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Dr. Riley's Ear Drawing: Physiotherapist Eunice Ingham originally worked for Joseph & Elizabeth Riley in the 30's. Eunice encouraged Zachary to study Riley; which led him into the practice of EAR REFLEXOLOGY.

















"Eunice Ingham Stopfel was my teacher; both through her book Stories the Feet Can Tell (1965 edition, see photo to left) and at her training seminar inside the Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, CO, 1967,” relayed Zachary Brinkerhoff. “She was very thorough and helpful in the classroom setting; she was always assisted by her faithful husband Fred Stopfel; who literally adored her and attended to her every demand. When I was having difficulty finding the pituitary point with my thumb on the great toe, she place a pencil in my hand; then progressed to show me how to use the ERASER as a PROBE. 'There, isn't that much easier?' she exclaimed.

Kendall Eckert, DR was also trained by Mrs. Ingham Stopfel in 1969
to use a specialty eraser on a wooden pencil for facility, specificity,
and greater dynamic in reflex activation.

'May I urge you to remember, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Do not discredit Zone Therapy because you do not get immediate results; no sooner than you would expect to play successfully on the piano without first a knowledge of the proper chords and where and how to place the thumb and fingers on the respective notes to produce the harmony desired.'

"Trust your hunches.
They're usually based on facts
filed away just below the conscious level."

– Dr. Joyce Brothers

'Do not feel discouraged or discount any one method because it fails to give relief in every condition; even the medical profession with all its skill and learning is compelled to acknowledge defeat in some cases. Let us all manifest a spirit of meekness and admit that we are only an instrument for good in the healing art; and when a patient comes to us for help, if the condition is one that can be relieved by some drugless method, more power to us if we are proficient in the various forms of such, that we can administer that which is fitted for the particular case under our care and attention. Remember no one method is complete in itself for the relief of every patient.

PhysioTherapist Eunice Ingham's Table

This artifact was purchased by Ignacio Sanchez (center) at a garage sale near the International Institute of Reflexology. Eunice's nephew, Dwight Byers, told Ignacio that the Massage table, which was in storage, had been sold in a garage sale - by mistake.

'When an adjustment of some vertebra is necessary to relieve a particular nerve impingement, see that the patient is given the attention of a physician skilled in that particular art of healing. If surgery is required, as we all know to be true in some cases, see that the patient is given the care of a surgeon, the best that can be had for his particular case.' (Zone Therapy: Its Application to the Glands & Kindred Ailments, by Eunice D. Ingham, copyright 1945.)

"Far away in the sunshine
are my highest inspirations.
I may not reach them,
but I can look up and see the beauty,
believe in them and try to follow
where they lead."

– Louisa May Alcott

"I was impressed. I never forgot my lesson in creative thinking. Eunice taught me to think outside the lines and I have been utilizing and developing unique tools and instrumentation to assist in reflex stimulus ever since. Thanks to nine months of reflexology practice on family members and Eunice Ingham's two day seminar, and I was ready in 1968 to begin my first year of practice at the Fountain of Youth Mineral Spa near Niland, CA."

Ella gave Ingham's Niagara cyclo-massage reflex vibrator to Zachary. "Skipper (Zach) is the best, I won't go to anyone else for reflexology," said 88 year old Ella. "He practices Original Ingham Method with a balanced blend of both hand and tool techniques."

The word MASSAGE appeared on the above certificate issued to Ella Lebsach in 1962. By 1967 Eunice called Zone Therapy "Compression Massage" to avoid further medical criticism of her use of the word "therapy". Her technique consisted of finger pressure upon a reflex point and accompanied with a circular motion, i.e., rotation massage.

“Eunice was a wonderful person,” exclaimed her student Ella Lebsach . “She was a sister in the Order of the Eastern Star. I had dinner with her once and we simply had a wonderful time together. I kept going back every year for more classes. I think she gave out a beautiful diploma.” Ella is now a regular client of Dr. Brinkerhoff at Afoot Connection Clinic aka MIR Research Clinic.

Ingham Cyclo-Massage Reflex Machine.

Eunice Ingham Stopfel helped bring this therapy into the home for self-help; a much needed health care source in this present day of outlandish medical cost. On the left we see the older model Niagara cyclo-massage reflex vibrator machine sold by Dr. Ingham-Stopfel to her students in the 1960's. Zachary is shown working the K1 meridian point on Ella Lebsach's right foot in May of 2004 using original Ingham Niagara Cyclo-massage reflex vibrator probe.

Eunice's 1938 Reflexology Chart.

Here we have one of Dr. Stopfel’s original foot reflex charts from her first book published in 1938. Some deride Eunice for her reference to crushing crystals from around nerve endings; some say they have checked cadavers, but have not found the purported 'rocks'. However, MIR Research Clinic has extracted one crystal from the thumb of a chiropractor and had it examined under an electron microscope.

