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M.I.R. Tutor KIM KLING was a student under Dr. Wittman's tutelage in the 1980's. Her foot reflexology practice centered around the use of the Percuss-O-Flex machine.

Kim stockpiled two dual POF's and several single units to assure future supply of this instrument which is the heart of her reflexology program.

Kim has built a viable practice by which she is able to support herself and is presently purchasing a home in the Daytona, Florida area.

Reflexologist Kling uses various probes in conjunction with the POF machine in order to attain an even greater reflex dynamic.

A DRUMmer was just requested by Kim in order to get this new dynamic into her treatment scheme and to enable her to properly tutor new students who are now equipped with Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager through the Home Study Package.





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Dr. Wittman, founder of the Modern Institute of Reflexology, experienced ReflexoCure (reflexology) from the moment of birth by the hands of his Mother Beth Wittman. He had a wonderful example in the "woman with the steel fingers" as she was described by her patients. In 1952 he earned certification with Eunice Ingham Stopfel and continued his fledgling practice while attending the National College of Naprapathy in Illinois. Following graduation he opened a clinical practice in Oak Park, Illinois where he blended foot reflexology with naprapathy in order to effectively treat the infirm who sought him out.

New & Improved
Dr. Wittman's

Wittman started using the Percuss-O-Motor early in his career through the example of his parents who both used this machine that was recommended by adherents of Dr. Fitzgerald. Like Zachary Brinkerhoff, he saw a need to supplement finger pressure and thumb walking in order to save the thumb joints. The solenoid powered percussion machine filled that bill. "Between Dad, Mom and myself we had 80+ years of experience utilizing the old Percuss-O-Motor Machine. When the original POM machines we had wore out, I had to design a new model (using solid state circuitry instead of radio tubes) since the McShirley company had gone out of business," related Clem.

The new and improved Percuss-O-Flex gave a smooth drummer-like action just like the old POM. It was finally perfected and presented to the public through the American Institute of Reflexology. Wittman changed the name to Modern Institute of Reflexology when he registered the school with the US Government in 1981. He had been conducting one-day seminars across the USA in order to train those who aspired to become professionals (such as Kim Kling) by utilizing his new POF drummer type percussive machine. Dr. Wittman's intensive 1-Day (12 hour) seminar was designed to enable the aspiring professional to:

1. Understand what foot reflexology is, how it works, and how it compares and contrasts with other therapeutic methods;

2. Review basic physiology and anatomy, learning the foot reflex points for 41 main body parts;.

3. Recognize the most common pathologies that respond to treatment by reflexology;

4. Establish a professional and credible relationship with clients;

5. Assess clients' problems and needs, select appropriate course of treatment, and make referrals as appropriate/necessary.

6. Establish and maintain a successful reflexology practice through proper use of advertising, knowledge of legal issues related to reflexology, and efficient office set up and management.

7. Practice the technique of massaging the reflex points both manually and by machine.

Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager
Hypothalamus/Pituitary Reflex

"I have been using reflexology, a kindred natural healing art to acupuncture, a good deal longer than most Americans experimenting with this oriental therapy which burst upon the scene after President Nixon's trip to China in 1972. I have given successful treatments for low back pain, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, and a whole cross section of spinal problems. Often these cases were the desperate variety when everything else had failed. In many cases, prescriptions for narcotics, painkillers, and other drugs were eliminated entirely," claimed Wittman in his New Reflexology Hand Book.

Wittman's teaching emphasized that the advantage of reflexology over chiropractic, osteopathy, shiatsu and acupressure (among others) was its ease of administration ... if done by machine. He further demonstrated how the numbing action upon a sensitive reflex by the Percuss-O-Flex machine greatly decreased the high level of pain many times produced by thumb and finger pressure. And in a busy clinic operation he showed how important the percussion machine was in both reducing treatment time and saving the thumbs from the stress of overwork.

"Thanks, Zachary, for your note and relating your
interactions with my father Clem Wittman just
prior to his death," wrote
Tom Wittman.

