have flown with the public back then, but since the advent of AIDS the public appreciates the immune system more than ever. It has become common knowledge that if you have your spleen surgically removed (major part of your immune system) you are subject to every little bug that comes along; and could easily die from a chronic infection.

I want to be fair with Quack Buster Barrett here: there may be area's of our body that the immune system isn't involved in protecting. However, defense against cancer cells are likely to be part of the innate immune response, such as neutrophils, macrophages and natural-killer cells (Nature Reviews Cancer, Spontaneous regression of advanced cancer: by Emma Greenwood). Under the subject of THEOREM we have examined how the electrical energy created by reflexocure (reflexology) helps to clear the interstitial congestion that smothers the immune structure known as the lymphatic system.

What I meant in my TV statement about "building the immune system": reflexocure procedures will increase the function of any congested tissue cell group; by helping them to unload the excessive water and blood proteins (mucous) which builds up in the space between the cells. Removal of this congestion by activation of the lymphatic vessels is necessary in order for the cells to get oxygen and begin to perform their function again. The immune system can't function with this blockage in the interstitial space; anymore than you can wash dishes with a grease filled sponge; or breath through a nose closed off with sinuses that are bulging with excessive mucus (that is feeding a meta colony of bacteria) and in a decayed state of putrid fermentation. We need to keep our lymphatic drain system opened so we can FLUSH OUR TOILET.

6. SHOWTIME'S Penn & Teller: Bullshit ridiculed you for claiming reflexology helps give relief of stress. They had 'Quack Buster' Barrett state that stress was a vague, indefinable condition that most 'alternative' practitioners used to claim validity for their otherwise deficient 'therapy'.

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Major contributing factor ... stress?

I really can't figure out where Quack Buster is coming from on this one. A person that has a buildup of tension in the body knows it. They feel an internal pressure. This produces what is called stress. Pain itself is associated with stress. Stress is a medically recognized problem that is treated with various prescription drugs; surgeries; psychiatry; Priestly counseling; and even reflexology. Dr. Coodley at the University of California says: "Stress is a major contributing factor in 100% of all disease; and nobody is immune." Who is Barrett trying to kid about an indefinable"stress"?

If a person is out of step with their own conscience; they will be burdened by guilt. Guilt will produce poisons that create the seedbed of stress and disease symptoms. If a person is angry it will also release poisons in their body; which will likewise cause the pores in the capillaries to dilate. Dilated capillary pores will let excess water and blood proteins into the space between the cells. If this isn't drained off by the now constricted lymphatic vessels; the buildup of this mucoid debris and rapidly polluting water will block oxygen to the cells; and death will begin to set in to that area of congestion. The death state can produce severe stress symptoms: hyperventilation; hot or cold sweats; tremors; dizziness; headache; nausea; vomiting; seizure and ultimately death itself. People that experience stress are being gripped by the death state at the cellular level.

Full Spectrum Reflexology addresses this problem at its root: Excessive water and blood proteins (similar to ovalbumin or egg white) in the interstitial space. How? By creating negative direct current and piezo/static electricity which you create by simply walking barefooted on the beach or gravel driveway; or artificially simulating the K1 by application of Dr. Riley's Massager or dynamic ReflexyCure probe pressure to the bottom of the feet. This newly generated bioelectricity in turn breaks the sodium/blood protein congealed state; which has been flooding the space between the cells. Now these liberated protein particles and contaminated water can flow into the reactivated lymph vessels; for purification in the lymph nodes and return to the blood stream. Oxygen can enter the cell once again. Now normal function returns to the cells. Guess what? Pain and stress caused from oxygen deprivation and cell death disappears. You're cured? How long will it last? Only until you restart the cycle by poisoning yourself again with negative emotional attitudes.

7. Quack Buster Barrett said any treatment that has 'no side effects' will not be an effective treatment for anything! He strongly implied that reflexology is not effective since most reflexologists claim no side effects?

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It is true that some gentle forms of reflexocure (reflexology) will have very little negative reaction. However, soft touch reflexocure (reflexology) will sometimes produce fairly dramatic results.

