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Dr. Larry Wilson, MD
PO Box 54
Prescott, AZ 86302

August 13, 2003

Zachary Brinkerhoff
4086 Youngfield
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Dear Dr. Brinkerhoff:

Thank you for your excellent web site and your excellent research. I was directed to your Website as I too have experimented with infrared heat lamps and found them excellent for healing.

Enclosed please find a copy of a book I wrote recently about my experience with the lamps, mainly with their use in a sauna. However, I too noticed the positive benefits of a single lamp focused on a part of the body. Perhaps this book would be of interest to members of NAALT as a contribution to the science of Photobiology. I currently have some 50 patients using the lamps as part of their healing program.

Best regards,
Dr. Larry Wilson, MD




The real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeing new landscapes
but in having new eyes.

..... Marcel Proust

Photoluminescent Reflex Beamers

INTO the LIGHT: The Building Block of the Universe.

In keeping with reflex application of infra red ray lamps by the founding Fathers of Zone Therapy here in the USA; the staff at Modern Institute of Reflexology has continued with their journey INTO THE LIGHT. When we "boil the world down" to the undergirding reality - life and the Creator - you're talking about light, which is believed to be the smallest particle from which everything is made. But this particle has no mass, and therefore exists only in the mind through the perception of the brain. (Into the Light, Douglass.)

The photon is the basic unit of light. If you combine two of these massless "nonexistent" light particles; then you have an electron which has mass and weight. You have now passed from the "unreal" or unseen world of photons into the world of mass/material as we view it. In our therapeutic employment of these photons; we are utilizing the unseen world to bring a beneficial manifestation in our material body through the photo-bioelectric activity that we induce. The mystery of how two "nothings" become a "something" is best grasped through the experience of faith: a gift of the Sovereign Creator who made everything we see out of combining these basic "two nothings."

Llya Prigogine, Nobel prize winner in 1977, proved that biological systems (including humans ) can regenerate and improve rather than dissipate from the devastation of disease; when corrected by photo-bioelectric methods (acupuncture, homeopathy, neural therapy, photo-luminescense, reflexology, etc.). Hereby the organism is empowered to reach an even higher state of health. (Ibid., Douglass)

This state of well-being is best maintained by treating biologic imbalances before they manifest in the physical body; which is the point of failure for modern medicine (if the Magnetic Resonance Imaging aka MRI shows no structural abnormalities... then the pain must all be in your head: right?). Only through the historically proven methods of holistic medicine can disease (photo-bioelectric disequilibrium) be detected early and corrected before serious damage has taken place in the tissues. (Ibid., Douglass)

Here we see the value of reflexology's simplicity; helping to detect biologic disturbance in the very early latent or hidden stage. The probing process (seeking the sensitive reflex) is also capable of simultaneously triggering the current of regeneration; which in turn may initiate the release of interstitial (space between the cells) congestion; the excessive water and blood proteins which are many times the precursor to disease. Millions have experienced the indirect benefits of reflex stimulus which may help to hinder the development of an acute condition; or the further development of an acute condition into a devastating chronic disease.

Zachary believes that the first step in disease prevention should be a simple exercise in obedience to our conscience, as orchestrated by the Spirit of the Sovereign Creator within our intuition: to always love your neighbor as yourself; and above all ... the ultimate command ... to love your enemy. In so doing you display love for the One; and help prevent the physical complications from the resultant trauma/shock of negative emotional attitudes.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." (Thomas Alvin Edison, Sc.D.) ============================================

World Association for Laser Therapy

Much of Dr. Brinkerhoff's exposure to the science of photobiomodulation has come through his association with WALT members and their International Conferences. He became a charter member of WALT in 1998 at the Kansas City Inaugural Conference; where over 100 presentations were delivered on Light Energy Research. It was at this conference that a committee recommended the use of the term PHOTOBIOMODULATION; which best describes the regulating effects of light energy upon cellular components.

A summary of these studies revealed that irradiation with red & NIR (near infrared) light energy:

(1) releases/discharges lymphatic congestion,
(2) enhances the immune system,
(3) increases ATP production,
(4) reduces pain and inflammation,
(5) actuates neo-vascularization,
(6) proliferates nerve growth and sprouting,
(7) induces a host of enzymatic reactions,
(8) turns on synthesis and repair of DNA and RNA,
(9) diminishes scar tissue and adhesions formation,
(10) expands collagen production, and much more.