The MIR Library also has other photos of several Indians extracting crystals from the feet of fellow reflexologist Toni Wilbanks and her friend at the Bombay Beach Hotel in India. No crystals? Maybe not in every case, but reflexologists (ReflexoCurist's) will occasionally encounter pathogenic crystalline debris; which Zachary postulates may create electrical interference with the bio electric DC electrical system in the body.

Eunice works Zonery shoulder point aka Liver Meridian
Source Point on right foot of her husband Fred Stopfel.

of Psalm 23

We are so prone to feel that what is wrong in our life is not in ourselves, but in the external setting of our lives.

Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick said in a radio sermon, 'Not all the water in the seven seas can sink a ship unless it gets inside.'

It is from within, the desire we have to get well in terms of hope, vision and courage, that will influence the functioning of our glands.

We try to fool ourselves and place the blame for our illness on external things, on the pastures where we happen to be feeding. Instead, it is what we cause to happen in the functioning of our glands within the body, through the type of thinking we have done, that will make the pastures grow greener; and not something on the outside, barring accident.

Let us then look for the green pastures right where we live, move and have our being. For the green pastures are within ourselves, in our way of thinking, our mode of life. These are the green pastures where David the Psalmist said, 'He maketh me to lie down.'

That continued success may attend your efforts, both now and in the years to follow, is my sincere desire.

Faithfully yours,

(Zone Therapy & Gland Reflexes Revised, 1951.)


Zachary wants to acknowledge the inspiration that Dr. Eunice Ingham Stopfel has been to him to this very day. It is his wish that he and the staff at MIR can pass that enthusiasm for reflexology (that so stirred Dr. Stopfel) on to you. We offer a prayer that your venture into the World of Reflexology will bless and be blessed by the Sovereign Creator of all things.

Through Providence you Can!

Make your DREAM come True!

Let the JOURNEY begin!

"If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right."
-------- Henry Ford, Sr.

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"When you pray believe that you receive,
and you will have it."


Updated: 08/08/2016

“Dr. Stopfel taught me to think outside the lines back in 1967 and I have been developing unique reflexology tools
ever since."

Zachary Brinkerhoff

Year 2002
1967 Eraser Probe technique for effective biomodulation of the pituitary taught by Eunice Ingham Stopfel to her professionally motivated student Zachary Brinkerhoff.
1969 Eraser Probe technique taught by Ms. Ingham to Kendall. Here we see the eraser specificity in reflex activation of the Lung Meridian Well Point.
Eunice Ingham sold this Niagara Cyclo-massage reflex vibrator probe to student Ella Lebsach. Ingham's history of reflexology tool application has been the basis for Zachary's adamant stand against those who deride the use of instruments in a professional reflexologic treatment.
Eunice's Recliner
By 1962 Ingham was selling a combination: the Recliner Chair & Cyclomassager vibrator to facilitate a Zone Reflex Treatment. "I bought a package when attending her class at the Brown Palace Hotel in 1962," stated Ella Lebsach.
Niagara Cyclomassager
"In 1967 Eunice recommended the Niagara which was smaller and more powerful than her previous offering, so I got one. I used it from day-1 of my professional practice at Fountain of Youth Mineral Spa," said Zachary.
Zachary's Certificate from Dr. Ingham-Stopfel was identical to Ella Lebsach's dated 1962.
Dr. Ingham-Stopfel's prized Oscillator was recently discarded by her nephew Dwight Byers. However, Zachary still uses the one he bought after his seminar with Dr. Stopfel.


"Thank God, healing does not wholly depend on our faith in any particular method but we can help nature to renew our strength and correct the abnormalities that may afflict us with Zone Reflex Compression Massage " said Eunice.

In India foot crystals were removed from the feet of Toni Wilbanks' friend through an incision. Toni said the crystals were between 1/16th and 1/8 inch in length and gritty.
At the Bombay Beach Hotel in India a foot worker sucks crystals out of K1 point after lancing skin. Toni Wilbanks' said: "I felt like I had had a regular treatment."
MIR extracted a crystal from the thumb of Dr. Homer G. Wall, DC, and examined it under an electron microscope. Half was crushed to test for mineral composition.
Dr. Wall extracted the featured crystal from his right thumb with the assistance of Zachary after a treatment at MIR Research Clinic.
This is a microscopic magnification of the thumb crystal. It primarily turned out to be inorganic silica; commonly identified as sand. Actual length
was nearly 1/8 inch. Note three deeply imbedded blood stains.
Homer points to exact spot on his right thumb where featured crystal was encased below the dermas. He is a Board Certified Bio cranial Specialist in Arvada, CO 303-463-9395



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