However, Full Spectrum Reflexology has a long list of possible reactions and side effects; and a reputation for powerful benefits. Hence a recipient of reflexocure is required to sign a FULL DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT before treatment.

I have given many a free demo to people who never came back for their second treatment. Years later when our paths cross I found out they were cured? Conversely, I have had patients that never came back because the side effects scared them; in spite of the fact that they read and signed the full disclosure.

I always guarantee results: You will either be better or worse following a reflexocure (reflexology) treatment. That is the result of the dynamic power of Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager (DRUMmer) action on the K-1 combined with REFLEX PHOTOLUMINESCENSE. Excellent results are not good for paying my overhead, but they are good for the recipient of reflexocure (reflexology) treatment. For lasting results the recipient should follow through with self-help and a few lifestyle changes.

8. Barrett's 'Quack Watch' says that FDA approval of "anything" requires evidence that the likelihood of benefit far exceeds the probable harm. What says the FDA about reflexology?

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In December of '93 Obstetrics & Gynecology Magazine published Bill Flocco's Randomized Control Study of Treatment for PMS Symptoms using Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology.

M.I.R. Student Patty Bachman was interviewed about PMS
and Reflexology on
Denver TV's Channel 9. Bill Flocco's study was the issue.

Following publication Bill told me: "As we continued to refine the data some of the results were running as high as 95% effective." This study stopped the critical mouth of the medical establishments more intelligent elite: they left the dirty work up to organizations like NCAHF and Quack Watch. Benefit has been firmly established in the USA by publication of Flocco's PMS study.

There are many studies around the world besides Flocco's that show benefit. But what is the probable harm of reflexology (reflexocure)? The best measure of literal harm (outside of gross neglect) is the ability to obtain malpractice liability insurance. If a practitioner of 'anything' can obtain viable insurance to cover probable 'harm' to the patient, then this is his assurance to the FDA, the public, the medical profession and the recipient of the therapy's margin of safety.

All practitioners at MIR Research & Development Clinic, instructors at the Institute, and all students of the Home Study Program (excluding those in Alaska and New Jersey) are fully covered by a professional liability insurance policy issued by Allied Health Association. This policy is underwritten by Axis Insurance Company (rated by AM Best as an A Superior insurance company). MIR Graduates are entitled to receive the same policy which covers the Institute's full spectrum of tools and techniques.

9. Quack Buster Barrett said that 'alternative' practitioners support their therapies with faulty scientific studies and unrelated references to give an impression of scientific validity. You claim Flocco's study. Is that all there is?

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Through my association with WALT, NAALT and ASLMS I have become aware of the scientific method, research protocol and investigative integrity; and have observed the lack of same in the modern university systems through the eyes of a Ph.D. cellular biologist. He finally quit the research profession after becoming convinced that most research funding could be better spent on supplying food, clothing and shelter to those lacking these necessities. His name is Scott Olsen, Ph.D.

Dr. Olsen is a graduate of M.I.R. and has volunteered his time to help consolidate the Institute's clinical findings and prepare for a Randomized Study of various Full Spectrum Reflexology Techniques. We also have the offer of review from Dr. Juanita Anders, Ph.D., Uniformed Services University Hospital in Bethesda, MD. M.I.R. is on the leading edge of research and pushing for a bent towards preventive medicine in the tradition of Thomas Edison: "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

10. Quack Buster Barrett said reflexology can harm those that have serious medical problems by diverting them from proven methods.

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What's really proven?
MD's don't guarantee their results!
Your guarantee
is proof?

Folks who come to M.I.R. Clinic (that have serious medical problems) are required to fill out a medical history. In some cases cooperation with their doctor is necessary so as not to complicate their medical treatment. I referred an internal medical doctor's wife for an MRI when her symptoms continued to recur two days after treatment.