North American Association for Laser Therapy

The last day of the Kansas City gathering, the participants from North America (Mexico, USA and Canada) met; and agreed to form a North American chapter of WALT; in order to coordinate research during the alternate off-year. Senior Optical Engineer of the FDA's Division of Devices and Radiological Health, Ronald W. Waynant, Ph.D., offered the facilities of the FDA for the inaugural meeting ( held in '99). The vote was unanimous and the name North American Association for Laser Therapy (NAALT) was chosen.


Glass Doors to Office
of the Center Director.
As a charter member of NAALT; Dr. Brinkerhoff was caught up in the cross currents of the health care revolution. These Laser Folks were pioneers; revolutionaries in the raw and ready to do battle for their research into photobiomodulation. "It was awesome to enter the FDA facility in Rockville, MD. It was almost like being on enemy turf," exclaimed Zachary. "We had been invited by a well meaning member of the FDA team; but it seemed the other members hadn't been consulted first; almost like a resentment that we were there. I think the Director of the Center was concerned that the Laser Folks would use this unusual event as the FDA stamp of approval on their yet unproved laser devices. At least the occasion did afforded an opportunity to communicate."
And communicate they did. When the Division Supervisor presented the FDA's position on their approval process of Laser type devices; he was held overtime with a barrage of fiery questions; and then mobbed for another 30 minutes as he tried to get out the door. Brinkerhoff was the last person to speak with him as he bolted for the elevator. "While the Head Man nervously waited for the busy elevator; I asked some questions of my own; and I liked his answers. He was trying to say, 'tone down the laser talk and get your devices approved under the 512K Infrared Heat Lamp category. This will prove less costly for you and make less work for the FDA'." Brinkerhoff interpreted what he heard as friendly and helpful. After all, the FDA has been set up to serve and protect the public from fraud. They had a job to do. "So why not all work together?"

During a break in the NAALT meeting at the FDA, Drs. Waynant
Juanita Anders watch demonstration of Carpal Tunnel
treatment by Margaret Naser, Ph.D.
Dr. Naser was later prohibited by the FDA from selling her book;
which told how to use a laser pen and microamp current
to treat this disorder. She is a graduate of Harvard and
is employed there. She didn't yet have FDA approval
to treat the disease: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
As the pain subsided the fever began to go away and tissues began to heal.
In late 2000 Zachary made a dramatic turn from use of Low Level Laser devices; which he had been using in clinical applications for reflex stimulus the past 9 years; a turn toward use of the FDA approved Infrared Heat Lamp. This change occurred during prayer; when Zachary was scheduled to leave on a long two month Transcontinental Classroom tour of duty to see students. He had a serious problem. "According to a radioactive iodine scan the bone in my right ankle appeared to be infected; through a long standing venous stasis ulcer that had plagued me for 30 years. I was consumed with fever and my body was suffering from extreme pain. I was scheduled to travel on this trip alone. A sick cripple traveling alone in a 35' Safari Motor Coach isn't a wise position to put oneself into; but I had a schedule to keep," explained Zachary. "So I began to pray about this 'Catch 22' I found myself in: I had to go, but I couldn't; I couldn't go, but I had to."
New tissue replaces necrotic.
The white tissue used to be swollen, red & almost dead.
Now Zachary doesn't hear voices. He had been a disciple of Jesus since 1959 and had never heard a voice he could attribute to anyone except another human being or the simple functioning of his own conscience. But he claims he heard a voice that day; as he was silently praying upon his bed: "My eyes were wide open when suddenly I felt something stir deep within my belly. It was like a thought coming from deep within, but it was so loud ... it was like a definitive voice. 'My son, go into your bathroom and take a light from the ceiling; shine it on your foot; and you will be well'."
The story goes that he immediately got into his wheelchair and went straight to the bathroom. Since he couldn't reach the ceiling to get one of the three Radiant Energy Infrared Bulbs held by the light fixture; he went on a search to find a replacement. When he returned home he disassembled a table lamp; screwed the new incandescent Infrared Bulb into the socket; and began to shine it on his death-doomed ankle. Hour after hour he shined the orange colored lamp on his ankle. "By the next morning I knew I was going to be all right. It was only four days before my scheduled departure, but I knew in my heart that I was going to be able to make that two month tour in good order," he said.
When he left town four days later he still had the fever; but when he returned two months later he was in good health; inspired with a vision and a new device to help foment the health care revolution: the PHOTON BEAMER; which has today become known as the Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer. Whence his inspiration? Two months on the road with a trail of happy students and a word of encouragement from his WALT & NAALT colleague Ronald Waynant: "Brinkerhoff, I like your BEAMER. Your concept and application of this bulb are ingenious."
The NAALT 2002 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, presented an unexpected opportunity before the Expert Panel Discussion; for Zachary to share 2 years of clinical applications utilizing the Photon Beamer. An updated abstract of his original dissertation was presented for inclusion into the program of the NAALT 2003 Conference; held at Uniformed Services University Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland (the first draft was rejected by the education committee, but a rewrite was again submitted; which is shown below):
Abstract of Zachary K. Brinkerhoff, III, DR.
4086 Youngfield, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
1-303-237-1562 Fax 303-237-1606 <footdocs@ix.netcom.com>
Reported in a Brief before the NAALT Expert Panel Discussion
March 8, 2002