In 1989, after a year of suffering abdominal discomfort, he went in for a medical check up. Emergency surgery revealed that he was full of inoperable colon cancer. However, before his untimely death, Dr. Wittman determined that his clinic, school and Percuss-O-Flex should not die with him. He sold his clinic to a chiropractor, but the Modern Institute of Reflexology (along with his beloved Percussion machine) was passed to his primary colleague whose work paralleled his own in research and development of reflex stimulus devices...Zachary Brinkerhoff.

"Thanks, Zachary, for your response to my Email. I am sure
that my Grandma Bess is smiling down from heaven knowing
that you are carrying on her and my father's work, for it is
an endeavor that she fully and totally believed in,"

Tom Wittman (shown above with Bess).

Dr. Wittman followed in the steps of his Mom, Dad and Eunice Ingham (Ingham photo on left: reflexing SOURCE point of Liver Meridian). His use of percussion machines was in the mode of Eunice Ingham's employer Joe Shelby Riley, DC. Thus Wittman simplified application of reflex stimulus which equipped the common man to treat himself, other family members and also laid the groundwork for his students to become a professional ReflexoCurist (reflexologist). Many professionals such as Kim Kling are practicing today because of their original inspiration to become a professional practitioner through the advantage of percussion machine techniques demonstrated by Dr.Clement T. Wittman, DN.

Some MIR Students come to Wheat Ridge Campus
for Specialty Tutoring

Between 1989 and 1992 the MIR curriculum was converted from a 1-Day seminar previously conducted by Dr. Wittman in major cities across the USA, into a Home Study Format designed by Zachary. By 1993 the Modern Institute of Reflexology had become the first state approved and regulated occupational reflexology school in the USA. MIR's new and improved reflexology home study course for training professionals continues to carry the endorsement of the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools Board.

Rabbi Dovid Wheeler is learning reflexology through MIR's
Home Study Program from his home in Judea Hills, Israel.

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A Tribute to Dr. Clement T. Wittman

Dr. Wittman was a man I greatly admired. He took Reflexology to an ever higher level than his predecessors with his development of the Percuss-O-Flex machine. We, Professional Reflexologists, know how well Reflexology treatments work but the one drawback was that they could be rather painful at times, especially if the patient had a congested Pituitary. With the Percuss-O-Flex machine, that problem for the most part was solved.

I would usually begin treatment by finding the "sore spots" with the Mildred Carter probe and then concentrate on those areas with the Percuss-O-Flex. It worked very well every time and Dr. Wittman's idea of two machines worked even better. One machine was always ready to use instead of having to wait for the machine you were using to cool down.

Dr. Wittman's philosophy of life and his devotion to healing people through this art will long be remembered by his patients, his graduates of his seminars and all who hold dear the profession of Reflexology.

In the words of the Orthodox Christians, may his memory be eternal!

See Creed
Rev. Dr. Howard D. Van Orden,
D. Min., D.P.C., Ph.D., D.R.
Holistic Health Services
6630 North 47th Avenue, #8
Glendale, AZ 85301

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"I have been using reflexology a good deal longer than most Americans experimenting with
this oriental therapy."
Clement T. Wittman

PERCUSS-O-MOTOR This is the machine used by Dr. Wittman and FitzGerald's Group.
Dr. Alfred Reinhard
Bird Bear Obes, MD

is a fervent admirer of
Clement T. Wittman, DN whom he considers the Einstein of Reflexology. His little book, as concise as it is, should be considered the
New Testament of every Reflexologist on earth.
Dr. Wittman's New Reflexology Hand Book continues to be popular 25 years after it's original publication.
Dr. Wittman's Mother Bess and his son Tom share a happy moment.
The PERCUSS-O-FLEX developed by Wittman was the outgrowth of his experience with the Percuss-O-Motor.
New & Improved
Dr. Wittman's

has 5 speeds with 3 modes (tapping, kneading & auto) and a strong/weak switch.
This solenoid powered machine has both single and nine-point percussion/tapping heads.
Dr. Wittman worked on Dr. Dwight Byers with his Percuss-O-Flex machine at conferences. Here we see Zachary doing Clem's former job. "Nobody ever got into my reflexes as good as Clem" said Dwight. "Hey, that DRUMmer feels really good too."




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