The MRI revealed the buildup of a calcium deposit (osteophite) inside spinal column (neck injury from a car wreck) putting pressure on the cord: problem diagnosed. It took a combination of medicine and daily self-help reflexology to maintain balance; neither therapy alone would keep her functional and pain free: treatment prescribed.

When I am called into a case after medicine has failed to cure; I have had physicians tell me face to face: "At this point anything you do will be right."

Oh! The man is going to die with brain cancer! Your prognosis is death? You have treated him with your accepted medical method? Now that your treatment has failed; it's all right for me to treat him? Nothing I do at this time of your patients impending death can be considered as wrong? If that is the case: then here is my suggestion!

Next time why not let me treat the patient first. If I fail ... then you can come in and do your thing. At that point anything you do will be right!!! If he dies while under your care; it was inevitable. You need feel no blame or responsibility for his death.

Hey? With your cancer numbers no better than they are: Let's try reflexocure (reflexology) techniques first ... not last. We know for certain that the reflexocure treatment itself will not kill him. If the patient does die, however, reflexocure prayerfully administered will help him die with less pain and greater peace with some dignity.

11. Quack Buster Barrett said reflexology lacks genuine answers and has no method for finding them. Do you claim to have answers? Are they not genuine?

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MD money back guarantee? No!
Is that being disingenuous?

I have never been accused of not being genuine by a patient. They may not have liked my bedside manner; because I am maybe too genuine. Too honest. But people need to hear the truth. Most want to know the probability of recovery. The problem of genuineness?

When you tell the patient that it may take six months to a year to find their health. When you tell them there are changes they need to make in their life style: diet, exercise, deep breathing, prayer. When you tell them it might take two years for recovery depending on their age and length of dysfunction. When you tell them there may be no full recovery due to the level of degeneracy. The problem of genuineness? Yes, there are some who may not like what they hear.

A genuine answer is able to point to the cause of the disease and encourage not only recovery, but preventive measures once health has been regained. A genuine answer will include the need to invite the Sovereign Creator into the problem; and help the patient determine if conscience has been violated. A genuine practitioner will ask the recipient if he would like to be prayed with for his situation.

My Motto is: The Creator heals ... I help!!!

To be less is to be disingenuous.

12. What's with these experimental devices mentioned in the Full Disclosure Statement.

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Any device that has not been approved by the FDA has to be labeled as an "Experimental Device". We are simply giving full disclosure before treatment. Some people ask about the device, but most don't. They seem to have a trust from the first moment of encounter. That old 'first impression'. Others who didn't like the full disclosure statement have simply handed me the clipboard, stood up from the couch, and walked out the door.

In 36 years I have had about 12 people walk out on me. After reading the FULL DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT you will appreciate why that number is so low. It is specifically blunt. (Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager aka the DRUMmer was an approved medical device for clearing lungs, but to be sold by the INSTITUTE the FDA had to reclassify it as an over-the-counter massage device.)

Technically, probes are no more experimental than a pebble or rock or stick someone might step on in the course of walking bare footed. In reality probes are an archetype reflex stimulus technique and therefore outside of FDA approval requirements.

13. Quack Buster Barrett said that reflexologists take advantage of sick peoples desperation. How do you respond to that?

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Should doctors get paid if patient dies under treatment?

I have invited all "Quack Busters" and SHOWTIME'S Penn & Teller to come to M.I.R. Clinic for a FREE treatment. "Let me show you what we do here!" That is a standing invitation to them or anyone else that has never experienced dynamic reflexocure techniques. A FREE sample on the house!!! And when we are finished ... if you are unhappy with the treatment ... I'll give you $5 for your trouble. Two weeks later: if you are disgruntled about your first professional treatment; we will give you your money back. In 36 years I have refunded money for three recipients. That was in response to a satisfaction money back guarantee.

One day a physical therapist called 'in desperation' for help. She had to quit her job in California due to mental instability. "I came home to live with my parents. I want to come in for a treatment to see if it will help!!!"

I interviewed her on the phone and said, "I will make an appointment for you in one week. Not today, because you are grossly dehydrated. The treatment wouldn't do you any good in that condition. Gradually increase your water consumption from 2 to 8 glasses of water a day between now and your appointment. Call before you come in."