North American Association for Laser Therapy
Laser Medicine, Photobiology and
Bioengineering of Tissue Repair
Atlanta, GA, March 5-8, 2002

Revision of 2002 Abstract for
Publication into the 2003 NAALT Record
Broadband Red/Near-Infrared Source
Applied in Foot Reflexology
Produces a Predictable SYSTEMIC EFFECT:
Motivates Further Clinical Study of Phenomena
This work is the outgrowth of both coherent and noncoherent light sources applied as a reflex stimulus technique on volunteers at the Modern Institute of Reflexology Research & Development Clinic over a 12 year period. The fruit of this long-range enterprise was the development of the Red/Near-Infrared PHOTON BEAMER three years ago. This affordable device has enabled the patient to regain his health with daily supplementation to professional treatment; which gives a measure of protection from disease through daily PHOTOBIOMODULATION of the cellular body.

Two years ago the focus at MIR turned from Low Level Laser (LLL) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) as a means of reflex stimulus; to a new & improved update of the old style ‘infrared radiant energy heat lamp’. This new direction was motivated by successful treatment of both: 1) medically diagnosed bone infection and, 2) a complete remission of diagnosed skin cancer at MIR Clinic. A spectrographic test revealed that MIR’s 250W 130V bulb had produced a broadband of red/near-infrared light energy; ranging from 670 nanometer to 990 nanometer. This improved bulb was dubbed the NEAR-INFRARED PHOTON BEAMERTM. Published scientific studies of several wavelengths included within the BEAMER's spectrum have demonstrated PHOTOBIOMODULATION in plant, animal and human cells.

The goal of a reflexologist is to administer effective stimulation of reflex/meridian points in the feet, hands, ears and other selected energy points on the human body; so as to reestablish photo-bioelectric equilibrium or homeostasis. The objective is to enable the body to heal itself. Brinkerhoff has postulated that reflex stimulation signals “a more remote part of the brain” (Robert O. Becker, MD, The Body Electric) with a negative direct current of injury. This current is carried by the semiconductor identified as the perineural sheath of the sensory nerve fiber; which triggers a discharge from the brain: the negative DC of regeneration; which follows the perineural sheath of the motor nerve fiber into the electrically deficient meridian or zone; rectifying the electrical potential in the area of dysfunction (Ibid., Becker).
DRUMmer action on K1 point.
Again, based on the exhaustive work of researcher Bjorn Nordenstrom, MD; MIR has further postulated another mechanism: the static/piezo electricity created by the dynamic percussive action of Dr. Riley’s Massager upon the plantar aspect of the foot (primarily K-1 meridian). These photo-bioelectrical charges are identical to those created when walking barefooted on a gravel driveway; and appear to be conducted throughout the body via the vascular walls as well as the blood plasma of the vasculature. This photo-bioelectric activity directly rectifies any reversed electrical potentials; thereby reestablishing the closed loop electrical system of the body. Nordenstrom, known for his successful cancer cures using DC electrical current, discovered that arterial capillaries contract when subjected to an electrical field; switching on the long-distance positive ionic circuit.

LLL activation of acupuncture points had long been recognized as more effective than needling, so LLLs and LEDs were adopted into the Full Spectrum of MIR reflexology techniques. MIR Reflexologists soon observed that photo excitation of foot reflexes was working synergistically with the negative DC and piezo/static (only recently understood) electrical activity produced by finger/wooden probe pressure or percussive machine reflex techniques. The outcome was a deeper level of equilibrium with improved symptom-reduction and shortened treatment time.
As exposure times were increased at MIR Clinic ... from 50 to 300 to 1000 and finally 3,000 joules/treatment ... it was observed that the rate of symptom relief was further accelerated. New research data presented at the 1998 Congress of the World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) led MIR Clinicians to realize that the application of light energy was creating a SYSTEMIC EFFECT that went beyond photon bombardment of specific reflex/meridian points which targeted selected meridians or body Zones. Similar to Nordenstrom’s electro-vascular concept; unexplained physiologic manifestations were randomly occurring in unrelated zones due to covert photo-bioelectrochemical activities heretofore unexplained in reflexology circles. However, the outcome was strictly positive, so radiant energy usage was expanded to include more recipient volunteers.
How much Red/Near-Infrared energy is required to produce this now identified SYSTEMIC EFFECT without overdosing the patient? How could treatment time be individually calculated with the many variables among patients and the extreme variations among Light Emitting Devices on the market?

M.I.R.'s introduction of the Red/Near-Infrared PHOTON BEAMER (delivers a power density of 12.75 joules/cm2 from a distance of 12”) intensified the bodily responses beyond our experience with LLL and LED; due in part to increased skin exposure from incoherence of the new SOURCE. Thus a greater quantity of power input.

Marker One:
During administration of this massive radiation dosage; the recipient will enter a state of sedation (duration of this sedation state varies from 10 minutes up to 3 hours when using a single bulb BEAMER).

Marker Two:
Key indicator as to when a recipient has reached momentary point of photon energy saturation by all available cells; EMERGENCE from the PREDICTABLE SEDATION STATE: (a) His eyes will open wide; awakening, and (b) His body will become energized; ready for action.
(Volunteers that are allergic or hypersensitive to radiant energy are excluded from exposure.)
(a) Power output of the instrument used, (b) Skin color/pigmentation, (c) Body mass and (d) Recipients state of disease or health. (Exposure using 3 BEAMERs simultaneously - 1 each ear & 1 for both feet - has strikingly shortened the sedation stage of treatment .)

The BEAMERs 250W broadband of Red/Near-Infrared energy includes all four wavelengths used in the NASA LED NIR bulb arrays (670 nm, 680 nm, 730 nm, & 880 nm) that were touted by Harry T. Whelan, MD, as efficacious ... plus the Rochkind 780 nm, the popular 830 nm, the Anodyne 890 nm, and the Australian 975 nm.

These viable frequencies contained within the BEAMER bandwidth explain the excellent clinical results of BEAMER applications at MIR Clinic over the last 3 years. The new and improved BEAMER is less expensive per watt of output than both the LED arrays and single or multiple diode array LLL devices. The low unit cost makes the BEAMER utilitarian in both clinical and home applications.

Recently MIR began to look beyond the accepted mechanism of vasodilatation for a deeper understanding of the SYSTEMIC EFFECT. Our studies turned to the THEOREM of the Red Blood Cells (TRBC) which suggests that RBCs absorb photons as they pass through the capillaries in the area of radiated skin. As the RBCs continue to re-circulate through the vasculature; some researchers postulate that they radiate their CHEMILUMINESCENSE to needy, available cells within the sanctuary of the anatomical body.
Cellular Biologist Scott Olsen, Ph.D., and the MIR team, have located a Photon Counter to attempt extracorporeal detection of RBCs CHEMILUMINESCENSE following both foot reflex stimulation and BEAMER exposure to the feet. An ultrasound may also prove viable in measuring decrease/increase or disappearance of internal tissue aberrations in volunteers of future experiments following exposure dosage.

MIR Clinic suspects future data will continue to reveal excess water and blood-proteins which flood the interstitial space as the cause of disease; standing in agreement with the International Society of Lymphology founded in 1966; when the US Government and US Army called lymphologists from around the world; to convene with Dr. H .S. Mayerson of Tulane Medical School at a meeting in New Orleans.