One week later she called, "I am healed!!! You were right!!! I was dehydrated!!! I don't need a treatment now!!! What should I do about my appointment?"

Isn't that great? Now, how was she taken advantage of by me? If anything ... she took advantage of me. Got my free advice and ran? No, out of gratitude she called. So I suggested she come in and we could talk while I gave her a treatment for the experience of it. "That way you can pay me for my counsel and get a ReflexoCurist blessing along with it."

Well, she came in and we had a great time. Never saw her again.

Alexander W. Brinkerhoff, MD

Allow me to mention my great, great grandfather Alexander William Brinkerhoff. He was an inventor who devised his own techniques to treat rectal disease: hemorrhoids, polyps, fistulas. Driven by his own need for a cure of a chronic condition of hemorrhoids, inventor Brinkerhoff designed a rectal speculum which opened the rectum to the light of day. He then used herbal compounds to inject into the hemorrhoid; which caused it to shrink and disappear. He treated one hemorrhoid a month and guaranteed a cure or you didn't pay. "NO CURE NO PAY" was his claim that resounded throughout Ohio and the surrounding states.

Dr. Brinkerhoff was an Ohio pioneer of the 1800's who had no formal education. He was self educated and had over 30 patented inventions. Most everyone in the 1860's had a problem of the rectum (much strain from manual labor and clearing the land for farming); and nearly everyone wanted a cure. After 10,000 successful non surgical treatments without a single patient death (physicians killed one out of nine patients with their 'barbaric' rectal surgery) my great, great grandfather was addressed by his patients as "Dr. Brinkerhoff."

Dr. Brinkerhoff's Rectal Speculum

The other medical doctors called Brinkerhoff a quack and bound themselves by an oath to put him out of business. They barred him from the medical society and lobbied for restrictive licensing legislation to crowd him out of business in the State of Ohio. But he turned the table on them and showed them to be the quacks that they were. Within 6 years he had given 80,000 treatments without a death and had become wealthy from sales of his patented herbal medicines and instruments. The medical fraternity finally accepted his system of treating hemorrhoids. Medical doctors were soon applying his techniques in every state of the Union and by the 1880's Dr. Brinkerhoff (as he was also recognized in the press) had become one of the most highly respected residents of Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Who Are the Quacks?
by A. W. Brinkerhoff - 1880

“Not every man entitled M.D. is, or ever will be, a ‘doctor!’ Too many of them shoot at random, and they are the gentlemen who most cry ‘quack, quack!’ They are men of no genius, no common sense, no brain power, yet they are members of the Association ... ‘regular’.

“When a physician knows he is giving no value received for the money he receives, and confidence reposed in him, he should direct his suffering patient to where the cure can be secured, or, like an honest man, go himself and become possessed of the means to do what he knows other men can do, and end his quackery! Alas, the vast majority of physicians are governed by jealousy and egotism! Still, there are many honorable exceptions. However, when a stranger comes amongst them who can and does cure such maladies without even a failure, without any knowledge on their part of his practice, such, at once, cry, ‘Quack!’ Actually, they should have been well informed in relation thereto ... SHOULD HAVE BEEN TREATING CAUSES INSTEAD OF EFFECTS.

“Our best mechanics are often those who never learned a trade: our best statesmen not those with the most education; our best lawyers are men of sense! So in the Medical profession. Some of our mothers are better doctors than some ... yes, many graduates!”

For complete story see: Diseases of the Rectum & Physicians Monitor, by A. W. Brinkerhoff, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, 1880, and other local newspaper articles of that time period (M.I.R. Library).

A. W. Brinkerhoff's original rectal speculum is still being used by a physician at Scripps-Howard Clinic. He asked my father during a physical: "Are you related to A. W. Brinkerhoff?"

When my father answered in the affirmative the doctor replied, "Well, I am going to take a quick look into your colon with his rectal speculum."

14. Quack Buster Barrett lumps reflexologists with chiropractors who have you coming back for 20 or 30 treatments; taking money for medically useless treatments. True?

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Maybe you have a good point there.

Even a cursory reflexocure treatment has produced powerful results as part of short presentations that I have made before small classes at beauty colleges or massage therapy courses. Often a 15 second treatment to the hypothalamus/pituitary reflex has relieved headaches and pain in the neck or back within minutes. Based on the information presented in this Website it is reasonable to assume that a treatment given to a supposedly healthy person could be considered an act of preventive medicine. Therefore every treatment is laced with some degree of value to the recipient.

Useless treatments? How so? If a person just wants to be pampered or find relaxation ... could that be considered a useless medical treatment? If a chiropractic adjustment simply makes me feel better ... and I am willing to pay ... what is the harm? Does it do harm to "pop" the bubbles in the synovial fluid in my joints? I think not ... unless I have a tendency to osteo arthritis which could be aggravated by continual distention of the joints.

But what about those series of 20 to 30 to 40 treatments? Are they really necessary? In some cases I would say yes and in others, no. As a reflexologist I would assign reflexology self-treatment to be done every day. If a chiropractor would recommend reflexology it could cut a series of chiropractic treatments from 50 to just 5 .... in some cases. But each case has to be taken on an individual basis. I have given up to 20 treatments in series with excellent results which could not have been obtained in 5 sessions. The problem with most people? They are not consistent with their daily self-treatment at home.

Most ReflexoCurist's (Reflexologists) and Chiropractors are independent contractors who rely on clientele to pay the overhead. Repeat business is necessary to make a profit. The more overhead ... the higher the rate and/or the more repeat business you need to cover your debt. I run a business but I don't string people out for 10 or 20 treatments unless necessary or if they are loaded with money and need to spend it. Neither do I make a profit in my clinical business because of the high overhead which I justify due to shared rental expenses with the INSTITUTE.

Classical reflexology example: I had a Chinese lady come from Loveland, CO for a treatment. She had been medically diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was in desperate condition; unable to sleep more than two hours at night. When I showed her a chart depicting the K1 point that I intended to activate; she seemed to revive as she said, "Oh yes, Chinese Sleep Point, very good, very good."

After a dynamic 1 1/2 hour reflexocure treatment she felt so good she bought a PHOTOLUMINESCENT REFLEX BEAMER V-5 to use at home. I showed her how to stimulate (Nicole's ReflexyCure probe) the K1 meridian point on the bottom of the foot for self-help. As she prepared to pay her bill for the treatment and the instruments, she stated that she wanted to make a deal with me.

"I wan to geev you money for 10 trement", she said. "You geev me good deal!!!"

It was a long drive from Loveland. Her husband had to bring her. I thought about the situation and responded: "You have tools to help yourself. Go home and use your new BEAMER V-5; and use the K1 stimulator (Nicole's ReflexyCure probe). You can do it yourself. Save your money for children. If you need me to help, then you should come back."

She left that day a positive person. She wasn't whining and crying anymore. Her husband was even smiling. He had saved some money too. Oh!! I should mention. She hasn't come back or even called in over 5 years. Things must be going well with her now. I cut 10 treatments down to one ... and I felt good about that. Still do. No regrets.

In our era, the road to Holiness
necessarily passes through
the world of action.

Dag Hammarskjold, 1955

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Originally Posted: 05/07/03
This Page Updated: 07/15/10

How can one bird who quacks inspect another quacky bird?
If I am a duck; then I quack, but I am not a Quack? I am a Quack Buster? I know that sounds confusing, but I am not confused. Really!!!


SHOWTIME's Penn Jillette is an atheist who led the "humorous" charge against Alternative Medicine: namely reflexology, chiropractic and magnet therapy. Quack Buster under girded Penn's diatribe with "scientific" Fast Talk?
Double Talk?
Quack Talk?
Anecdotal Dismissal?

Remember Penn's offer to prove him wrong?
A TV correction?
Nay! That would be expecting too much!