We have clinically demonstrated that Full Spectrum Reflexology’s therapeutic techniques have contributed to the creation of what is identified by some as: SPONTANEOUS REMISSION aka SPONTANEOUS HEALING.
Our OBJECTIVE: to derive from our studies a spontaneous healing/prevention formula that works; and deliver it in a self-help package (which will include a BEAMER and/or moderate sunlight) to those who still have a will to live.

The moral undergirding for MIR students and graduates is a definitive statement of Thomas Alvin Edison, Sc.D:
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
END. (Latest Abstract update: 04-15-04)

2 PHOTOLUMINESCENT Reflex BEAMER III-3b's radiate the reflexes of the face, hands and feet of Dr. Richard Long at MIR Research & Development Clinic. "The Full Bandwidth of the Infrared Spectrum has taken Reflexology into a new dimension of treatment outcome," he said.

You will know Life
and be acknowledged by it
according to your degree
of transparency,
your capacity, that is,
to vanish as an end,
and remain purely as a means.
dag hammarskjold, 1957

Physicist Graduates from MIR
"The gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open."

To: MIR review committees

I would like to introduce myself and allow the review committee the opportunity to see how I plan to use my reflexology certification in the future. I am currently a physicist at Carnegie Mellon University. My research experience is extensive. My objective is to use my experience in research in conjunction with my love of reflexology I realize that some people enter my hair with healthy skepticism I want to provide validation to those seeking scientific proof.

In December, I applied to the Exercise Physiology Master's program at the University of Pittsburg. In January, I was admitted to their program and given an advisor. My advisor, Dr. Duquin, has received grants, since 1996, to study the physiological benefits of massage. Hopefully, I will be able to learn how to evaluate and analyze the human body and prove the physiological benefits of reflexology.

The master's and Ph.D. clinical programs require separate applications. I plan on completing the master's work in two years. After proving my proficiency, I will continue as a doctoral candidate, another three years of education.

I have resigned from my instructional position at Carnegie Mellon University to pursue my education as a full time student. My goal is to work as a reflexologist and earn enough money to cover the cost of my living expenses. Currently, I have contract with the Carnegie Mellon University Health Center. My next step is to find a place of my own where I can work on people who are not associated with the university.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying under your program. I am excited by the future and cannot wait to see what unfolds. Thank you for taking the time to review my clinical studies, letters of recommendation, and signing my logbook after validation of my hours.


Stacey Benson

March 7, 2005

Carnegie Mellon University
Student Health Services
1060 Morewood Avenue
Pittsburg, PA 15213-3890

(412) 268-2157
Fax (412) 268-6357

Ability is what you're
capable of doing.
Motivation determines
what you do.
Attitude determines
how well you do it.

...... Lee Holz


I see the LIGHT.

I can make my DREAM come true!!!

Let the JOURNEY begin!!!


USA STATISTIC: The PUBLIC CITIZENS RESEARCH GROUP reports that 95% of prescription drugs on the market today are not effective for the conditions they are prescribed according to the governments own standards. However, recent Chinese clinical studies have confirmed that Reflexology is 95% effective (based on 3 categories: very effective, effective, ineffective) in treating a broad spectrum of diseases. M.I.R. advocates using Full Spectrum Reflexology as a PREVENTIVE ... not as a LAST RESORT to cure a chronic disease.

Updated: 5/29/05

Reflex Beamer III-3b

radiates the reflexes on the dorsum (tops) of the feet with red/near-middle-far infrared light energy.
W. C. Douglass, MD
ISBN 0-9626646-5-0
1977, Ilya Prigogine, Belgium, Contributions to the thermodynamics of irreversible processes; particularly to the theory of dissipative structures
Reflex Beamer III-3b

can be used on the dorsum of the feet to complete the reflexology treatment with the recipient seated in a standard chair. Or you can begin work on the next customer in this same manner.

Dr. Med Lutz Wilden,
receives award for best presentation: Laser treatment of inner ear diseases; from Ph.D. Chuchuka Enwemeka.
Zachary chats with Laser Doctor from Mayo Brother's Clinic in Rochester, MN at a break in KC meeting.
FDA agent Chenault sat at head table. She present parameters of FDA study on Fat Sand Rat Model in Diabetes Mellitus. It was positive.
Senior Optical Engineer Ronald Waynant, Ph.D. presented results of
Fat Sand Rat test.
Pretidev Ramdawon, MD, Conference Speaker, confers w/President of WALT
Chuchuka Enwemeka, Ph.D., who assisted NAALT at their 1999 FDA meeting.
The Director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health did an excellent job of fielding fevered questions on policy.
Dr Pretidev Ramdawon takes a stroll with Rachel & Zachary to
an Indian restaurant for dinner. They ate his native food. Dr. Pretidev gave a report on his clinical diabetic study at NAALT's 1999
FDA Conference..
M.I.R. Graduate Slim Spurlin's wife lasers a point on the Governing Vessel Meridian for pain. The INSTITUTE has since turned to IR Radiant Heat Lamps to treat the cause of pain.
The LaserFlex R-785 with a 500 milliwatt diode. LaserFlex gave a photoluminescence to the ear reflex points that administered the sedation state within 5 to 10 minutes and relieved pain effectively throughout the body.
670 nanometer LASER:
Zachary utilized various lasers over the years, but was unable to resolve his venous stasis ulcer until application of the massive dosage that the Photoluminescent Reflex Beamers are able to deliver to the total person: spirit,
soul and body.
In 1994 Ms. Issel spoke before the ARC Conference in Denver on Quantum Reflexology: "Zachary's laser will fit in right here in the Quantum Reflexology Spectra," she said as she pointed at her detailed graph.
Zachary shined this incandescent Infrared bulb on his ankle. As the pain subsided the fever began to break and the tissue appeared to finally be healing very slowly; day by day.
Spectrographic Analysis helped Dr. Brinkerhoff select an Infrared bulb from Hungary that proved to have a consistently beneficial bandwidth of Red/Near-Infrared.
Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer VI-6
was shined on this cancer for 8 weeks. 30 minutes of daily self-treatment by MIR patient Donald Ruzicka caused it to slowly disappear.
The quarter sized mushroom-like cancer totally disappeared from the back of Don's right hand. "These photos were taken by the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Denver," he said.
"My doctor confirmed the total cure of two skin cancers which he had tested by biopsy. One located on my right hand and one on my left arm disappeared due to radiation with Reflex Beamer VI-6," stated Donald shown above at MIR Research Clinic in Lakewood, CO.
Picture: National Geographic NASA Researcher
Harry T. Whelan, MD, star of the 2002 NAALT Conference, shows his LED ARRAY used to treat muscle and bone atrophy in space and mouth ulcers caused by chemotherapy.
The Photon Beamer was reducing hand work by over 50% and producing consistent photo-bioelectric equilibrium if the recipient was given sufficient exposure.
Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer I-1 is clamped to the back of a kitchen chair in order to radiate the meridians on the dorsum (top) of the foot which has proved very effective.
Dr. Brinkerhoff postulates that dynamic stimulus to the K1 evokes an Electrical Cascade of Negative DC photo-bioelectricty that works synergistically with the BEAMER's.
MERIDIAN SYSTEM: Shown are 24 Major Meridians with the 25th Conception Vessel right down the center of the chest: from lower lip to the coccyx/tail bone.
Thermal Bioelectricity created by the heat from the lamp is postulated at M.I.R. to pass by semi-conduction through the ten zones via the blood plasma/vessel walls; obliterating the source of pain caused by oxygen depravation in the interstitium..
EAR ZONE THERAPY was used by Dr. Riley in 1922. Therapeutic Heat Lamps were part of a treatment in 1917.
Incandescent 'Infrared Ray Lamps' (above) were advocated by Drs. Fitzgerald, Bowers, White & Lust in 1917. M.I.R. is following this light ray from the past; which is leading us
into the future.
The Red/near-infrared
Beamers show in the red part of this rainbow of colors.
is powered by two halogen bulbs:
1) Red/near-infrared
2) Ceramic/middle and far-infrared.


Reflex Beamer III-3b
irradiates the plantar
foot reflexes and the
Red Blood Cells.

10,000 hour lamp.
250w, 120/250v

Copyright 2003 M.I.R.

4086 Youngfield, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 (800)533-1837 | (303)237-1562 | fax: (303)237-1606