The Creator loves atheist Penn?
Yes, very much!
He is really a nice guy who needs to get right with the Sovereign!!!


How can one bird who quacks inspect another quacky bird?

Quack Glass

in my hand?
Who is the Worst Quack in the Land?

Is that me?
My reflection I'm
Looking at here?

has volunteered to help M.I.R. compile clinical data in an acceptable scientific format.
Dr. Olsen graduated from Minnesota U. in '93. He left the research industry after becoming
appalled by the vast sums of money spent on seemingly inconsequential
research projects & enrolled with MIR in 1998 to become a reflexologist. Early on
Scott went WHOLISTIC.


When Dr. Z. agreed to do a documentary on Reflexology he wasn't informed that a Quack Buster was lurking in the darkness with his Quack Glass. He wasn't told his honest effort would be turned into a hostile pun against his beloved profession.
Quack Buster Barrett had his say on Bullshit; Might it be a good time for him to listen?
It might be a good time for all parties to stop, look and listen? Penn & Teller too?
The quacking you hear may be in your own backyard?
Chemist Samuel West 1979 accepted as 379th member of International Lymphatic Society.
Has a $10,000 offer to anyone who can refute his THEOREM which unveils the cause of pain & disease: excessive water and blood proteins congesting the interstitial space.
Dr. West states that bio electric currents created by reflexocure activity can effectively deal with this congestion: the causative factor of all pain & disease.
Ph.D. Researcher Juanita Anders is MIR's official reviewer for abstracts presented for publication in the scientific world. Dr. Anders is the Department Head of Physiology at the Uniform Services University Hospital in Bethesda, MD.
Uniform Services University Hospital:
Here Dr. Anders teaches and conducts laser research with her Diabetic Model:
Fat Sand Rats.
.It was her research that observed the systemic effect that M.I.R. was able to further document and present in an abstract for publication into the NAALT record.

There is no escape into the darkness of Quack Talk here;
The light of Straight Talk will drive the darkness away.
No where to hide?
The light is getting too bright for your eyes?
The Quack Glass doesn't work in the light?
Too many reflections?

Quack Glass
in my hand?
Who's Quackiest
in the land?

That looks like me!
Hey, it is me!


Camera man has testimony of a Trucker on his video who got immediate help with his Muscular Dystrophy: "Any doctor that says Reflexology doesn't work is full of Bullshit and needs to go back to medical school and learn something."
SHOWTIME left that clip on the cutting room floor.


SHOWTIME Camera Crew pauses after shoot to reflect on Trucker response with M.I.R. VP Rachel Brinkerhoff.
They had all become believers after witnessing the 15 Truckers positive response @ Rip Griffin
I-70 Texaco Truck Stop. The DRUMmer stimulus to K1 on the feet did a real job: Headaches; Muscular dystrophy; back pain; indigestion; they saw it all. They agreed that Dr. Brinkerhoff's Winnebago wasn't full of Bullshit after all. He had the goods. Hey???
Where were Jillette and Quack Buster Barrett? They should have talked to the camera crew.
The truth was all on film; they left it on the cutting room floor.


Bad Talking the immune system can get a Quack Buster into trouble in these days of medical enlightenment. I think the Quack Talk is on the other side of the fence. If you let your immune system run down; you may die from the onslaught of cancer or with a bacteria that has become resistant to your "scientific" antibiotics. The immune system is certainly the next best thing to whatever is in first place ... say maybe ... prevention of disease?


Just Straight Talk here; no Double Talk please. No false science.
No feigned words.
No forked tongue.
And you can't hide in the darkness of Fast Talk either.

Quack Buster took on a hot challenge when he belittled stress as indefinable. Especially when reflexology has a specific impact on the cause of the stress.
Is that Quack Talk that I hear over there?
Sets up camera in M.I.R. Research Clinic for Brinkerhoff interview. Two 12 hour days of intensive filming
both at Clinic and
on the road.

When Zachary filmed his segment on SHOWTIME's program; he was dying & scheduled for emergency back surgery. After 7 months in this bed his surgeon Courtney Brown said: "Your healing is a miracle and extraordinary. I don't understand your Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer III-3, but you are a good man." Note Beamer above.

"Physician, heal yourself."


How can one bird who quacks inspect another quacky bird?
Maybe with a little help the Quack Busters will make the Big Bust?
It can be precarious when a specialist gets out of his respective field? He might inadvertently commit Quackery? Hey? Better double-check that Quack Glass. Whose image is that in the Quack Glass

Yikes! It's Me!
I want outa' here!

Reflexologist Bill Flocco coauthored the study on PMS with Terry Olsen, Ph.D. This was a milestone for reflexology and should have answered the demand for true research by the Quack Buster!!!
Mr. Penn? Are you listening? Have you heard Bill's voice crying out from Obstetrics & Gynecology Magazine since December 1993?
How can one bird who quacks inspect another quacky bird?
Love your enemies?
Give me reflexology?
On my webbed feet?
Is that tickling?
Oh, that feels good!
Your a nice guy!
I think I like you!!!
How can one bird who quacks inspect another quacky bird?
I don't know what?
Am I really sure?
Things lookin' strange?
What's that you said?
Do I make sense?
Do you think I do?
It doesn't sound good?
Well, I'm having fun!
Keep working my webs!


How can one bird who quacks inspect another quacky bird?
Glad I came over?
Blood Proteins in the Interstitium?

Leaky capillary syndrome at fault?
Dilated capillary pores? Emotional trauma?
Osmotic pressure of Protein-Colloid solutions cut off Oxygen to Cell? Pain & Disease are the result of what?
Deep breath activates the lymphatic?
Rebounding activates the lymphatic?
Reflexology activates the lymphatic?
Oxygen returns to the cell again?
No wonder I am feeling better!!!
Reflexology works!!!

How can one bird who quacks inspect another quacky bird? Randomized Study?
Published Where?

Terry Olsen, Ph.D.??
PMS Study was good?
Reflexology rated 95%?
Had I heard about it?
Reflexologist Bill Flocco?
Tell you the Truth?
I LOVE Reflexology!!!
How can one bird who quacks inspect another quacky bird?
All matter is made of light particles?
Light is a massless photon??
They say a massless photon is nothing?
They say two photons of nothing make an electron?
Two photons of nothing make something?
Reflexology makes health out of Bioelectricity?
Something out of Nothing???
Does it really matter how I am feeling??? Why do you ask??
Love your enemies?
Keep working my webs! I am feeling better now!

Don't fall over backwards with this one. Sorry, but MIR fellowships with Ph.D. scientists and has a cellular biologist volunteering his time to formulate some clinical studies acceptable to the scientific community.

At one time Zachary was a member of NCAHF. He believes Quackery (like some
fraud associated with Ear Candles) should be exposed:
"Candles do not remove ear wax from the ear canal. In the health care field the good is sometimes mixed with the bad. Conversely, Ear Candles can be therapeutic:
the hot gas vapors
upon the reflexes
in the ear canal (discovered by Dr. Fitzgerald) can have powerful photo-bioelectric effects; helping to produce spontaneous healing."


Cristi Romans, RN was filmed in Burlington, CO by SHOWTIME. Penn slammed Zachary's suggestion she could make a $10 student donation without training. Penn failed to say it was Home Study and she got her first lesson as he filmed the tutoring process. Penn showed his desperation to nail something on
"Dr. Brinkerhoff."
"I could laugh at Penn's puns, but not his slam on money; that was total perversion of reality," said Dr. Z






























Fistula's can develop from the ulcer as the body attempts to drain the putrefactive fluids; by development of channels which break through on the buttocks or through the wall of the vagina.
Dr. Brinkerhoff cured these without surgery.


A. W. Brinkerhoff, MD
treated impacted ulcers with herbal compounds which he pumped into the emptied pocket after primary flush. Patient continued to treat himself everyday until cured.

How can one bird who quacks inspect another quacky bird?
Is that me?



















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